Monday, December 29, 2008


James came over to visit me tonight. Right before he arrived, I was a little bored, so I created a twitter account. I don't know if I will keep twittering a lot, but I might. James actually got turned on by me twittering about what we were doing (even though it was innocent remarks such as "We're watching an old Bel Ami movie together - "American in Prague". We both love Johan Paulik - but we also have each other"... I guess it just gave a small added sense of exhibitionism, but without the camera which we are a bit tired of.

What would be really cool, however, was to twitter and get comments while we were together. Currently, however, I almost have no followers on twitter - so it's almost like being an exhibitionist on a deserted island...

Anyway, we got turned on by the "American in Prague" - we both love Johan Paulik, and in that movie he has lots of sex with Chance, another beauty. We were jerking off each other on the coach while watching the DVD, then we went over to the bedroom. The bedroom has the advantage of the bed, of course, but it also has the window that faces the back of the block. By now, I've been living here long enough to know that the guy in the fourth floor will be looking out of his window to see if there is something to watch, and that he enjoys watching us. It didn't fail tonight either: when we started fucking, the light in his apartment was on, but when I looked up a few minutes later, it was off - but I could clearly see a movement there.

I told James about this, and of course, this turned him on even more. James insisted on laying on his back, looking at the window, and let me suck him off. After all the jerking (without coming) during the movie, it didn't take long before he came, even though I tried to calm him down and make it last longer. He shot a big cum all over his chest and stomach. Then he simply turned over on his knees, and let me fuck him.

It's strange being with James. He is so sexual, is very well endowed and is as crazy about exhibitionism as I am. The moment he knows that someone is watching, he can get hard in a second, and it's almost like the sex is more about performance than about pleasure. But it's both, of course, the point is of course that he gets immense pleasure from being watched having sex.

Anyway, he's gone home now, and I'm back at my computer (naked), updating my blog and twittering a little. And maybe I'll surf Facebook a little. Earlier today, a Canadian woman actually asked me to "use my naked body to warm her up" on webcam. I was in the middle of something else so I couldn't "help" her, but in a strange way it actually tempted me. Why should I get any pleasure from being naked on webcam for a straight woman? I don't know - just the idea of being just a "tool" for once, attracted me. I'll see if she's still there...

I'm just blabbering away... I'll come back with a more structured post with one of my sexual encounters from the past one of these days...

(And remember: I'm on Twitter:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Approaches to public nudity

It's still cold and dark in Oslo, so I don't spend as much time being nude - especially not outdoors - as I would have liked to. Instead, I've been thinking of ways to order/categorize how I go about to be naked in public, and have come to the conclusion (so far) that there are usually three different approaches I take:

- the playful, "no worries" attitude
- the innocent, "naive"
- the confrontational

The clearest example of the first one is perhaps the yearly ritual in which the "russ" run naked through Norwegian city streets. It's the students who have finished high school who do this, and they get away with it partly because it's a tradition, but also because it's just for fun and nobody worries about it. Similarly, when I go for a jog in the forests around Oslo and see a lake, I don't hesitate to strip off and have a nice little dip in the water. Of course, I pick places in which I can be seen from the main path, but still nobody objects.

However, to be "naked" in busy streets, I go for the second approach. You can't credibly be "playfully" walking around naked among hundreds of people - but you can dress a bit "carelessly". One day in August this year, I saw that it would be rain, so I wore my nice, white trousers and - of course - nothing underneath. The trousers went just the right degree of transparent when wet - not enough to make it totally unbelieveable that I wouldn't notice, but enough for it to be quite a sensation...

Of course, the "innocent" approach is also what I do when I fall asleep on nude beaches and wake up with a boner. Nobody can really be upset about that, and quite often there are some guys nearby who takes an interest and wants to get to know me better...

And of course, when I'm naked in my apartment, not knowing that my curtains do not really hide me from passers-by in the street, that's also the "naive" or "innocent" effect. That's the one I'm using right now, sitting naked by my computer in the living room, with lights on inside and the dark night outside...

The "confrontational" is the more classical "exhibitionist" kind. I don't do that very often, as it carries the risk of being arrested and things like that. However, it can be quite effective. I remember that I stayed at a youth hostel once and the beautiful guy in the bed next to mine seemed quite interested. I was 98% sure that he wanted me, but as I had already gone to bed, I found no great way of getting to the action. Being "innocent" probably wouldn't have been enough, as he would not have had the courage to make the first move. So instead, I simply lifted up my cover to reveal my erect dick to him, while watching him intently.

This could, no doubt, have led to trouble. If I was wrong, he could have complained to the management, attacked me or something like that. In this case, however, I was right. He was clearly interested, so when I nodded in the direction of the bathroom door, he clearly agreed. So I put a towel around me (not wanting to show my erection to the rest of the people in the room) and went to the bathroom. He was with me within seconds, and he immediately came down on me and sucked me. Then we took turns sucking each other, and...

I notice that I'm drifting into an erotic story here. I guess I'll rather write the full story some other day - in this post, it was just meant as an example of the "confrontational" approach to nudity.

I'm sure there are more approaches - and of course, more examples of each... Feel free to use the comment option here...

Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm still a bit sad that it's winter and difficult to find opportunities for being nude in public (although there's always the gym, of course). I talked to James, and we decided to make do with a situation a bit less naked - but very public. We decided to go shopping...

It's Christmas soon, so all clothing shops (and other shops) in Oslo are crowded with people shopping frentically. So we decided to have some fun at a dressing room. We chose one of the stores on Karl Johan (Oslo's main street), and picked up a handful of trousers to try.

Of course we had prepared. I had chosen a particularly wide and soft pair of open fly boxers, which I thought would give possibilities for significant "tents" and even peeks. James, however, chose to premiere his new pair of push up briefs. He is already above average by far, but with these, he's just huge.

We didn't have much of a plan - we just waited in line, got a dressing room stall each (which happened to be next to each other - both facing the shop) and started to try on the different pairs of trousers. Of course, every time I wanted his advice, I went over to his stall and opened the curtain, exposing him (in his briefs) to more or less everybody in the shop. And every time he had a pair of trousers on, he went over to my stall, exposing me.

I know this may sound pathetic, but as we were in front of a crowded shop with fully clothed people, even this made us get semi-erect. And after just maybe ten minutes of this, an (overworked) guy working in the store started to look in our direction and then came over. I thought that we would be asked to leave or cover up, but instead he wanted to help James find the best pair of jeans. The only surprising thing about this was that James had not asked for help, while the shop was full of people desperately seeking help.

This guy stayed with us, however, and all the time came over with a new pair of trousers, discussing them at great lengths so as to have a good excuse for looking at James as he was trying on every new one. At this point, I stayed in my stall, only coming out once in a while to pick up something else to try on. I listened to the conversation, but almost couldn't help laughing when I heard James ask "Are you sure there's not a bulge when I wear these trousers - I tend to have that problem" The guy obviously couldn't imagine what to say - after all he'd been drooling over James' dick for a long time, so he couldn't reasonably pretend that the bulge was not a problem." At last he just said that many people found a bulge quite attractive.

At this point James decided to involve me again, so he asked "What do you think?" and opened the curtains to my stall. At this point, I was again pretending to try on a pair of trousers, but my semi-erection was getting less and less "semi". Outside my stall was James, discussing his bulge with this guy who was staring at him, while my erection created a very obvious tent in my wide boxers. James asked again, quite loud "Do you think I have too much a bulge here?" I think at least five or six people turned to look, but I think they looked more at my tent than at his - after all quite covered-up - bulge.

By this time, it got too much for the guy working in the shop, so he just closed the curtain and said, quickly, that he would have to take care of some other customers. But before he had left, James had the presence of mind to ask him if there was a toilet nearby. The guy said that there was really only a staff toilet in this shop. Then he hesitated for about one second, and then told James that he could borrow it. The last thing I heard was this guy following James to the toilet.

Of course, I met James a bit later. I asked how the toilet visit was. James smiled. Apparently, the guy was very good with his customers - not only lending the toilet, but also giving personal service inside the toilet. He had wanted to have a closer look at James' new briefs. A very close look... Then what did he do, I asked. And then James showed me...

Monday, November 17, 2008

In the gym with James

I'm settled into my new apartment, and has already had great times there - not the least when James visited. That was an exhibitionistic night to remember - and I'll surely tell more about it later.

Later in the week, however, James and I went to the gym again (see an earlier post), and what happened there is certainly worth a post, too.

We had talked on facebook about what opportunities we had. Of course, in the locker room we could get semi-erect and observe the reactions of others, and in the gym we could wear different kinds of revealing clothes. There's also a pool which gives interesting opportunities, and a sauna where the heat makes everybody particularly "vulnerable". In fact; once people start getting a hard-on in the sauna, they have nowhere to hide - several times have a semi-erection on my part given others raging hard-ons, often leading to them leaving the sauna blushing...

But in this case, most of the fun was in the gym. It started in the locker room, though. James and I chose lockers far apart - pretending to be strangers. Already while James was undressing, I noticed another guy watching him closely. This guy was our age (early 20s), maybe even 19, and he was obviously a regular guest here, judging by his beautiful body. James, on the other hand, is slim, which only makes his dick look even bigger than it is. Just as James took off his boxer, he decided to fill his bottle with water, so he crossed the room - our "new friend"'s eyes following him. James got back, and found his favorite gym shorts in his bag. The gym shorts are perfect - it has no inner brief, but it is exactly long enough to hide everything as long as you are standing up. The moment you sit down, however, your jewels are clearly visible. James put on his shorts, t-shirt and shoes and wandered out into the gym. "Our friend" followed immediately. I waited for a moment before joining them. While waiting, I saw that "our friend" had the name "Nils" written on his gym bag - so I'll stop calling him "our friend"...

In the gym, James was on a bicycle doing a little warm-up cycling. I watched his shorts, and saw that they didn't really show much the way James was cycling. I also noted that Niels had sat down behind James and was cycling also.

After maybe ten minutes of cycling, James went over to a biceps trainer. He sat down, and started pushing. Niels also stopped cycling, and seemed so interested in James that he wanted to find a machine nearby - so he walked towards James' direction. It was funny to see his reaction the moment he noticed that James' cock was partly on display - he almost stopped walking, and couldn't keep his eyes away for at least ten seconds. Then he quickly got to his senses, and sat down on the closest machine there was. I was watching from the bikes, but even from a distance I could see that Niels was having problems keeping his cock down.

James obviously knew what was going on, and decided it was time for some fun. Instead of moving on to the machine next to the one he was using, he decided to move to the one furthest away. Again, he sat down, and Niels almost immediately followed. As he walked through the entire gym, the bulge was very noticeable, but apparently he couldn't stay away from James.

Of course, James couldn't keep being this bad, so the next few machines he chose were also in the same area, so Niels could keep watching without having to flout his huge bulge for everyone to see. And after a little while, there was a moment when James and Niels were the only people in that area, and that was when James decided to lie down to do a little bench press. Of course, his cock was already half visible, and it only took a tiny slide down the bench to get it fully exposed. Even from my position I could see the semi-erect beauty. Niels must have had a very good view - and he actually completely stopped doing whatever he was pretending to do in his machine, and just stared.

I guessed that this would be the end of this part of the fun, so I went into the locker room, which happened to be empty. I undressed. The timing was perfect, I had just undressed completely when James arrived - again closely followed by Niels. It was time to see Niels' erect dick. To make it a bit less embarrassing for him, I let my dick rise a bit as well - that was not very difficult after all that I had seen. So just as Niels was about to undress, he had the guy he had been watching for half an hour on his one side, undressing, and another stranger, sporting a hard-on on the other. So obviously he didn't have a chance of getting his cock limb again. And, on the other hand, he might think it didn't matter much either, as I was showing off...

I started to get very intrigued about how far we could possibly do this. I decided to be brave, so as I got into the shower, I started applying soap all over my body. So just as James and Niels entered the shower, I was soaping up my still erect cock. Of course, James took my cue, and also hardened up at the same time as he let his fingers work his torso and then his cock. Niels, of course, also applied his soap. By then, what my fingers did was much closer to jerking off than to anything else. Niels seemed in doubt for a split second, but then his erection got the better of him, and he started to jerk off, too. James didn't even start jerking until Niels was already well underway.

I would have wished to end this report by telling about wonderful cum all over the place, but instead we suddenly heard sounds from outside. For some reason, the guy who entered the locker room decided to look through the round window in the door to the showers. I turned quickly towards the wall, and James was also quite fast - while Niels was a tiny bit slower. It's impossible to say what the face in the window actually saw - he may have seen two guys showering innocently and one guy jerking off, but I don't know that for sure.

Niels finished his shower, towelled off very quickly and hurried off. James and I were a bit slower, but agreed that we had had enough "public" fun for one evening and headed back to James' place - where we had a great time. We couldn't help thinking of Niels once in a while...

(And Niels, if you read this: I hope you had a good time - and if you want to go to the gym with James and me again, just let me know...)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Just a very short note to mention that I'm now on facebook. Would be cool to see if many of my readers are there - feel free to add me... :-)

Jo Kristian Nilsen's Facebook profile

Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you ever had a hard-on...

I liked the results of this month's poll: they showed that the readers of this blog are adventurous people, who are not afraid to let others enjoy the sight of their hard-ons. Only five percent of the people who answered had never had a hard-on in any of the situations I suggested...

in a shower with people you didn't know 179 (56%)
on a beach 200 (63%)
while being photographed 106 (33%)
in photos that you've posted online 75 (23%)
in videos that you've posted online 32 (10%)
at a naked party 75 (23%)
with more than 10 people present 106 (33%)
naked, in a car, on the motorway 141 (44%)
(none of the above) 17 (5%)

Votes so far: 315
Poll closed

Do you have any ideas for a new poll? Please let me know by adding a comment!

The new apartment

Winter is approaching, and that normally means far fewer opportunities for nudity - usually I'm only naked at home and when I'm at the gym. Of course, at the gym I can always get an "unintended" hard-on, but other than that, there is not much happening.

However, I have been looking for a new apartment for a while, as the one I've been renting so far has been a bit too far from work. Three weeks ago, I finally found the perfect one, and this week I moved in. What's so perfect about it? I'll tell you:

The new apartment is only a ten minutes' walk from the centre of Oslo, and only fifteen minutes from my office. Even more important, however: it is on the ground floor, with windows to a moderately busy street, and with a bedroom window facing the backyard.

I'm sure most of my readers have seen the implications of this already: I have made sure to put up white and very light curtains. This means that as it gets dark outside (which it does at about five o'clock nowadays), people on the street can see perfectly well what goes on in my apartment. I undress as soon as I get home from work, and enjoy my nudity for hours before going to bed. People who like what they see, can of course pass the window as often as they like - people who don't like it, can't really complain (it's not their business what I do in my own apartment, after all...)

When I finally go to bed, I go to my bedroom. As I haven't closed the curtains in advance, I have to do that. After all, I wouldn't want people who pass my window on their way across the backyard to their apartments to see me, would I? (And I can't be blamed if they happen to see me for the short while I close the curtains...)

Already, I have noticed people walking surprisingly slowly past my living room window, and I'm laughing loud by the fact that the rent is actually lower on this apartment than on the ones higher up in the building. For an exhibitionist, this is the perfect one...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The university toilet

I'm still following courses at the university, and therefore spend a lot of time at Blindern (the campus of University of Oslo). Today, I went to one of the larger toilets to pee. On my way in, I exchanged a long glance with another guy who was apparently having the same plan. He was blonde and beautiful, about my age and about my height. He went into one of the cabins, and I decided to go into the one next to his.

In many of these toilets, there are holes in the wall - even though the university tries to repair the walls as soon as someone makes new holes - and there was a hole between my cabin and the one of this other guy. I didn't want to peek, however (I never want to be the first one to do that) so I just pulled down my trousers and briefs and had a piss while I tried to figure out what was going on on the other side of the wall. I didn't have to think of that long, however, because suddenly I saw a pair of knees on the floor - obviously meaning that the guy was now on his knees to get a good view through the hole. I was finished peeing and was already turning hard, so I turned towards the hole, and started to jerk off.

At first, I imagined that it was his eyes that was on the other side of the hole, but then I realised that there was a small flash from time to time. He must have found his cell-phone and started to take photos of me! Of course, this only turned me on more, so I spread my legs a bit more and leant against the wall opposite him and kept pumping my cock. At the same time as I saw flashes from his camera, I kept hearing people coming and going outside, and I knew that it would be possible to hear what I was doing if anyone listened carefully enough, and it would be possible to see what I was doing if anyone bent down a little to look at the position of my legs.

I came in a tremendous burst, and lots of small drops of cum turned up on the floor in front of me. I felt like giving the guy on the other side an extra treat, so I sat down on my knees, so that my face was about level with the hole, and looked into the tiny cell-phone lens as I slowly licked my fingers clean. I couldn't help noticing that the cell-phone was jerking, however, and I soon realized why - within seconds, small drops of cum had arrived on the floor from the other side of the wall as well - just a few drops close to the wall, but a sure sign of what had happened on the other side of the wall...

I cleaned up the mess and walked out of the stall. As I was washing my hands, the face of this guy turned up in the mirror next to mine. "Oh, I have to run - could you give me your number so we could meet and study a little later?" he said - obviously trying to sound as if we were long-time study mates who just happened not to have given our numbers to each other before. Of course, I gave him my number, but I'm not sure any of the guys around us fell for his camouflage...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The tourist in Oslo

One of the warm, lazy summer days in Oslo, I had agreed to eat dinner with a friend downtown, but for some reason I arrived in the centre of Oslo about three hours early. I decided to do as so many others: enjoy the sun on the lawn in front of Stortinget (the Parliament building). I took off my t-shirt, and lay down on the ground and just rested for a while.

It was great to do nothing, just look at the sky, the people around me, the buildings. On the pavement nearby, I saw a tourist with a camera, and I noticed that he was pointing the lense in my direction. As any reader of my blog will know, I didn't mind this at all. Quite to the contrary, in summer I often dress to make sure that people see me - this time I was wearing a pair of quite short denim shorts. I was wearing them low, to show off my slim body as much as possible. In addition, the legs of the shorts were wide enough to provide tantalizing opportunities for people wanting to look. As usual, I had no underwear.

I kept looking at the tourist, who was a handsome guy in his early 20s. He was obviously focusing on me now, walking around the lawn to find the best possible angles. I kept eye contact, but realized that he wouldn't be approaching me without being nudged, so in the end I signalled that I wanted to talk to him. He seemed surprised, but came over. Before I had a chance to say anything, he said, with a French accent, "I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind that I took a few photos?" "A few?", I asked and laughed, "it must have been a hundred." He seemed worried, but I went on "Don't worry - my only regret is that I didn't bring my camera to take photos of you..."

He was obviously relieved - he must have thought that I would be angry with him for being photographed so thoroughly. He handed me his camera and said "Maybe you could take my photo here?" I took his camera, rose up and shot a photo of him with the parliament behind him. He was very cute. "Maybe one without the shirt?", I asked, and of course he let go of his polo shirt. His torso was beautiful - not that of a man who works out every day, more a natural, slim but still defined body. I shot a few more photos.

I was searching my mind for a way to keep things moving - he was obviously intrigued with me as I was with him, but I didn't see any obvious way forward. But then luck struck - the camera was out of battery. "The battery symbol has appeared", I said. He looked surprised - "already?" he said. "Okay - so we can't take any more photos..." But then he seemed to realize something and said "But I have another battery that I'm charging in my hotel room over there" (he pointed in the direction of Grand Hotel, the hotel right next to Stortinget - I couldn't believe my luck), "If you don't mind, we could go up to check if it's ready?" Of course, I nodded and went with him.

He did actually have another battery up there, and as soon as it was in the camera, I asked if I could photograph him in his room. He readily accepted. I asked him to stand by the window, then to sit in the chair, then to lie on the bed. I guess we both knew where we were going, so when I asked him if he could open the button on his shorts, he did without hesitating. Then I didn't even have to ask him to open his zipper, and then he threw the shorts on the floor. He still had a pair of briefs on - certainly too small to hide the considerable bulge. He seemed both embarrassed and proud at the same time, and I tried to catch that look on his face - and then, just as I wondered what to say to make him pull down the briefs, he did. His cock was erect, slim and long. By now, I guess he wanted me to stop worrying about the camera, but I wanted to do one more thing: I asked him to go to the window. I took a few photos with his erect cock in the foreground and the centre of Oslo in the background.

He reached for the camera and asked me to get down on the bed. I still had only my small shorts on, and he asked me to spread my legs so that he could get some nice photos of my balls. Then, without further ado, he undid the button, opened the zipper and pulled off my shorts.

Now he was in charge. He put the camera away, got down on the bed and started working on my dick with his mouth. It felt wonderful, but right now I was in the mood for something else, so I asked "Do you have condoms here?" He opened the drawer in the bedside table, and I saw he had a pack of Norwegian condoms (five left of a pack of ten) and a bottle of lube. He went down on all fours on the bed while I put on the condom. Then I put lube on the condom, as well as on a finger which I softly prepared him with. I didn't want to waste too much time on this, however, so I quickly entered him.

I don't know about you, but I think the "quality" of "bottoms" varies tremendously. There are the people who don't move, of course, who are quite boring. Then there are the ones who moves rhythmically, but never seem to get in the same rhythm as me. This guy, however, very quickly showed that he was a very active bottom. And while I often try to enter a guy carefully to avoid hurting him, here I couldn't do that - he more or less thrust his ass towards me so that I was deep inside him earlier than I expected. Actually, the whole thing combined the physical sensation of fucking with the feeling of being fucked by someone. I loved it.

Then, he decided to switch positions. He made me lie down on my back, and sat down on my dick. He started to jerk off while at the same time riding me. I was looking at his beautiful dick that was shooting up and down in tune with my cock and his ass. Then, surprisingly, he came - a spurt of sperm shot across my upper body and created a pool between my nipples, and the view of his sperm, his dick, his sexy body - and of course his still more powerful moves - made me come. A huge load entered the condom, and he kept moving up and down just long enough to get me to the edge of pain - then he lay down on top of me and kissed me.

By this time, my friend was already waiting for me in the restaurant, so I only had time for a very quick shower before I headed out of the hotel room. I asked if I could see him again, but he was heading back for Paris on that very night. I kissed him goodbye, but never even got his email address. It was only later in the evening that I remembered that I would really, really like to have the photos - both the ones of me and the ones of him...

But of course, if I ever go to Paris and have a rest on a lawn there, I will be looking out for guys with cameras.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fiction: The holiday (part 1)

I want this blog to be a real blog, filled with real-life experiences. However, from time to time I hear stories from friends that trigger my fantasy - and I would like to share these with you as well. Therefore, I will from time to time include fiction stories in this blog. Hope you don't mind. Today's story is based partly on what a friend told me about a holiday he went to a couple of years ago.

There had been lots of problems with the holiday before travelling from Norway. It had been Tore who had asked Fredrik to go to Gran Canaria with him, and when Fredrik had accepted (mostly because he fancied Tore quite a lot), Tore had ordered the plane tickets and the hotel. However, only a week before the trip, Tore had broken his leg, and decided not to go. But he did persuade a colleague - Nils - to take his place, and even though Fredrik didn't like this, he wanted sun and parties so much that he went along with it.

The plane was supposed to leave Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) on Sunday morning, but the plane was delayed a lot of times, and finally left at 6 in the evening. This left many hours in the airport to get to know Nils, of course. Fredrik liked Nils, but he was a bit worried about spending a week with a sexy and smart guy who showed no sign of being gay. Would there be complications? Well, there could be no complications on the first day - it was spent drinking beer at Gardermoen and in the plane, then taking a taxi to the hotel and falling into their separate beds.


They woke up, had breakfast in their room and then decided to check out the swimming pool in the hotel. They were actually the first ones to come, so they got nice chairs next to the pool and sat down to enjoy the sun. Everything was just perfect, and then... a naked guy arrived and jumped into the pool! Nils looked surprised, to say the least. "What kind of hotel is this?", he asked Fredrik. Fredrik had to struggle not to stare only at the guy in the pool, "I have no idea, Tore organized everything", he said. "I'll go and talk to the manager", Nils said, clearly upset.

Fredrik got only five minutes or something to enjoy the view of the swimmer, before Nils came back, clearly unhappy about everything. "It's a nudist hotel", he said. "A gay one. I said that I wanted to move to another hotel, but the manager told me that the hotel was pre-paid for a week, and we wouldn't get any money back." He hesitated. Fredrik was surprised - so this was what Tore had planned for Fredrik and himself. A pity that Tore had broken that leg... "Let's go to town for a while", Nils demanded, and Fredrik decided it was best to do as he wished.

Fredrik and Nils had a long talk while in town, and Fredrik had almost persuaded Nils that it wouldn't do him no harm to stay at the gay nudist hotel. "Well, at least noone will hit on me as long as you are around", Nils had said and laughed. Before going out to have dinner, they had a little walk around the hotel. They saw, to their surprise, that there was a small gym area where two guys were working out in the nude. Fredrik also noticed that even though their room seemed to have a view of some trees, the path from the pool area to the street gate actually went just behind the trees, so that anyone coming and going had an excellent view of their room.

When they got back from dinner (and a few beers) it was so late that they already wanted to go to bed. With the curtains still open, Fredrik undressed right in front of the mirror, and then lay down on the bed. "You're not going to wear anything?", Nils asked, seeming almost embarrassed, but Fredrik just laughed it off with some comment about "doing as the Romans". But he noticed that as Nils undressed to his briefs, there seemed to be a small bulge in them. So Fredrik wondered if this might not be an interesting week after all.


On Tuesday morning, Fredrik and Nils discussed what to do, and decided that a day at the pool would be nice. They went up to take the same chairs as the day before. It wasn't long before the area was full of nice-looking men, mostly naked. Fredrik enjoyed the view, but kept his shorts on, trying to show some solidarity to Nils. After a while, he went for a swim, and when he got back to his chair, he pulled off his shorts and sat down naked. Nils pretended he didn't notice, but it was so unsuccessful that he had to turn over on his stomach to avoid everyone seeing his hard-on. Fredrik pretended that he didn't see, and kept looking at the other guys instead. And after a few minutes, Nils said quickly that he wanted to go and have a walk around the town, while Fredrik preferred to stay at the pool, knowing that he would have better luck flirting with other guys when Nils was gone.

There was a guy who had been looking over at Fredrik several times, and soon after Nils had gone, he approached Fredrik. "Hi," he said, "'s that your boyfriend?" "No," Fredrik laughed, "I don't even think he's gay". Fredrik told him how Nils had ended up here, and both of them laughed. Then this guy asked "You want to go to the jacuzzi?" Fredrik had noticed, of course, that there was a jacuzzi in the pool area, but as he prefer swimming to sitting down, he hadn't given it much thought. Now, however, he saw what the point of it was. He quickly said "Sure", and walked over there.

He sat down in the jacuzzi while this guy was turning it on. He hadn't said his name, let's call him "Julio". He looked Spanish, had black hair, was tanned and had certainly worked out quite a lot. And he had a thick cock. Fredrik saw that quite clearly when Julio was getting into the jacuzzi, passing his dick within centimeters of Fredrik's head. "He sure knows what he wants", Fredrik thought. As soon as Julio was in the water and mostly covered in the bubbles, Fredrik felt a hand on his thigh. Julio looked at Fredrik, and as Fredrik certainly didn't object, he went on to put his hand on Fredrik's cock. By this time, Fredrik was already semi-erect, and Julio's hand certainly helped. Fredrik searched for Julio's dick as well, and found it quite soon. Already, it was much bigger and harder than what he had seen seconds ago.

Even though Fredrik and Julio tried to jerk each other off as discreetly as possible, of course everybody in the pool area understood what was going on, and paid careful attention to every move and sound that came from the two. A few of the guys were getting hard. Fredrik of course was very much aware that there were people around, and being jerked off by a beautiful stranger outdoors in the sun made him very, very horny. To avoid coming far earlier than Julio, he had to try to think of other things, but evidently, the thoughts returned to the solid dick that he was jerking. After just a little while, Julio's whole body showed that he was on the verge to orgasm - and he was also moaning. Fredrik kept jerking him off and felt the burst of sperm coming. By this time, it was impossible for Fredrik to avoid coming as well. He stretched out his legs, forgetting that this meant that he would raise his body above the level of the water - and he came violently over his stomach, with Julio seeming very happy that he got to see this from the distance of a foot or two...

It suddenly felt very strange to be sitting in a jacuzzi, naked, with sperm covering parts of his body, in the middle of several men who had just witnessed him coming. But there was nothing to be done about it, Fredrik just got up and walked over to the shower by the pool, feeling all eyes upon him. As Fredrik finished showering and sat down in his chair again, a guy asked him from across the pool area: "Did you arrive yesterday or something?" "Sunday evening", Fredrik answered. "And you're staying for a week?" Fredrik nodded. "Good", the guy said, and several guys seemed to agree. Fredrik smiled...

As Fredrik and Nils were getting to bed at night, Fredrik repeated the routine from yesterday - without closing the curtains, he stripped off completely and lay down on his bed. As Nils had finished brushing his teeth, he stripped down to his boxer. Then he looked at Fredrik, and apparently made a decision: he stripped off even that. Fredrik saw a beautiful dick, and realized that he had fantasized about it. "You're not going to wear anything?", Fredrik asked. "No, I guess I'll just have to get used to being nude", Nils said. And as Nils turned off the light, Fredrik thought that Nils might want to get used to several other things as well before this week was over.

To be continued

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The hesistant skinny-dipper

A posting at Performing Males reminded me of a very nice experience a few years ago. I was visiting a friend (Martin) when what had been a cloudy day suddenly turned into a much nicer day. We had been planning to stay inside playing some board game, but when another friend (Paul) turned up with a car and asked if we wanted to go to the nearest lake, we jumped into his car at once.

We were halfway to the lake before I realized what was happening: Paul obviously had been planning to go to the lake, so he had brought swimwear. Martin was wearing shorts that were probably okay for swimming. I, however, was only wearing jeans - and not even with any underwear underneath. It would NOT be cool to stay out of the water while they were swimming, so I asked "Ehm, do any of you have a pair of shorts to spare?" "You didn't bring one?", Paul asked. Martin said, "Well, you can always swim in your underwear." I said "Ehm" again, and Paul asked "You're not wearing underwear?" Paul and Martin both laughed at this, but at least Martin offered me the solution I wanted: "Well, we could go a bit away from where the other people are - so you could swim in the nude". Peter grinned: "Maybe 10 metres or something..."

The two of them obviously thought this was very funny - and so did I, even though I didn't know to show it too clearly. We got to the lake, parked the car and walked for a few minutes to get away from the crowd. We could hear people almost all around the lake, and the path around the lake was quite close to the spot they had chosen, but at the moment there was noone to see, so I dropped my jeans and jumped in with them.

We had lots of fun for a long time, and had "fights" in the water. There were people passing by from time to time, but nobody seemed to notice - or at least not care - that I was swimming in the nude. But I did think it would be even better if we were naked all three, so I said something about how nice it felt to be swimming in the nude. Surprisingly, it didn't take long before first Peter, and then Martin, pulled off their shorts and threw them ashore. So now everything was perfect - I was skinny-dipping with two great-looking and funny guys.

I guess we were all tired of being in the water and wanted to get up when suddenly two girls appeared next to our clothes. They happened to be from our class, and was evidently very intrigued by seeing three of their class-mates naked in the water. Anna and Mona really enjoyed the situation, and sat down on some stones and asked if we were planning to stay in the water for long. The three of us kept swimming around a little - and Martin and Paul evidently didn't mind being watched as long as the blurring water was between their dicks and the girls' eyes. But they whispered to me "What should we do? We're NOT getting up as long as they're there."

I don't know exactly why I acted the way I did. Partly, I wanted to help my friends "in need". Partly, I wasn't worried about being seen naked by girls. And partly, I was turned on by everything. Anyway, what I did was to say "Leave this to me", and without further fuss, I just swam towards the girls, went up from the water, and - without in any way hiding anything - picked up my friends' shorts and threw them out into the water. Then I went over to my jeans and put it on.

This day had several good effects. The story about our plight spread all around school, and everybody seemed to think that I had been brave. I also noticed that the girls had spread the word that I was very well endowed - which is always a nice image to have. And moreover, swimming in the nude seemed to get more popular among my friends after this - maybe just from the fact that it was talked about more...

Apparently, all of us felt it had been a memorable day. Sorry that there was no sex in this story - but sometimes just being naked in public is good enough, at least for me...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the shower with James

I wrote yesterday about some of the things James and I have been doing this summer - almost as "research" on what two people can do that one person can't.

Often, this has just been tiny things while we were actually doing something else. For instance, we have been going to the gym together, just to have company. However, often I tend to get semi-erect when I'm showering at the gym, and I find it interesting to see how others react. Almost everybody tries to pretend that they don't see it, but some get problems keeping their own dicks down. Of course, I've had to behave as if nothing at all is happening.

This summer, when James and I have been showering at the same time, we have often both had semi-erections. The effect has been significant. When people are entering the shower, they notice one of us. It seems that they're almost turning to the other one for reassurance, but when they see that there are two quite good-looking guys having semi-erections in the shower, they do one of two things: some are staring hard into the wall for their entire shower, trying to imagine that the two of us are not there, while some are taking the fact that two men are having semi-erections as a sign that erections in the shower are ok - so they're not even trying to stop their own cocks getting hard.

At most, I think we were seven people in the shower at one time, of which two were staring into the wall while the other five were having different degrees of erections...

We haven't pushed our luck at the gym, though - we just found it cool to be the cause of such a display of manhood - in an environment in which most people are so eager to hide their erections...

We've also been to different lakes in the forests around Oslo this summer. The effect there has been cool as well. For instance, we came to one lake one evening and planned to camp there for the night. There was already a guy there, who had obviously been swimming and was lying on the ground. He was wearing shorts, but we still saw enough of his body to see that he looked great. We put down our stuff a little distance away from him, undressed and went for a swim. Then we went back up, towelled down and started putting up our tent - without putting on any clothes. It seemed, amazingly, that our presence had suddenly turned the lake into a clothing optional place, because the next time he went swimming, he left his shorts on the ground...

James and I lay down to rest a little after the long walk, but it didn't take long before we were talking about something sexy, I guess, because we both started to get erections. Obviously, the guy in the water realized this - we noticed that he was looking in our direction a lot. We were not entirely sure what to make of this before he came back out of the water - then we could see that he was hard as well. Cool...

We didn't know quite how to bring things further, though - after all, this was a lake which was quite close to a path, so other people might turn up at any moment. So we decided to play it safe and go into our tent. We left the "door" (zipper) wide open, though. We started to fondle each other, but kept looking out to see if the guy was as interested as we thought. He was - it didn't take more than two minutes before he was standing by the lake right in front of our tent, "by chance" looking right at us. I got a good look at him - he was our age, well built, probably Indian or Pakistani by origin, and with a very nice, big cock that was pointing at us. He didn't move, so he seemed to like what he saw. James was giving me a hand-job, but after a little while he decided to let our audience take part in the game - it took just a simple nod of his head for the guy to approach the tent and join us.

I know that I may seem careless when it comes to STDs and these things, but usually I'm quite rigorous, so we did have condoms in the tent. I put one on, put on lube, and James signalled for our guest to stay on his knees (the way he came in) and to get ready for me. I tried to finger him, but realized that he was relaxed and ready, and that I wouldn't have any problem entering him. So before even saying a word or touching any other part of him, I made my way into him.

Of course, I was turned on by the situation - both by having sex with a total stranger (with James) and by still having the "door" of the tent open. And James also helped. Of course, the tent was quite crammed, but he found a way of positioning himself so that he was on his back, his dick in reach of this strangers' right hand, while at the same time James could play with the strangers' cock. I can't say it was comfortable, but it worked. I thrust my considerable cock inside the guy, and he made noises that must have been recognizable all around the lake, and when finally I came inside him (but in the condom), it didn't take him long to come all over our sleeping bag.

It would have been awkward to have much of a chat after this, so it was quite okay that the guy just got up and left when we were finished. This left me having to take care of James' needs, of course, but I was quite happy to do that... And it was a successful attempt at proving that two guys can do quite a lot to change a situation...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

James and I playing

As I've mentioned before, I've been hanging out with a guy called James a lot this summer. Due to some personal circumstances, he's stopped blogging, but he's been turned on by the idea that I'd be blogging about our adventures.

We're both into the exhibitionist thing, and we have explored the idea that there are things that two guys could get away with that one guy could not - for instance, a single man might be considered a pervert if he's running naked from his tent to the lake to have a swim, while two guys doing it might be considered "playful". One guy opening the door for the pizza guy in the nude could be reported to the police, while a guy opening the door with a nude guy walking past in the background, would be considered forgetful at most. (I may be writing more about this later, as the face of the pizza man clearly suggested that he would like to see more. We found an excuse for him to come back to the apartment at the end of his day of work...)

The most successful little thing we did, however, took place at the end of the night. The two of us had been partying together with a few new acquaintances, the pub we'd been to had just closed and we were eight guys passing by the town hall in the middle of town. James had just said something about still being hot, and I took the cue and "attacked" him and threw him into the little fountain next to the town hall. Playfully, he got back up and ran after me, and got a few of the other guys to help him to throw me into the fountain as well. By now, both of us were dripping wet, and our t-shirts and white shorts - with no underwear, had turned transparent. By now, the rest of the guys also wanted to join the fun, but they removed their t-shirts and shorts (or trousers) to have a little bath in their briefs or boxers. James and I also threw off our t-shirts. I already thought this was quite sexy, but our drunk friends didn't stop there - they started fighting for each other's underwear. Of course, James and I enthusiastically joined the fight, and as we were quite happy to lose our shorts, we were not as defensive as some of the others... By the time most of us were totally nude, there were at least ten people gathered around the fountain, watching us. And of us, at least two were starting to get hard-ons...

At this time, two police constables arrived. They seemed quite amused, actually, but nonetheless asked us to get dressed and get going. At least one of the constables watched carefully as James and I were putting on our still-transparent clothes.

This had been fun, but now we had the problem of what to do next. All of us were dripping wet, so happily the solution came quickly - one of the guys had an apartment only ten minutes away, so we were invited there. This was one of the warmer nights of this summer, so it wasn't a problem to walk in wet clothes - and people we met were looking and pointning, as the clothes evidently still didn't hide anything.

When we got to the apartment, of course everybody immediately shed their clothes. The "host" gave us towels so that we could dry off, and then everybody sat down in the living room. We didn't know what the sexual orientation of the other guys were, but I thought that if we were lucky, we could have some fun anyway. It didn't take long before I noticed that one of the other guys was having a semi-erection. I caught James' eye, and signalled what I'd seen. We seemed to understand each other: if this guy was sitting there with his erection all alone, nothing would happen. But it didn't take long for the two of us to get semi-hard either, and then the alcohol they'd consumed made the rest of the guys forget whatever inhibitions they might have had.

Soon everyone had a hard-on, but didn't seem to know what to do with it. I decided to take a chance, and started to touch my dick quite slowly and almost discreetly. James started doing the same at the other end of the living room, and this showed everybody that this was okay. The first guy who had a semi-erection was also the first one to follow suit, and then, slowly, the rest of the guys also started jerking off.

At this point, everything was easy. Another one of the guys said: "Hey, it's better to have someone else's hand do it", and signalled that everyone should jerk off the guy to the right. Everybody seemed to like this idea, and so I had the hand of a greatlooking, 20-yearold jerking me off, while I was jerking off the huge dick of a slightly older guy who I had earlier in the night learned was an accountant. I was very much turned on by this, of course, but I also wondered if we could get so far that these guys would even give each other a blow job. In my mind, this was certainly not something that James and I could just start doing - there would be too much scepticism. However, the guy currently jerking off James - who was also the first one to get a semi-erection, was clearly enjoying everything very much, and seemed willing to do anything. So when James shifted his position just a little to put his dick within reach of the mouth of this guy, he grabbed the chance. Then James waited for maybe a minute before he turned over and started sucking the guy on his other side. Again, this set off a nice domino effect - the guy who was sucked felt how wonderful that was, and didn't think he could do anything less to his mate on the other side. Of course, there was some shuffling of feet and bodies to make sure that everybody could both be sucked and suck at the same time, but within a few minutes, we had managed even that.

The sensation was wonderful. Of course, I almost couldn't move, as I didn't want to disrupt the guy who was - very amateurishly - trying to suck my cock, at the same time as I was eating the big pole of the cool accountant. However, the quality of the sucking was not the real issue, as just the idea of what a little nudging could do for guys we hadn't known even ten hours earlier, was mind-blowing. At the same time, I decided to give the accountant an experience to remember, and made every effort to get him to - and keep him on - the verge of orgasm. Then, after a long, long time, I knew he was coming soon, and I decided to stop blowing him and going back to jerk him off. Within two minutes, his sperm was shooting across his stomach and chest. He groaned so loudly that everybody understood what was going on, and one by one, everyone else also came within a short time. Actually, I was the last one to come - and everybody had leaned back, exhausted, but watched as the unskilled guy next to me was trying to get me to come. I'm not sure he would ever have managed if we were alone, actually, but the situation and the eyes of all these guys made it for me. "I'm coming", I said, but he didn't seem to want to hear. I said it once more, but he just kept licking and sucking, so I had no choice but to shoot my load directly in his mouth. I heard a slight "wow" from one of the guys, as my friend didn't stop licking till there was nothing left to lick...

There was a certain tension after everybody had come, as two or three of the guys seemed to have second thoughts, and they gathered their clothes and got going. The rest of us actually slept around in the apartment, but went each to our places in the early morning. I'm sure at least two or three of these guys are game for a three-, four- or fivesome or something again, if they're invited. I've certainly kept their phone numbers, for use on some winter day when there's nothing fun to be done outdoors. It'll be fun.

As I mention, James and I have been doing small stunts all summer. Most of the times, people have just laughed and walked on - leaving us to have fun on our own (which has also been good). However, in lucky circumstances, you will come across a bunch of guys who can be "guided" into a kind of fun they didn't know they liked. I'm sure James and I will do more attempts later...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Have you ever jerked off...

(Here are the results of the poll which 183 people have answered)

in a plane? 42 (22%)
on a beach? 97 (53%)
in a locker room? 81 (44%)
in a forest? 111 (60%)
in front of more than one other person? 95 (51%)
on webcam? 52 (28%)
while being photographed? 42 (22%)
in a swimming pool? 88 (48%)
none of the above 9 (4%)
Votes so far: 183

Personally, I haven't jerked off in a plane yet, actually, but I've tried all of the other places... If anyone has any good stories to tell, please use the comment field!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finding a real-life mate on the net

I'm sorry for not writing in a while - but one does have to live as well, to get something to write about... :-)

I do spend a lot of time looking around on the internet, but rarely do I find the homepage of someone I've previously had sex with. That happened to me a time ago, when I stumbled upon Queerjames' blog. In one of the posts, he had a photo of himself, and I thought I recognized him from a boating trip the year before. He answered that he wouldn't mind meeting me again - and also suggested that I should blog about the boat trip where we had met. (His photo seems to be gone now, but he also links to his Gaydar profile, where there are a few, and he also left a photo in my guestbook.)

I'll certainly write more about the boat trip later - we were seven or eight guys who got naked as soon as we could, and when we found a place to anchor the boat that seemed a bit deserted, we all got to the fun part. Actually, queerjames was occupied with other people most of the time, and I was having fun with some really cute ones, but in the end I ended up sucking him, and he came in my mouth. But as I said; more about that later.

The point right now is that we decided to meet. I believe it was in the middle of June, and we've been enjoying the summer in Oslo ever since that. It's not that we want regular boyfriends or anything, it's just that we have similar interests and have had so much to explore together - beaches, camping, lakes... It's been great and sexy.

Of course, I'll tell all about it later - in more graphic detail. This small note was just to tell why I havent' had the time to write much lately...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Should I be in porn?

I've had people ask me, "If you're really that turned on by people seeing you nude, why aren't you in porn?" That's a very good question, especially as I'm turned on just by the thought of doing porn.On the other hand, it's not that simple.

There are many aspects to an answer. One thing is that just the fact that porn seems like the "ultimate" thing to do, also makes me ask myself "What should I do after that?" If I'm already having sex in a porn film, wouldn't that destroy the thrill of being seen naked on a beach?

Another thing is that I'm of course worried about "what people would say". And after all, the exhibitionism is all about being turned on by the POSSIBILITY that people might see me, while porn would turn that into a CERTAINTY.

I have considered it, though. About a year ago I was in London for a little weekend, and met a cute guy at a gay bar who I ended up going home with. He put on a video which turned out to be a professional porn video featuring him, and he asked me if I had considered doing porn. Needless to say, the video and the question had exactly the intended effect - I got turned on and we had great sex. But the question stayed with me, and in the morning I asked him what I should do if I wanted to try it. He gave me a phone number.

So later that day, I made a call. I was asked to come visit "for us to have a look at each other", and I accepted this. On the subway to the place, I was thinking a lot on whether I would actually dare to go through with this, and how cool it would be.

It turned out that they were in the middle of doing a shot in an apartment - for which they didn't need any more guys. And I just had the chance to talk to the people in charge for a few minutes in between the takes. I got the impression that I would be more than welcome to do a test shot - they even proposed that I could come back two days later. The whole thing seemed very professional, and the guys who were doing the shoot seemed very content - and they were VERY sexy. So actually, I felt quite flattered that I was actually even considered as "good enough" to be part of this. I decided that I would come back to find out more.

Two days later, I was back. The setup was very much like what you can see in countless videos online: there was a bed and there was a camera. They told me that the whole point of this shot was just to see if I could "perform" on camera. They also told me that as I hadn't yet signed a contract, they would not be able to publish the video without my consent - and therefore I wouldn't get paid either (unless we decided otherwise later). Everything of this was okay for me, and I got ready for the camera.

Of course, I was worried that the situation would somehow magically remove my excitement, as I've heard so much about how hard it is to "keep it up" in such circumstances. Well, that wasn't a problem for me. Just looking at the camera made me hard long before I got my clothes off, and I answered some silly questions about how much I wanted to be in porn while I removed first my t-shirt, then my trousers and my socks. I remember being asked if I enjoyed being naked, and I told them that I'm going to nude beaches as often as I can. "Does that mean that you don't have a tan-line?" the "interviewer" asked, and I pulled down my boxers to show that I had an all-over tan. (This was in August or September, I think, so I had a whole summer at nude beaches behind me.) Of course, I kept pulling down my boxers until the whole, erect cock were in full view of the camera.

"Nice", he said, and then he asked if I wanted him to put on some porn while I was jerking off. "I don't think that will be necessary", I said, because I was thrilled and horny. I knew that at the moment this thing was over, I could probably sign a paper that would mean that this video might be released somewhere - at least on some website for this firm. I knew that the people in front of me wanted to help me be jerking off in front of an unknown number of people. Actually, I was so excited that I knew I could come almost anytime, so I asked them if they preferred me to hold back and then to come at some particular moment, or if I should just come as soon as possible. Of course, they liked to get this choice, and asked me to wait for five minutes and then come. This was the part which was a bit difficult, because I kept jerking off, tried to think of something else but at the same time wanted to look into the camera and to keep hard. But I managed fine, and - probably just to test me - the guy told me that it would be nice if I could come in 15 seconds. By this time I had problems "thinking of something else", and was very glad I could stop trying. By now, I was lying on my back on the bed, and the cameraman was coming closer to get a close-up of the shot. I went back to thinking of the hundreds and thousands of people who might see this video, and quite quickly shot a nice, huge load over my chest and stomach. It felt good, and I smiled. "Do you ever eat your cum?", the voice said, and I took my right hand to my mouth and licked off the sperm there. Then I grabbed a bit more of the cum from my stomach and licked that off my fingers as well - and all the time I was thinking of my "audience" and smiling.

So what happened afterwards? Well, the company seemed very interested to keep in touch, and they talked about a project a month later. However, I was going back to Norway, and back in Norway my brain stepped in. Although being in porn seemed a dream come true, it would still mean releasing pictures into the world that I would forever lose control over - pictures that couldn't even be dismissed as "not my fault" (my planned response if nude photos of me from beaches or other "innocent" settings should appear online). In an ideal world, I could shoot the videos but decide myself when (or if) they were to be published, but I knew things didn't work like this. So I chickened out.

I still dream of being in porn. And I know that if I want to do it, I should do it within five or ten years - while I'm still "young". Obviously, I still have the contact details of the company in England (who has also called me a few times - both to ask if I've changed my mind and if I would agree to put the test video online), and from time to time, I look at the phone number and consider going to London for a little trip...

(By the way: don't worry. I do, from time to time, make small amateur videos of myself with a video camera that I've got. Just for my own enjoyment - but with the option of putting them online at some time in the future, if I want to...)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where are all my nude photos?

These days, I try to be careful about where I put nude photos of myself - I don't want to have them all over the internet. However, there are already so many photos I have no control of, that may be published somewhere online. As most guys, I'm ambivalent towards that: I don't want my family to see them, but at the same time get turned on by the idea that guys around the world may be looking at my photos...

I don't even have any idea of how many photos and even videos of me that are floating around. For instance, when I started having webcam sex, I didn't worry about this at all. I loved to go to sites (such as where several people could watch at once, and didn't mind showing my face, my dick and everything else. Nowadays, I mostly only do webcam sex with one person at a time, and even then try to be a bit more careful.

Of course, I know photos were taken when I was doing the nude run when I was a russ, but I also remember other parties and camping trips in which cameras were used a lot. At the time, I just enjoyed getting nude, but now I realize that I haven't even seen the photos that were taken.

In addition, there are of course all the photos that have been taken at nude beaches and places like that. Even last week, a guy asked if he could take a photo of me at the nude beach - and of course, I let him.

I also wonder what happened to the photos that were taken during a photo shoot two or three years ago. I had met a guy online who said he was a photographer, and he complained that he had difficulty getting models. I asked what kind of models he wanted, and he said that he simply wanted guys to model nude for him. Preferrably outdoors. Obviously, I couldn't resist offering to help, so we decided to meet at the harbour in Oslo - then we would sail to some uninhabited place somewhere. As usual, I threw off my clothes as soon as I could, and he had a hard time both controlling the boat and taking photos at the same time.

We anchored and landed on a tiny beach, and he started to take some photos. However, while he was doing this, two other guys arrived from some small path. My photographer asked me if they minded that we kept doing this, and they said that they didn't mind. They didn't seem completely indifferent, however, as they decided to sit down quite close to us. Then the two guys undressed, and the whole situation led to a solid hard-on on my part. This didn't make the guys any less interested - and I saw that their dicks started to harden as well. And the photographer kept taking his photographs...

It was amazing to be photographed on a beach, standing there naked with a raging hard-on, and with two totally unknown guys watching. They didn't seem at all embarrassed that they were also erect. So when the photographer suggested that I touch my dick, I didn't hesitate. I started doing some "gestures", but it didn't take long before I was jerking off for the camera. Knowing everything was still photographed, I found the whole thing very hot, and I was on the verge of coming many times. In the end, I lay down on a towel, raised my dick as high as I could (only my heel and neck touching the towel) and jerked off until I came. The load of cum made a nice little pool on my stomach, and I rested on a beach for a while, hearing the constant clicking of the camera.

We got back on the boat, but as the boat went back out to see, we saw two guys on the beach starting to jerk each other off.

The day had been a huge success - except that I didn't ever speak to the photographer again. I never got copies of the photos. I don't know what happened - maybe he just had to change his email address in a hurry, these things happen. But a few months ago, I saw a photo which I'm pretty sure was taken on this day. It was posted on a Flickr group, and showed a close-up of a dick (mine) at this beach. I asked the guy who had posted the photo if he knew the rest of the series, but he claimed he'd only found this one at some other site. So maybe the photographer is keeping me anonymous - or maybe he's planning to post the rest of the shoot some day. I just don't know...

Friday, July 18, 2008

What the postman brings

I notice that many of the stories I’ve told you, start in the same way: I’m naked in some situation or another, and then some people turn up who happen to be interested. This happens to happen quite a lot – at first, I’m naked in a totally harmless situation, where it’s just “chance” or “forgetfulness” or “carelessness” which makes others see me. Then, when a guy shows interest, things may go further.

This is not the only way these things go, however. Sometimes, I’m the one who happens to see someone else.

After my first year at university, I needed money. As I was staying in Oslo anyway, I took a summer job as a postman – delivering the mail to people in the afternoon. Already on my first day at work, I had an interesting experience. I came to a house which had its mailbox fixed to a fence. Actually, the fence was a bit lower where the mailbox was than everywhere else, and as I approached the mailbox to put the mail in, I could see over the fence, and looked directly through the living room windows and at a naked guy who was standing there. I was surprised, and quickly looked away and got on with my route. After all, it was none of my business to look into other people’s homes. However, I couldn’t get the image off my mind – I saw that the guy might be almost double my age (I was almost 19), but he had a great body… And I loved nudity, after all…

The day after, I was interested to see if anything similar would happen. When I came to this house, I had made up my mind that I would get a clear look at him. I approached the mailbox, looked in the direction of his living room windows – but saw nothing. I was a bit disappointed, but only for a second – I gave a start as I saw he was sitting, completely naked, on his terrace. Again, I guess this could not be seen from the street due to his high fence, but it could certainly be seen from where I was. Now, I noticed that he was nicely tanned – all over. It was also difficult to ignore his dick (even if I had wanted to) – it was semi-erect, and looking very tempting. I still couldn’t know his age, but I could see that he was working out, his arms and feet were nice and strong. And he had a beautiful face, reminding me of Marcus Schenkenberg… I just nodded as a way of greeting him, and went back to the car to get on with my route again. And again, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In particular, I wondered if he sat there because he wanted to be seen – and whether he had noticed that I had actually been looking for him in his living room. And above all, I knew that I needed to see him again…

On the third day, I was lucky. There was a large and heavy package for him – which I knew was too big for his mailbox. The routine in such cases was to put a note in the recipient’s mailbox with the information that the package should be collected at the post office. However, if I was in doubt, I was supposed to bring the package to check if it fitted in, so no one could actually blame me for bringing it to his house. And if he was there, at least I had my chance to talk to him. I didn’t know what would happen, but talking is always a start.

He was almost at the end of my route, and this day I decided to change the route a little to make him the very last one. I just hoped that he would still be outside – after all, it was another beautiful day. As I arrived there, I approached the mailbox, and saw that he was lying on his back on a sun bed. Again, he was semi-erect. He looked up when he heard me walking towards the mailbox, and I nodded. Then I said “There’s a package for you here – it’s too big for your mailbox.” I had hoped that he would come walking – naked – to the fence to get it, but instead he said something better, “Oh, thank you! Do you think you could bring it to the terrace?” Of course I wanted to do that, so I just said “Sure” and went to get it.

I don’t know exactly what I was thinking as I was carrying the package from the car to his house. I was certainly excited, but I didn’t know what the intentions of this guy were. I knew that he didn’t mind being naked in front of the postman, but what else didn’t he mind? And I knew that I looked good, being a sporty young man in my white shorts and a tight t-shirt. (I shed the post office uniform as soon as I got in my car – I couldn’t stand it as long as the weather was good.) But even if he fancied to have some fun – what pretext could I find for getting rid of my clothes, or he for approaching me? And would I really dare to do anything?

It turned out it was all much simpler than I had expected. As I approached the terrace where he was lying with his considerable cock pointing to the sky, I couldn’t stop my own cock from mimicking him – all the thoughts of what could possibly happen had made me hard. Thereby, I got a bulge that I couldn’t control. Of course, I could easily hide it as long as I was carrying the package, but I knew that as soon as I put it down, it would be very visible. (Not wearing underwear under these thin and loose shorts didn’t help, either.) This thought didn’t help, to put it mildly. When I finally got to the point of putting the package down, I was sporting a raging hard-on, and he must have spotted it immediately.

“Thank you for bringing that big package all the way to my terrace”, he said, and obviously I understood which package he meant. “Are you in a hurry, or could I offer you a beer as a way to thank you?” A beer couldn’t hurt, so I told him that his house was actually the last one on the route, and that I would be happy to have a beer with him. “Okay, I’ll get a cold beer inside”, he said, “and as you see, it’s perfectly possible to get an all-over-tan on this terrace, if you prefer that.” That invitation was very clear, and he had managed to make two innocent-sounding comments which still made his intentions clear. Now I had to make up my mind what to do, but I always tends to go for what feels right in the moment, as long as there is no imminent danger. So of course I started undressing the moment he went in to get the beer. Maybe two minutes later he was back with a beer for each of us, and by then, I was sitting naked in a chair. I had managed to concentrate on the periodic table (of chemistry) for about 20 seconds (one of my small tricks to think of other things than sex for a moment), which had been enough for my erection to shrink to a semi-erection. However, this didn’t last long.

“I’m happy that you’re not afraid of nudity”, he said, “I find that I’m never as happy as when I’m naked.” He opened the beers and offered me one. “Cheers to that,” I said. He asked me if I ever went to nude beaches, and I told him that I often went to the nude beach at Huk – but also just to nice lakes in the forests north of Sognsvann. He looked at me and said (I know it’s lame, but it worked): “You’re really a beautiful guy. You could be a model.” I laughed and said “Do you mean in porn?” He laughed as well, and said that I would certainly be a great porn model as well. Then he told me a story about how he had tried his luck in the porn business some ten years earlier. I don’t remember the details now, but I remember vividly how his story made my cock go back to its fully erect state. As he saw that, he hardened as well, and it was fascinating to hear stories from his short career in porn while looking at his tool of that trade.

Then he told me about the favourite scene he’d done: he was in a “sling” while four men where taking turns fucking him. I pretended to be ignorant, and asked “what’s a sling?”, without really knowing how he’d use this question. He said “Oh, I can show you – I have one in the basement. Do you want to see?” I said “Sure”, and down in the basement we went. He explained how it worked, but I had genuinely never seen a sling quite like that, and kept asking how it was possible to hang like that – wasn’t it uncomfortable? As I was asking these questions, I did understand where they would lead me, but I didn’t worry. Of course, he offered me to try, and soon, I was hanging helpless in this sling, still with a raging hard-on. “Actually, I can do what I want with you now”, he said, and I felt a bit uncertain. “I have two more questions for you now. If you want to leave, tell me now. If you want to play safe, tell me that. Otherwise, I’ll pretty much do what I want and you will only be set free when you say the word “postman”.” Again, I just had to think for a moment to know what I wanted. I had read about things like this, but it was amazing to me to be in such a situation so suddenly. Part of my brain told me that it would be safer just to get home, but I knew that I really wanted this. My cock told me as much. I told him that I understood, and that I wanted to play safe.

From this point on, my “master” was changed. He didn’t ask me anything anymore. He just did what he wanted. At first, he found a dildo and started to fuck me with that. He didn’t use any lube at first, so it hurt quite a lot, but at the same time, my erection just got harder. Then, as I got used to this dildo, he removed it for a little while, and that felt great. However, right afterwards, he held another dildo in front of my face. He smiled. This one was far thicker and far longer than anything that I had ever had in my arse, that’s for sure. This time he put on a lot of lube, but still it felt terrible as he was pushing it in. Now, he noticed that there was precum on my cock, and he leant over me to lick that off, before going on to work on the monster dildo. Of course, the sense of his tongue on my dick only worked as a little teaser, making me want him to suck me, but that was not what was on his agenda right now. He kept pushing the dildo in, and finally, it had gotten maybe halfway in. At that point, he secured it with some kind of wire system to the wires holding my arms, meaning that it could not get back out, only further in. Then he walked over to the other end of me – my head – and let me start sucking his dick. However, as he was steadily moving in and out of my mouth, the dildo was moving steadily in and out as well, making it feel as if I was gently fucked by a giant.

This lasted for a while, but then he went over again, released the dildo, and pulled it out. Then he put a condom on his dick and started to fuck me. Obviously, this now felt as a relief after the huge dildo, even though he was still pushing his long dick far into me. In my position, I couldn’t really do much, so I just hang there as he was fucking away – and he came after maybe ten minutes of this. I felt tired and sore, but this was not the end of it. Instead, he found the huge dildo again, and managed to put it back in. Now, however, he kept pushing it, rhythmically, with one hand, at the same time as he started to suck my rock-solid cock. The pain from the dildo was almost too much, but at the same time, it gave wonderful feelings which made me feel hornier and hornier. Then, I suddenly burst, and I shot a huge load – and kept shooting repeatedly. He didn’t withdraw, and kept “fucking” me with the dildo and kept sucking for at least a minute. Then he stopped, and then released my feet and finally my arms. I was so tired that I just sat down on the floor.

I kept delivering post to this address for the entire summer, and quite a few times I made sure his house was the last one on my list. Not too often, however, as it took me a couple of days to recover from every such session. And every time anyone asks me if being a postman wasn’t terribly boring, I just smile…

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The shower window

In the early summer, I was staying in a friend’s apartment for a few days. It was in an old part of Stavanger, but the apartment was quite nice. What I noticed quite quickly, however (I have an eye for things like this), was that there was a big window in the bathroom, with a view of the other side of the backyard. This was probably all a result of a renovation of the apartment in which the size of the bathroom was increased.

Obviously, there were curtains, but I decided to open them, and to see what kind of view the neighbours would get. It was just great – the bathroom didn’t have a shower of its own, but you could have a shower standing in the bathtub, and while having a shower, I could get a nice view of several windows outside. And what’s more important – they would be able to see me, at least from my head to my knees…

I’m easily turned on, so I get turned on just by knowing that someone might see me – even if I have no idea if someone is actually seeing me. So the first time I showered there, I actually got a hard-on just by knowing that I was on display. I was in a hurry for a meeting, however, so I didn’t have the time to do anything more.

On the morning after, I was up quite early, and it was still dark outside. As I stepped into the shower, however, I noticed that there was light in a window opposite mine. I also thought that I saw something moving, but as I started showering, the light was turned off, and I couldn’t see anything any more. The light being turned off could of course mean that someone was watching me, so this turned me on. I decided to give a bit of a show, so I made a point of massaging a lot of soap on my chest and then on my (now erect) cock. I didn’t want to jerk off, however, as I didn’t know what their reaction might be.

Another day went by, and next morning I was going to have another shower. I took off my clothes, and again noticed that there was light in the window opposite me. There was also light in the window next to it. I went into the shower, and again got an erection, and again I was about to apply plenty of soap. Then the doorbell rang. Who could this be at this hour? I put a towel around me, and went to open the door. Outside was a cute guy, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and he was looking embarrassed. I also noticed that he shot a glance at my towel. “My mother sent me over…”, he said and then hesitated. “She wants me to tell you that as your curtains are not shut, you can be seen showering from our apartment across the courtyard.” He blushed and I was intrigued. I looked at him again, and noticed that he was 19ish, with a well-formed body. I decided that I had to make a small move. “Oh, I didn’t know,” I lied, “I thought the window was too high for that. Could you show me where your apartment is?”

I opened the door for him, and he seemed to welcome the suggestion. I showed him into the bathroom, and he said “Ah, I see. If you’re standing on the floor, I guess we wouldn’t see…” He blushed again, and said “…all of you”. I smiled and said “But you can when I’m in the shower?” and he said, “Yes, and my mother would like you to close your curtains.” I closed the curtains, and asked him if I could now go on showering. “Yes,” he said before he knew what he was saying, so I pulled off my towel and went back into the bathtub. As I had guessed, he didn’t leave. He just stood there and stared at me, too long for him to pretend to be uninterested. My cock was semi-hard, and he had his eyes on it. I asked: “Want a shower?” and his lust got the better of him. He pulled off his t-shirt and his shorts, and joined me in the shower.

He was a slim guy, and as I was covering him with soap, I noticed that his chest was firm. His stomach was nice too, but now my hands approached something more interesting. I felt the first few hairs of his bush, and noticed how his dick grew by the touch of my fingers. I turned him around and got down on my knees. The size of his dick was moderate, but it was so beautiful. I first let my tongue tease his dick-head for a moment, then I let the whole dick enter my mouth. He gasped, and I guessed that he might not have felt this sensation before. I started to let my tongue dance around his dick, but I didn’t appreciate just how untrained he was, so almost before I got started, I could taste the well-known taste. He had come. He said “I’m sorry”, but I didn’t mind, I just swallowed and I got back on my feet. I was still horny, of course, and before I could say a thing, he was kneeling in front of me, my dick in his mouth. Needless to say, he was no expert in the art of sucking, but sometimes knowing that the guy sucking is a novice is also a turn-on. So I just enjoyed his efforts for about ten minutes, and then signalled that I was ready to come, and pulled out of his mouth. He didn’t get up, however, so I shot a load over his chest and shoulder.

This was far more than I had expected from my little stay in Stavanger, so I was quite content. “You should get back to your mother, I guess”, I said after we had both showered off. He nodded. Then he said: “Please close the curtains properly from now on. If you want me to, I could come over tomorrow morning to check that you’ve remembered?” I nodded, smiled and gave him a good hug before he left for his mother.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Roskilde nude run

Tomorrow, there will be the Roskilde nude run.

Here are some videos from the previous nude runs:

I couldn't make it to Roskilde this year, so I'm afraid I'll just have to be naked on my own in Oslo... :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The soccer player

This story has been read through by the guy in question and approved - on condition that I don't give any more information on him or which team he's playing for.

Two years ago, I got in touch with a guy on gaydar. We chatted for a while, and I was intrigued. After a while, we had some cam2cam sex, and he was really an athlete. Nice chest, slim stomach and runner's legs. And a beautiful, shaved and uncut dick which seemed like 18-20cm on the screen and which he pumped energetically. At times, he used a cockring - which I find quite sexy on shaved men - and invariably, he came with big bursts that covered his stomach. However, he didn't show his face. I asked him several times, but he was quite adamant. Usually, I don't really like that kind of shyness, but in this case the body was so great that it made up for it.

After having cam2cam a few times, he sent me a message, saying that he would be coming to Oslo for the weekend, and wondered if I'd like to hook up on Saturday night. Of course, I said "Sure!", and invited him to my place. That's another thing I don't usually do - I try to meet people somewhere else the first time, but by this time his body outweighted my carefulness.

Five minutes before the time we had agreed, the doorbell rang, and I went to open the door. Surprisingly, I recognized his face immediately. After just a moment of confusion, I asked him "Ah, you're a soccer player, aren't you?" It turned out he was playing in Norway's top soccer league, and that he was in Oslo to play a game. I do watch soccer from time to time, and also can't help reading about it in the newspaper, so I have known his face for a while. Now, he was wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, as well as sandals that he left at the door. I was wearing just shorts.

I did offer him a drink, and he accepted it, but said that he shouldn't have more than one, as he was having a game on Sunday - that's why he was in Oslo in the first place. As we were having a drink, I got a closer look at him. Webcams can sometimes lie, depending on where the camera is places, but so far he didn't let me down. He was handsome. I looked at his shorts, and noticed that there was already a bulge. He seemed to be semi-erect already - and he didn't seem to wear anything under the thin, white fabric.

I told him how I, when I did some competition running earlier, used to choose shorts that revealed as much as possible, and asked if he had ever done the same. He smiled and told me that when he was younger, he used to play soccer with no underwear, but that a few times, he hadn't been able to avoid getting a hard-on, and that he didn't dare doing that anymore with cameras all around the field. "So now I only do that when I'm off the field", he smiled, and I couldn't help looking back at his shorts. The bulge was growing. "I always get my kit off as soon as I'm back in the locker room after the match, though", he said, "and it turns me on to know that there are cameras and journalists around me. I know some photographers have snapped photos of me - even when I've been semi-hard - but of course they can't print them. I guess they take the photos just for their own enjoyment..."

Just the thought of such a photo of this gorgeous guy in one of our major newspapers, turned me on, so I decided to get things moving. I asked if he liked to watch porn, and as he said "yes", I sat down next to him on the couch, and pressed "play" on the remote. By chance, I had put in a tape with a scene in which some guys are having a shower, and then one guy gets a hard-on, and the others can't help getting "inspired" by him. We were watching for a minute, and then he gently put a hand on top of my shorts to feel what was going on there. This speeded up the process, of course, so within seconds I was stone hard. I looked at him, and saw that his shorts were almost bursting from the hard-on inside. "I can see how this bulge would be hard to hide on the field", I laughed. I let his cock free, and at the same time I bent down to let my tongue loose on it. He shuddered with pleasure as I started to lick his head, and soon went on to work his shaft. I felt his hand exploring the inside of my shorts, and then started to jerk me off.

Sucking cock and being jerked off always turns me on, of course, but I noticed that this was special. Being jerked off by a well-known soccer player was a new experience, and the image of him playing soccer with a huge hard-on he couldn't hide, was continually on my mind.

We didn't watch the movie anymore, and decided to move over to the bedroom. We started doing a 69, and we were going at it "as usual" for a few minutes. Then I felt his hand grip my balls and cock. I understood what he was going for - his hand worked just like a cockring, and the way he pressed, I knew that there wouldn't be any cum escaping no matter what he did. At the same time, he kept sucking me, and this led me to the edge of an orgasm. Then he stopped for a while, and consentrated on enjoying my work on his cock. But soon, he was at it again, and still gripping around the base of my cock. I tried to delay my ejacuation, but I couldn't help myself - my cock tried to erupt, but his hand made sure that the cum didn't even enter the shaft. I jerked and jerked, but he just kept holding tight and to thrust my cock into the back of his mouth. Then finally, he withdrew from my cock, and loosened his grip, so that my entire load spurted onto my stomach and my chest. It was a powerful orgasm.

Without giving me a chance to dry off, he just turned me over in bed, quickly put on a condom and started to fuck me. He was very energetic, and the thought crossed my mind that this was a guy who was known to be able to run for 90 minutes without showing signs of getting tired. He was really pounding into me, and I was exhausted and just let him do the work. I don't know how long he went at it, but then I felt a burst filling the condom, and he fell down on me. The weight of his body and the feeling of having his cock inside me, was a great end to the evening.

He had to go very soon after this - apparently, he didn't want to be seen out late the night before a game, because the media had a tendency to cry out over such behaviour. However, his "training session" at my place would never get out. On Sunday, I watched the game on TV, and tried to see if he was semi-hard inside his shorts. I think he was, but I may have been fantasizing...

Luckily, Oslo and the area surrounding it has four teams in the top series, so he's coming to Oslo at least four times a year. We always meet the day before the match, and are having a great time. And after every match this team has, I look through the newspapers online carefully to see if I can see him, semi-erect, in the background in a locker room photo...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The unexpected third person

I've described that after staying at a nude beach for a few hours, I tend to find a place in a shadow to have a break from the sun, and often fall asleep. Almost every time, probably due to the breeze and to the company, I wake up with a raging hard-on. As it's quite obvious to everybody that I've been asleep, this usually doesn't create a fuss, only stares.

Once in the summer of 2006, however, there was a guy who stared even more than usual as I was waking up. As I quickly realized that he liked what he saw, and we were both at the very end of the beach, I didn't cover up or turn over as I do when there are someone a bit less eager around. Instead, I just put on my sunglasses, found a magazine and pretended to read. However, I saw that he kept staring, and as he was staring, he got a hard-on, too.

I've forgotten to describe him... He was beautiful. He was around my age, with a typical "Nordic" look (blond, light-skinned, uncut) and with a swimmer's body. This was in the early weeks of the summer, so he didn't have much of a tan, but I did notice that he had no tan line. Moreover, he had no body hair - he had obviously shaved. (I like to have a bush around my cock, myself, but I also enjoy seeing shaved cocks - and to think of the attention he has given it.)

I liked what I saw, and started considering my options. I wanted to go to his place or get him to my place, and judging from our erections, we both wanted the same thing. Just walking over to another guy at the beach often feels a bit too intrusive, so usually I just go for a swim, smiling to my "target" as I pass. That worked this time as well - I walked to the water (managing to keep my dick in only a semi-erect state so as not to be too conspicious), and he followed within a minute.

"Have you been here long today?" he asked, and I answered that I arrived about one o'clock. "Wow", he said, "I have only been here for two hours, but I have to go back home soon." "By bus?", I asked. "No, I have a car here. I could give you a lift if you need to get to town." "Sure, that's very kind", I said, knowing that I really, really wanted to go with him, "where do you live?" It turned out that he lived near Frognerparken, not too far from the subway going to my student residence, so I told him (as I would have anyway), that he could just drive to his place and I could walk from there.

We got up, put on some clothes (I noticed that he was going commando under his short shorts - the same way I was), and walked towards the parking lot. As he sat down in the driver's seat, his dick was peeking out of his shorts. He didn't notice (or pretended not to), and started driving. However, very soon, he got down to business - with a surprising twist: "If you want to, you could also come in and have a beer or something - our balcony has a very nice view." There was one word there I didn't exactly like: "Our?" "Yes, my girlfriend and I." I started to plan an excuse not to go there, but he started explaining: "You see, she doesn't mind that I bring home gorgeous men - as long as she's not left out of the fun."

Wow - that was plain speaking. And I had to think quick. Here was this charming and dream-like guy, who I'd been turned on by from the first moment I saw him, indicating quite clearly that there might be sex. Should I abstain from him just because I didn't particularly want his girlfriend to join us? I just said "That's cool" and smiled.

Their apartment turned out to be in the top floor, with a great view of Oslo, and even better: with no balconies looking into it. And his girlfriend was on the balcony, lying naked on a sun-bed, smiling when she saw me: "Hi, I'm Julie", she said. "Robert, can you get him something to drink. You can sit here," she pointed at a chair. "Feel free to undress if you want to". This would surely be interesting. Of course, I undressed, and soon Robert returned from the kitchen, already naked, and with three gin and tonics. I had a sip, and noticed that it was a bit stronger than I was used to. Robert and Julie was sitting next to each other, opposite me, and with no discretion, Julie put her hand gently in his lap, touching his cock. This had an instant effect on both him and me, and again we were erect. She asked "Do you like photography?", and as I nodded, she continued: "You see, we like to ask our guests to take photos..." She got up, and was back within ten seconds with a Canon. I started to try it out by taking photos of them, and realized again what a great couple they were - both very beautiful, well trained, obviously open-minded and charming. Julie started to kiss Robert, first on the mouth, then on the chest and nipples, then on the stomach - all the time I was clicking away. And then she went down to his dick, first just letting the head into her mouth - exploring every point of it with her tongue - then let it in deeper. I kept taking photos. But suddenly she turned around, and started to suck me instead. I was confused - I don't normally get sucked by women - but seeing that this turned Robert on very much, turned me on even more. And she sure knew how to suck. Now, Robert took the camera away from me, and started to shoot. While sucking me, she managed to gesture that I should sit down on a mattress on the floor, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back while she kept going. Then she stopped, and all of a sudden she was sitting on top of me, ready to be fucked by me. Again, I didn't know what I should think for a moment, but she moved expertly up and down while Robert was clicking away on the Canon and still having a stone hard cock. Moreover, it was also under the sun and I love that. Therefore, I stopped worrying about the sex of the person I was fucking, and instead concentrated on doing it properly. We switched positions several times, and I kept holding back to keep the fun going for a little while longer, but eventually I couldn't help it any more, and shouted "I'm coming", and shot a big load inside her. Robert didn't seem to mind at all - instead, he moved in closely to get the perfect shots of the cum-covered dick being withdrawn from her pussy.

I was exhausted, but that didn't really matter, it seemed. Now, Julie took the camera, while Robert turned me on my stomach with force. I understood what was coming, as his cock hadn't had much fun yet. But it was only now that I realized there were leather handcuffs nailed to the wall at the end of the mattress. I could surely have fought my way out of the position, but chose to let him put them on my arms, meaning I was stuck to the mattress face down. Then he was on top of me, putting a finger covered with lube into my ass. Being satisfied that the amount was right, his erect dick followed. I had been looking at that dick for hours now, and had liked its size, but it didn't feel as good when he was entering me. The pain was immense. However, he didn't really mind that, and after a little while, the pain got less relevant - there is always a point at which I stop caring about the pain, and instead just enjoy the knowledge that I'm tied up, being fucked, and having nothing to do about it. This time, there were the additional bonuses: we were outdoors, and his girlfriend was still around with the camera.

I have no idea how long this lasted, but finally I felt his load filling me up, and he stopped moving and instead was lying still on top of me - keeping his dick inside of me.

It was getting dark as he got up and untied me. We got back into our chairs. Then they pointed out that my dick was stiff again, and asked me to jerk off for them. After this amazing evening, I was only thinking of sex, and didn't have to think twice. I started jerking off, with this couple in front of me. He was soft now, after having fucked me for so long, but he clearly liked what he saw anyway. She held her arms around him, but didn't take her eyes off my cock. Again, the whole situation was almost too crazy, and I didn't have to work it for long until I had another eruption.

On my way out, I got to know that even though this had been amazing, they had a rule of only inviting each guy once. They were in it for the thrill and wanted it to be unpredictable, not to have a "fuck buddy". So even though I've seen Robert at the nude beach a few times (and almost immediately getting hard without wanting to), I haven't been invited again.