Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finding a real-life mate on the net

I'm sorry for not writing in a while - but one does have to live as well, to get something to write about... :-)

I do spend a lot of time looking around on the internet, but rarely do I find the homepage of someone I've previously had sex with. That happened to me a time ago, when I stumbled upon Queerjames' blog. In one of the posts, he had a photo of himself, and I thought I recognized him from a boating trip the year before. He answered that he wouldn't mind meeting me again - and also suggested that I should blog about the boat trip where we had met. (His photo seems to be gone now, but he also links to his Gaydar profile, where there are a few, and he also left a photo in my guestbook.)

I'll certainly write more about the boat trip later - we were seven or eight guys who got naked as soon as we could, and when we found a place to anchor the boat that seemed a bit deserted, we all got to the fun part. Actually, queerjames was occupied with other people most of the time, and I was having fun with some really cute ones, but in the end I ended up sucking him, and he came in my mouth. But as I said; more about that later.

The point right now is that we decided to meet. I believe it was in the middle of June, and we've been enjoying the summer in Oslo ever since that. It's not that we want regular boyfriends or anything, it's just that we have similar interests and have had so much to explore together - beaches, camping, lakes... It's been great and sexy.

Of course, I'll tell all about it later - in more graphic detail. This small note was just to tell why I havent' had the time to write much lately...


Andreas said...

I did a little search - is this the same guy that has an xtube profile as queerjames?

If so: you're lucky!

Jo Kristian said...

Sure, that's him! I hadn't seen his profile there. Nice pics...

Anonymous said...

I'm an old (yep.. that meaning too) Internet buddy of James. So I've seen his xtube profile (and elsewhere).
But what I'm curious to know if YOU have any pics anywhere - you must have succumbed to the urge to put some photos of yourself on the Net (even if they are not nude ones).
Just being curious... but not malicious. I'll understand if you reject this request.

Jo Kristian said...


As I wrote in a posting a bit earlier, I'm not entirely sure what may be somewhere on the net, but I've been very careful for a while. This has to do both with professional and family relations.

Of course, there is always a fantasy of being watched by hundreds or thousands of people online, but for me that fantasy is overshadowed by the practical consequences - sadly. But on the other hand I have lots of fun being watched in other circumstances - where being "caught" by family or people from work is rather unlikely.