Sunday, August 31, 2008

James and I playing

As I've mentioned before, I've been hanging out with a guy called James a lot this summer. Due to some personal circumstances, he's stopped blogging, but he's been turned on by the idea that I'd be blogging about our adventures.

We're both into the exhibitionist thing, and we have explored the idea that there are things that two guys could get away with that one guy could not - for instance, a single man might be considered a pervert if he's running naked from his tent to the lake to have a swim, while two guys doing it might be considered "playful". One guy opening the door for the pizza guy in the nude could be reported to the police, while a guy opening the door with a nude guy walking past in the background, would be considered forgetful at most. (I may be writing more about this later, as the face of the pizza man clearly suggested that he would like to see more. We found an excuse for him to come back to the apartment at the end of his day of work...)

The most successful little thing we did, however, took place at the end of the night. The two of us had been partying together with a few new acquaintances, the pub we'd been to had just closed and we were eight guys passing by the town hall in the middle of town. James had just said something about still being hot, and I took the cue and "attacked" him and threw him into the little fountain next to the town hall. Playfully, he got back up and ran after me, and got a few of the other guys to help him to throw me into the fountain as well. By now, both of us were dripping wet, and our t-shirts and white shorts - with no underwear, had turned transparent. By now, the rest of the guys also wanted to join the fun, but they removed their t-shirts and shorts (or trousers) to have a little bath in their briefs or boxers. James and I also threw off our t-shirts. I already thought this was quite sexy, but our drunk friends didn't stop there - they started fighting for each other's underwear. Of course, James and I enthusiastically joined the fight, and as we were quite happy to lose our shorts, we were not as defensive as some of the others... By the time most of us were totally nude, there were at least ten people gathered around the fountain, watching us. And of us, at least two were starting to get hard-ons...

At this time, two police constables arrived. They seemed quite amused, actually, but nonetheless asked us to get dressed and get going. At least one of the constables watched carefully as James and I were putting on our still-transparent clothes.

This had been fun, but now we had the problem of what to do next. All of us were dripping wet, so happily the solution came quickly - one of the guys had an apartment only ten minutes away, so we were invited there. This was one of the warmer nights of this summer, so it wasn't a problem to walk in wet clothes - and people we met were looking and pointning, as the clothes evidently still didn't hide anything.

When we got to the apartment, of course everybody immediately shed their clothes. The "host" gave us towels so that we could dry off, and then everybody sat down in the living room. We didn't know what the sexual orientation of the other guys were, but I thought that if we were lucky, we could have some fun anyway. It didn't take long before I noticed that one of the other guys was having a semi-erection. I caught James' eye, and signalled what I'd seen. We seemed to understand each other: if this guy was sitting there with his erection all alone, nothing would happen. But it didn't take long for the two of us to get semi-hard either, and then the alcohol they'd consumed made the rest of the guys forget whatever inhibitions they might have had.

Soon everyone had a hard-on, but didn't seem to know what to do with it. I decided to take a chance, and started to touch my dick quite slowly and almost discreetly. James started doing the same at the other end of the living room, and this showed everybody that this was okay. The first guy who had a semi-erection was also the first one to follow suit, and then, slowly, the rest of the guys also started jerking off.

At this point, everything was easy. Another one of the guys said: "Hey, it's better to have someone else's hand do it", and signalled that everyone should jerk off the guy to the right. Everybody seemed to like this idea, and so I had the hand of a greatlooking, 20-yearold jerking me off, while I was jerking off the huge dick of a slightly older guy who I had earlier in the night learned was an accountant. I was very much turned on by this, of course, but I also wondered if we could get so far that these guys would even give each other a blow job. In my mind, this was certainly not something that James and I could just start doing - there would be too much scepticism. However, the guy currently jerking off James - who was also the first one to get a semi-erection, was clearly enjoying everything very much, and seemed willing to do anything. So when James shifted his position just a little to put his dick within reach of the mouth of this guy, he grabbed the chance. Then James waited for maybe a minute before he turned over and started sucking the guy on his other side. Again, this set off a nice domino effect - the guy who was sucked felt how wonderful that was, and didn't think he could do anything less to his mate on the other side. Of course, there was some shuffling of feet and bodies to make sure that everybody could both be sucked and suck at the same time, but within a few minutes, we had managed even that.

The sensation was wonderful. Of course, I almost couldn't move, as I didn't want to disrupt the guy who was - very amateurishly - trying to suck my cock, at the same time as I was eating the big pole of the cool accountant. However, the quality of the sucking was not the real issue, as just the idea of what a little nudging could do for guys we hadn't known even ten hours earlier, was mind-blowing. At the same time, I decided to give the accountant an experience to remember, and made every effort to get him to - and keep him on - the verge of orgasm. Then, after a long, long time, I knew he was coming soon, and I decided to stop blowing him and going back to jerk him off. Within two minutes, his sperm was shooting across his stomach and chest. He groaned so loudly that everybody understood what was going on, and one by one, everyone else also came within a short time. Actually, I was the last one to come - and everybody had leaned back, exhausted, but watched as the unskilled guy next to me was trying to get me to come. I'm not sure he would ever have managed if we were alone, actually, but the situation and the eyes of all these guys made it for me. "I'm coming", I said, but he didn't seem to want to hear. I said it once more, but he just kept licking and sucking, so I had no choice but to shoot my load directly in his mouth. I heard a slight "wow" from one of the guys, as my friend didn't stop licking till there was nothing left to lick...

There was a certain tension after everybody had come, as two or three of the guys seemed to have second thoughts, and they gathered their clothes and got going. The rest of us actually slept around in the apartment, but went each to our places in the early morning. I'm sure at least two or three of these guys are game for a three-, four- or fivesome or something again, if they're invited. I've certainly kept their phone numbers, for use on some winter day when there's nothing fun to be done outdoors. It'll be fun.

As I mention, James and I have been doing small stunts all summer. Most of the times, people have just laughed and walked on - leaving us to have fun on our own (which has also been good). However, in lucky circumstances, you will come across a bunch of guys who can be "guided" into a kind of fun they didn't know they liked. I'm sure James and I will do more attempts later...

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andreas said...

I must admit I find this story unbelievable. Such thing could never happen.

...but at the same time, I see that being two guys to nudge events in the right direction may be a lot more effective than being only one.

Good luck on new adventures...