Thursday, July 17, 2008

The shower window

In the early summer, I was staying in a friend’s apartment for a few days. It was in an old part of Stavanger, but the apartment was quite nice. What I noticed quite quickly, however (I have an eye for things like this), was that there was a big window in the bathroom, with a view of the other side of the backyard. This was probably all a result of a renovation of the apartment in which the size of the bathroom was increased.

Obviously, there were curtains, but I decided to open them, and to see what kind of view the neighbours would get. It was just great – the bathroom didn’t have a shower of its own, but you could have a shower standing in the bathtub, and while having a shower, I could get a nice view of several windows outside. And what’s more important – they would be able to see me, at least from my head to my knees…

I’m easily turned on, so I get turned on just by knowing that someone might see me – even if I have no idea if someone is actually seeing me. So the first time I showered there, I actually got a hard-on just by knowing that I was on display. I was in a hurry for a meeting, however, so I didn’t have the time to do anything more.

On the morning after, I was up quite early, and it was still dark outside. As I stepped into the shower, however, I noticed that there was light in a window opposite mine. I also thought that I saw something moving, but as I started showering, the light was turned off, and I couldn’t see anything any more. The light being turned off could of course mean that someone was watching me, so this turned me on. I decided to give a bit of a show, so I made a point of massaging a lot of soap on my chest and then on my (now erect) cock. I didn’t want to jerk off, however, as I didn’t know what their reaction might be.

Another day went by, and next morning I was going to have another shower. I took off my clothes, and again noticed that there was light in the window opposite me. There was also light in the window next to it. I went into the shower, and again got an erection, and again I was about to apply plenty of soap. Then the doorbell rang. Who could this be at this hour? I put a towel around me, and went to open the door. Outside was a cute guy, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and he was looking embarrassed. I also noticed that he shot a glance at my towel. “My mother sent me over…”, he said and then hesitated. “She wants me to tell you that as your curtains are not shut, you can be seen showering from our apartment across the courtyard.” He blushed and I was intrigued. I looked at him again, and noticed that he was 19ish, with a well-formed body. I decided that I had to make a small move. “Oh, I didn’t know,” I lied, “I thought the window was too high for that. Could you show me where your apartment is?”

I opened the door for him, and he seemed to welcome the suggestion. I showed him into the bathroom, and he said “Ah, I see. If you’re standing on the floor, I guess we wouldn’t see…” He blushed again, and said “…all of you”. I smiled and said “But you can when I’m in the shower?” and he said, “Yes, and my mother would like you to close your curtains.” I closed the curtains, and asked him if I could now go on showering. “Yes,” he said before he knew what he was saying, so I pulled off my towel and went back into the bathtub. As I had guessed, he didn’t leave. He just stood there and stared at me, too long for him to pretend to be uninterested. My cock was semi-hard, and he had his eyes on it. I asked: “Want a shower?” and his lust got the better of him. He pulled off his t-shirt and his shorts, and joined me in the shower.

He was a slim guy, and as I was covering him with soap, I noticed that his chest was firm. His stomach was nice too, but now my hands approached something more interesting. I felt the first few hairs of his bush, and noticed how his dick grew by the touch of my fingers. I turned him around and got down on my knees. The size of his dick was moderate, but it was so beautiful. I first let my tongue tease his dick-head for a moment, then I let the whole dick enter my mouth. He gasped, and I guessed that he might not have felt this sensation before. I started to let my tongue dance around his dick, but I didn’t appreciate just how untrained he was, so almost before I got started, I could taste the well-known taste. He had come. He said “I’m sorry”, but I didn’t mind, I just swallowed and I got back on my feet. I was still horny, of course, and before I could say a thing, he was kneeling in front of me, my dick in his mouth. Needless to say, he was no expert in the art of sucking, but sometimes knowing that the guy sucking is a novice is also a turn-on. So I just enjoyed his efforts for about ten minutes, and then signalled that I was ready to come, and pulled out of his mouth. He didn’t get up, however, so I shot a load over his chest and shoulder.

This was far more than I had expected from my little stay in Stavanger, so I was quite content. “You should get back to your mother, I guess”, I said after we had both showered off. He nodded. Then he said: “Please close the curtains properly from now on. If you want me to, I could come over tomorrow morning to check that you’ve remembered?” I nodded, smiled and gave him a good hug before he left for his mother.

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