Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beach sex with an audience

It's been more than a year since my last blog post. I've almost forgotten the blog altogether. But when I was turning on my computer today, I realized I do have stories of sex to tell...

Oslo had an early summer two weeks ago. I grabbed a towel and went to Bygd√ły's nude beach as soon as I had finished work. It was quite crowded at the main nude beach (Huk), but I did find a spot for my towel and me, and I enjoyed it a lot. But after a while, I got tired of crowd and headed for the more secluded gay nude beach, "Homolulu".

I was surprised to see that there was not one single person on this beach. Of course, mid-May is not a time for Norwegians to go to the beach, but still it was a surprise. I went down the path to the beach, walked over to the end and enjoyed the calm and quiet there for a while.

After a few minutes, a small sailboat with two or three guys and a girl or two on board anchored near the beach. I didn't particularly mind that - in fact, as I closed my eyes to rest some more, I found it rather cool that I was on display to these guys, and as I fell half-asleep, I felt my cock getting hard.

The only sounds I heard, was the voices of these people, being carried over the short distance of water. I didn't understand all they said, but got the impression that they were talking about this nude beach and, in particular, this nude guy with a boner. But then I heard footsteps on the beach. I had to make a quick decision - to be seen flaunting my erection deliberately, to turn round and hide it or to pretend to be sleeping, giving the impression that I'd gone hard in my sleep. I chose the last option. The footsteps got closer, and slowed down. As the sound came from less than two metres away, it stopped entirely. For a number of seconds I could feel his eyes examining me, taking in the sleeping body, the young and healthy erection. I guessed that he would see the natural beauty of the pure and uninhibited arousal next to the rocks and the sand. Then he moved on, but no more than three steps, and I heard him arranging his towel and things, and the sound of him undressing. He evidently wanted to stay close to me - either to watch or to do something else.

The difficult part is to "wake up" in a believeable way. I didn't have to worry about that, though, because suddenly there was a big noice as one of the guys on the boat fell aboard - it startled me, and I raised my head from the sand and watched the boat. Then I turned my head to the side and saw this guy for the first time. He was looking at me from a distance of about two metres - with blue, beautiful eyes. He was 20ish, with a great body, blond, curly hear and a raging hard-on. I did what felt natural to me - I smiled. He smiled back. He seemed to hesitate, but then apparently decided what to do. He moved his towel even closer to me, and grabbed my dick.

This was surprising. The "Homolulu" beach has a nice, rocky area where people usually go when they want to have sex. Having sex in plain view of the rest of the beach (even if empty) and of the boat is usually not done. But any protests my mind might design was quickly forgotten: My body enjoyed desperately the warmth of the sun, the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the sensation of a cute and handsome guy touching my dick and my awareness that the guys in the boat had front row tickets to a show they had not imagined.

"Raise up", he said quietly. That was the only way we could possibly be more visible, but I didn't object - I got to my feet and leant against the massive rocks. I could clearly see that at least one of the guys in the boat had stopped what he was doing and was staring in my direction - and I could feel my new friend, sitting on his knees in front of me, letting his lips enclose my dick.

I didn't last long - I couldn't get out of my head that the only thing between me and these five people in the boat was the head of the guy who was giving me a blow-job. Moreover, he did a hell of a job, so before long he could sense that I would be coming. He pulled away from my dick, but not more than that my cum would hit his face. I came in big bursts, looking out into the Oslo fjord, with a small sailboat and five faces.

Of course, I wanted to return the favor, so we switched places and I started to enjoy the sweaty and salty taste of his medium-sized dick. But after only a minute, he whispered "Someone's coming" and I understood from the sound of his voice that it wasn't him... Very quickly, he was lying on his stomach, hiding his gorgeous boner from view, while I didn't think quickly enough, so I got down on my back, with my still semi-erect and partly wet cock in plain view. Of course they must have seen us before we saw them, and the smiles on their faces confirmed that. They found a place a little bit away from us, but still close enough that any further oral exercises would had to include an invitation to them - and that was a bit more than what I was prepared for at the moment...

After a while I packed my stuff and headed back home, knowing that there will be more opportunities for beach fun as the summer unfolds...