Thursday, September 18, 2008

The university toilet

I'm still following courses at the university, and therefore spend a lot of time at Blindern (the campus of University of Oslo). Today, I went to one of the larger toilets to pee. On my way in, I exchanged a long glance with another guy who was apparently having the same plan. He was blonde and beautiful, about my age and about my height. He went into one of the cabins, and I decided to go into the one next to his.

In many of these toilets, there are holes in the wall - even though the university tries to repair the walls as soon as someone makes new holes - and there was a hole between my cabin and the one of this other guy. I didn't want to peek, however (I never want to be the first one to do that) so I just pulled down my trousers and briefs and had a piss while I tried to figure out what was going on on the other side of the wall. I didn't have to think of that long, however, because suddenly I saw a pair of knees on the floor - obviously meaning that the guy was now on his knees to get a good view through the hole. I was finished peeing and was already turning hard, so I turned towards the hole, and started to jerk off.

At first, I imagined that it was his eyes that was on the other side of the hole, but then I realised that there was a small flash from time to time. He must have found his cell-phone and started to take photos of me! Of course, this only turned me on more, so I spread my legs a bit more and leant against the wall opposite him and kept pumping my cock. At the same time as I saw flashes from his camera, I kept hearing people coming and going outside, and I knew that it would be possible to hear what I was doing if anyone listened carefully enough, and it would be possible to see what I was doing if anyone bent down a little to look at the position of my legs.

I came in a tremendous burst, and lots of small drops of cum turned up on the floor in front of me. I felt like giving the guy on the other side an extra treat, so I sat down on my knees, so that my face was about level with the hole, and looked into the tiny cell-phone lens as I slowly licked my fingers clean. I couldn't help noticing that the cell-phone was jerking, however, and I soon realized why - within seconds, small drops of cum had arrived on the floor from the other side of the wall as well - just a few drops close to the wall, but a sure sign of what had happened on the other side of the wall...

I cleaned up the mess and walked out of the stall. As I was washing my hands, the face of this guy turned up in the mirror next to mine. "Oh, I have to run - could you give me your number so we could meet and study a little later?" he said - obviously trying to sound as if we were long-time study mates who just happened not to have given our numbers to each other before. Of course, I gave him my number, but I'm not sure any of the guys around us fell for his camouflage...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The tourist in Oslo

One of the warm, lazy summer days in Oslo, I had agreed to eat dinner with a friend downtown, but for some reason I arrived in the centre of Oslo about three hours early. I decided to do as so many others: enjoy the sun on the lawn in front of Stortinget (the Parliament building). I took off my t-shirt, and lay down on the ground and just rested for a while.

It was great to do nothing, just look at the sky, the people around me, the buildings. On the pavement nearby, I saw a tourist with a camera, and I noticed that he was pointing the lense in my direction. As any reader of my blog will know, I didn't mind this at all. Quite to the contrary, in summer I often dress to make sure that people see me - this time I was wearing a pair of quite short denim shorts. I was wearing them low, to show off my slim body as much as possible. In addition, the legs of the shorts were wide enough to provide tantalizing opportunities for people wanting to look. As usual, I had no underwear.

I kept looking at the tourist, who was a handsome guy in his early 20s. He was obviously focusing on me now, walking around the lawn to find the best possible angles. I kept eye contact, but realized that he wouldn't be approaching me without being nudged, so in the end I signalled that I wanted to talk to him. He seemed surprised, but came over. Before I had a chance to say anything, he said, with a French accent, "I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind that I took a few photos?" "A few?", I asked and laughed, "it must have been a hundred." He seemed worried, but I went on "Don't worry - my only regret is that I didn't bring my camera to take photos of you..."

He was obviously relieved - he must have thought that I would be angry with him for being photographed so thoroughly. He handed me his camera and said "Maybe you could take my photo here?" I took his camera, rose up and shot a photo of him with the parliament behind him. He was very cute. "Maybe one without the shirt?", I asked, and of course he let go of his polo shirt. His torso was beautiful - not that of a man who works out every day, more a natural, slim but still defined body. I shot a few more photos.

I was searching my mind for a way to keep things moving - he was obviously intrigued with me as I was with him, but I didn't see any obvious way forward. But then luck struck - the camera was out of battery. "The battery symbol has appeared", I said. He looked surprised - "already?" he said. "Okay - so we can't take any more photos..." But then he seemed to realize something and said "But I have another battery that I'm charging in my hotel room over there" (he pointed in the direction of Grand Hotel, the hotel right next to Stortinget - I couldn't believe my luck), "If you don't mind, we could go up to check if it's ready?" Of course, I nodded and went with him.

He did actually have another battery up there, and as soon as it was in the camera, I asked if I could photograph him in his room. He readily accepted. I asked him to stand by the window, then to sit in the chair, then to lie on the bed. I guess we both knew where we were going, so when I asked him if he could open the button on his shorts, he did without hesitating. Then I didn't even have to ask him to open his zipper, and then he threw the shorts on the floor. He still had a pair of briefs on - certainly too small to hide the considerable bulge. He seemed both embarrassed and proud at the same time, and I tried to catch that look on his face - and then, just as I wondered what to say to make him pull down the briefs, he did. His cock was erect, slim and long. By now, I guess he wanted me to stop worrying about the camera, but I wanted to do one more thing: I asked him to go to the window. I took a few photos with his erect cock in the foreground and the centre of Oslo in the background.

He reached for the camera and asked me to get down on the bed. I still had only my small shorts on, and he asked me to spread my legs so that he could get some nice photos of my balls. Then, without further ado, he undid the button, opened the zipper and pulled off my shorts.

Now he was in charge. He put the camera away, got down on the bed and started working on my dick with his mouth. It felt wonderful, but right now I was in the mood for something else, so I asked "Do you have condoms here?" He opened the drawer in the bedside table, and I saw he had a pack of Norwegian condoms (five left of a pack of ten) and a bottle of lube. He went down on all fours on the bed while I put on the condom. Then I put lube on the condom, as well as on a finger which I softly prepared him with. I didn't want to waste too much time on this, however, so I quickly entered him.

I don't know about you, but I think the "quality" of "bottoms" varies tremendously. There are the people who don't move, of course, who are quite boring. Then there are the ones who moves rhythmically, but never seem to get in the same rhythm as me. This guy, however, very quickly showed that he was a very active bottom. And while I often try to enter a guy carefully to avoid hurting him, here I couldn't do that - he more or less thrust his ass towards me so that I was deep inside him earlier than I expected. Actually, the whole thing combined the physical sensation of fucking with the feeling of being fucked by someone. I loved it.

Then, he decided to switch positions. He made me lie down on my back, and sat down on my dick. He started to jerk off while at the same time riding me. I was looking at his beautiful dick that was shooting up and down in tune with my cock and his ass. Then, surprisingly, he came - a spurt of sperm shot across my upper body and created a pool between my nipples, and the view of his sperm, his dick, his sexy body - and of course his still more powerful moves - made me come. A huge load entered the condom, and he kept moving up and down just long enough to get me to the edge of pain - then he lay down on top of me and kissed me.

By this time, my friend was already waiting for me in the restaurant, so I only had time for a very quick shower before I headed out of the hotel room. I asked if I could see him again, but he was heading back for Paris on that very night. I kissed him goodbye, but never even got his email address. It was only later in the evening that I remembered that I would really, really like to have the photos - both the ones of me and the ones of him...

But of course, if I ever go to Paris and have a rest on a lawn there, I will be looking out for guys with cameras.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fiction: The holiday (part 1)

I want this blog to be a real blog, filled with real-life experiences. However, from time to time I hear stories from friends that trigger my fantasy - and I would like to share these with you as well. Therefore, I will from time to time include fiction stories in this blog. Hope you don't mind. Today's story is based partly on what a friend told me about a holiday he went to a couple of years ago.

There had been lots of problems with the holiday before travelling from Norway. It had been Tore who had asked Fredrik to go to Gran Canaria with him, and when Fredrik had accepted (mostly because he fancied Tore quite a lot), Tore had ordered the plane tickets and the hotel. However, only a week before the trip, Tore had broken his leg, and decided not to go. But he did persuade a colleague - Nils - to take his place, and even though Fredrik didn't like this, he wanted sun and parties so much that he went along with it.

The plane was supposed to leave Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) on Sunday morning, but the plane was delayed a lot of times, and finally left at 6 in the evening. This left many hours in the airport to get to know Nils, of course. Fredrik liked Nils, but he was a bit worried about spending a week with a sexy and smart guy who showed no sign of being gay. Would there be complications? Well, there could be no complications on the first day - it was spent drinking beer at Gardermoen and in the plane, then taking a taxi to the hotel and falling into their separate beds.


They woke up, had breakfast in their room and then decided to check out the swimming pool in the hotel. They were actually the first ones to come, so they got nice chairs next to the pool and sat down to enjoy the sun. Everything was just perfect, and then... a naked guy arrived and jumped into the pool! Nils looked surprised, to say the least. "What kind of hotel is this?", he asked Fredrik. Fredrik had to struggle not to stare only at the guy in the pool, "I have no idea, Tore organized everything", he said. "I'll go and talk to the manager", Nils said, clearly upset.

Fredrik got only five minutes or something to enjoy the view of the swimmer, before Nils came back, clearly unhappy about everything. "It's a nudist hotel", he said. "A gay one. I said that I wanted to move to another hotel, but the manager told me that the hotel was pre-paid for a week, and we wouldn't get any money back." He hesitated. Fredrik was surprised - so this was what Tore had planned for Fredrik and himself. A pity that Tore had broken that leg... "Let's go to town for a while", Nils demanded, and Fredrik decided it was best to do as he wished.

Fredrik and Nils had a long talk while in town, and Fredrik had almost persuaded Nils that it wouldn't do him no harm to stay at the gay nudist hotel. "Well, at least noone will hit on me as long as you are around", Nils had said and laughed. Before going out to have dinner, they had a little walk around the hotel. They saw, to their surprise, that there was a small gym area where two guys were working out in the nude. Fredrik also noticed that even though their room seemed to have a view of some trees, the path from the pool area to the street gate actually went just behind the trees, so that anyone coming and going had an excellent view of their room.

When they got back from dinner (and a few beers) it was so late that they already wanted to go to bed. With the curtains still open, Fredrik undressed right in front of the mirror, and then lay down on the bed. "You're not going to wear anything?", Nils asked, seeming almost embarrassed, but Fredrik just laughed it off with some comment about "doing as the Romans". But he noticed that as Nils undressed to his briefs, there seemed to be a small bulge in them. So Fredrik wondered if this might not be an interesting week after all.


On Tuesday morning, Fredrik and Nils discussed what to do, and decided that a day at the pool would be nice. They went up to take the same chairs as the day before. It wasn't long before the area was full of nice-looking men, mostly naked. Fredrik enjoyed the view, but kept his shorts on, trying to show some solidarity to Nils. After a while, he went for a swim, and when he got back to his chair, he pulled off his shorts and sat down naked. Nils pretended he didn't notice, but it was so unsuccessful that he had to turn over on his stomach to avoid everyone seeing his hard-on. Fredrik pretended that he didn't see, and kept looking at the other guys instead. And after a few minutes, Nils said quickly that he wanted to go and have a walk around the town, while Fredrik preferred to stay at the pool, knowing that he would have better luck flirting with other guys when Nils was gone.

There was a guy who had been looking over at Fredrik several times, and soon after Nils had gone, he approached Fredrik. "Hi," he said, "'s that your boyfriend?" "No," Fredrik laughed, "I don't even think he's gay". Fredrik told him how Nils had ended up here, and both of them laughed. Then this guy asked "You want to go to the jacuzzi?" Fredrik had noticed, of course, that there was a jacuzzi in the pool area, but as he prefer swimming to sitting down, he hadn't given it much thought. Now, however, he saw what the point of it was. He quickly said "Sure", and walked over there.

He sat down in the jacuzzi while this guy was turning it on. He hadn't said his name, let's call him "Julio". He looked Spanish, had black hair, was tanned and had certainly worked out quite a lot. And he had a thick cock. Fredrik saw that quite clearly when Julio was getting into the jacuzzi, passing his dick within centimeters of Fredrik's head. "He sure knows what he wants", Fredrik thought. As soon as Julio was in the water and mostly covered in the bubbles, Fredrik felt a hand on his thigh. Julio looked at Fredrik, and as Fredrik certainly didn't object, he went on to put his hand on Fredrik's cock. By this time, Fredrik was already semi-erect, and Julio's hand certainly helped. Fredrik searched for Julio's dick as well, and found it quite soon. Already, it was much bigger and harder than what he had seen seconds ago.

Even though Fredrik and Julio tried to jerk each other off as discreetly as possible, of course everybody in the pool area understood what was going on, and paid careful attention to every move and sound that came from the two. A few of the guys were getting hard. Fredrik of course was very much aware that there were people around, and being jerked off by a beautiful stranger outdoors in the sun made him very, very horny. To avoid coming far earlier than Julio, he had to try to think of other things, but evidently, the thoughts returned to the solid dick that he was jerking. After just a little while, Julio's whole body showed that he was on the verge to orgasm - and he was also moaning. Fredrik kept jerking him off and felt the burst of sperm coming. By this time, it was impossible for Fredrik to avoid coming as well. He stretched out his legs, forgetting that this meant that he would raise his body above the level of the water - and he came violently over his stomach, with Julio seeming very happy that he got to see this from the distance of a foot or two...

It suddenly felt very strange to be sitting in a jacuzzi, naked, with sperm covering parts of his body, in the middle of several men who had just witnessed him coming. But there was nothing to be done about it, Fredrik just got up and walked over to the shower by the pool, feeling all eyes upon him. As Fredrik finished showering and sat down in his chair again, a guy asked him from across the pool area: "Did you arrive yesterday or something?" "Sunday evening", Fredrik answered. "And you're staying for a week?" Fredrik nodded. "Good", the guy said, and several guys seemed to agree. Fredrik smiled...

As Fredrik and Nils were getting to bed at night, Fredrik repeated the routine from yesterday - without closing the curtains, he stripped off completely and lay down on his bed. As Nils had finished brushing his teeth, he stripped down to his boxer. Then he looked at Fredrik, and apparently made a decision: he stripped off even that. Fredrik saw a beautiful dick, and realized that he had fantasized about it. "You're not going to wear anything?", Fredrik asked. "No, I guess I'll just have to get used to being nude", Nils said. And as Nils turned off the light, Fredrik thought that Nils might want to get used to several other things as well before this week was over.

To be continued

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The hesistant skinny-dipper

A posting at Performing Males reminded me of a very nice experience a few years ago. I was visiting a friend (Martin) when what had been a cloudy day suddenly turned into a much nicer day. We had been planning to stay inside playing some board game, but when another friend (Paul) turned up with a car and asked if we wanted to go to the nearest lake, we jumped into his car at once.

We were halfway to the lake before I realized what was happening: Paul obviously had been planning to go to the lake, so he had brought swimwear. Martin was wearing shorts that were probably okay for swimming. I, however, was only wearing jeans - and not even with any underwear underneath. It would NOT be cool to stay out of the water while they were swimming, so I asked "Ehm, do any of you have a pair of shorts to spare?" "You didn't bring one?", Paul asked. Martin said, "Well, you can always swim in your underwear." I said "Ehm" again, and Paul asked "You're not wearing underwear?" Paul and Martin both laughed at this, but at least Martin offered me the solution I wanted: "Well, we could go a bit away from where the other people are - so you could swim in the nude". Peter grinned: "Maybe 10 metres or something..."

The two of them obviously thought this was very funny - and so did I, even though I didn't know to show it too clearly. We got to the lake, parked the car and walked for a few minutes to get away from the crowd. We could hear people almost all around the lake, and the path around the lake was quite close to the spot they had chosen, but at the moment there was noone to see, so I dropped my jeans and jumped in with them.

We had lots of fun for a long time, and had "fights" in the water. There were people passing by from time to time, but nobody seemed to notice - or at least not care - that I was swimming in the nude. But I did think it would be even better if we were naked all three, so I said something about how nice it felt to be swimming in the nude. Surprisingly, it didn't take long before first Peter, and then Martin, pulled off their shorts and threw them ashore. So now everything was perfect - I was skinny-dipping with two great-looking and funny guys.

I guess we were all tired of being in the water and wanted to get up when suddenly two girls appeared next to our clothes. They happened to be from our class, and was evidently very intrigued by seeing three of their class-mates naked in the water. Anna and Mona really enjoyed the situation, and sat down on some stones and asked if we were planning to stay in the water for long. The three of us kept swimming around a little - and Martin and Paul evidently didn't mind being watched as long as the blurring water was between their dicks and the girls' eyes. But they whispered to me "What should we do? We're NOT getting up as long as they're there."

I don't know exactly why I acted the way I did. Partly, I wanted to help my friends "in need". Partly, I wasn't worried about being seen naked by girls. And partly, I was turned on by everything. Anyway, what I did was to say "Leave this to me", and without further fuss, I just swam towards the girls, went up from the water, and - without in any way hiding anything - picked up my friends' shorts and threw them out into the water. Then I went over to my jeans and put it on.

This day had several good effects. The story about our plight spread all around school, and everybody seemed to think that I had been brave. I also noticed that the girls had spread the word that I was very well endowed - which is always a nice image to have. And moreover, swimming in the nude seemed to get more popular among my friends after this - maybe just from the fact that it was talked about more...

Apparently, all of us felt it had been a memorable day. Sorry that there was no sex in this story - but sometimes just being naked in public is good enough, at least for me...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the shower with James

I wrote yesterday about some of the things James and I have been doing this summer - almost as "research" on what two people can do that one person can't.

Often, this has just been tiny things while we were actually doing something else. For instance, we have been going to the gym together, just to have company. However, often I tend to get semi-erect when I'm showering at the gym, and I find it interesting to see how others react. Almost everybody tries to pretend that they don't see it, but some get problems keeping their own dicks down. Of course, I've had to behave as if nothing at all is happening.

This summer, when James and I have been showering at the same time, we have often both had semi-erections. The effect has been significant. When people are entering the shower, they notice one of us. It seems that they're almost turning to the other one for reassurance, but when they see that there are two quite good-looking guys having semi-erections in the shower, they do one of two things: some are staring hard into the wall for their entire shower, trying to imagine that the two of us are not there, while some are taking the fact that two men are having semi-erections as a sign that erections in the shower are ok - so they're not even trying to stop their own cocks getting hard.

At most, I think we were seven people in the shower at one time, of which two were staring into the wall while the other five were having different degrees of erections...

We haven't pushed our luck at the gym, though - we just found it cool to be the cause of such a display of manhood - in an environment in which most people are so eager to hide their erections...

We've also been to different lakes in the forests around Oslo this summer. The effect there has been cool as well. For instance, we came to one lake one evening and planned to camp there for the night. There was already a guy there, who had obviously been swimming and was lying on the ground. He was wearing shorts, but we still saw enough of his body to see that he looked great. We put down our stuff a little distance away from him, undressed and went for a swim. Then we went back up, towelled down and started putting up our tent - without putting on any clothes. It seemed, amazingly, that our presence had suddenly turned the lake into a clothing optional place, because the next time he went swimming, he left his shorts on the ground...

James and I lay down to rest a little after the long walk, but it didn't take long before we were talking about something sexy, I guess, because we both started to get erections. Obviously, the guy in the water realized this - we noticed that he was looking in our direction a lot. We were not entirely sure what to make of this before he came back out of the water - then we could see that he was hard as well. Cool...

We didn't know quite how to bring things further, though - after all, this was a lake which was quite close to a path, so other people might turn up at any moment. So we decided to play it safe and go into our tent. We left the "door" (zipper) wide open, though. We started to fondle each other, but kept looking out to see if the guy was as interested as we thought. He was - it didn't take more than two minutes before he was standing by the lake right in front of our tent, "by chance" looking right at us. I got a good look at him - he was our age, well built, probably Indian or Pakistani by origin, and with a very nice, big cock that was pointing at us. He didn't move, so he seemed to like what he saw. James was giving me a hand-job, but after a little while he decided to let our audience take part in the game - it took just a simple nod of his head for the guy to approach the tent and join us.

I know that I may seem careless when it comes to STDs and these things, but usually I'm quite rigorous, so we did have condoms in the tent. I put one on, put on lube, and James signalled for our guest to stay on his knees (the way he came in) and to get ready for me. I tried to finger him, but realized that he was relaxed and ready, and that I wouldn't have any problem entering him. So before even saying a word or touching any other part of him, I made my way into him.

Of course, I was turned on by the situation - both by having sex with a total stranger (with James) and by still having the "door" of the tent open. And James also helped. Of course, the tent was quite crammed, but he found a way of positioning himself so that he was on his back, his dick in reach of this strangers' right hand, while at the same time James could play with the strangers' cock. I can't say it was comfortable, but it worked. I thrust my considerable cock inside the guy, and he made noises that must have been recognizable all around the lake, and when finally I came inside him (but in the condom), it didn't take him long to come all over our sleeping bag.

It would have been awkward to have much of a chat after this, so it was quite okay that the guy just got up and left when we were finished. This left me having to take care of James' needs, of course, but I was quite happy to do that... And it was a successful attempt at proving that two guys can do quite a lot to change a situation...