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Fiction: The holiday (part 1)

I want this blog to be a real blog, filled with real-life experiences. However, from time to time I hear stories from friends that trigger my fantasy - and I would like to share these with you as well. Therefore, I will from time to time include fiction stories in this blog. Hope you don't mind. Today's story is based partly on what a friend told me about a holiday he went to a couple of years ago.

There had been lots of problems with the holiday before travelling from Norway. It had been Tore who had asked Fredrik to go to Gran Canaria with him, and when Fredrik had accepted (mostly because he fancied Tore quite a lot), Tore had ordered the plane tickets and the hotel. However, only a week before the trip, Tore had broken his leg, and decided not to go. But he did persuade a colleague - Nils - to take his place, and even though Fredrik didn't like this, he wanted sun and parties so much that he went along with it.

The plane was supposed to leave Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) on Sunday morning, but the plane was delayed a lot of times, and finally left at 6 in the evening. This left many hours in the airport to get to know Nils, of course. Fredrik liked Nils, but he was a bit worried about spending a week with a sexy and smart guy who showed no sign of being gay. Would there be complications? Well, there could be no complications on the first day - it was spent drinking beer at Gardermoen and in the plane, then taking a taxi to the hotel and falling into their separate beds.


They woke up, had breakfast in their room and then decided to check out the swimming pool in the hotel. They were actually the first ones to come, so they got nice chairs next to the pool and sat down to enjoy the sun. Everything was just perfect, and then... a naked guy arrived and jumped into the pool! Nils looked surprised, to say the least. "What kind of hotel is this?", he asked Fredrik. Fredrik had to struggle not to stare only at the guy in the pool, "I have no idea, Tore organized everything", he said. "I'll go and talk to the manager", Nils said, clearly upset.

Fredrik got only five minutes or something to enjoy the view of the swimmer, before Nils came back, clearly unhappy about everything. "It's a nudist hotel", he said. "A gay one. I said that I wanted to move to another hotel, but the manager told me that the hotel was pre-paid for a week, and we wouldn't get any money back." He hesitated. Fredrik was surprised - so this was what Tore had planned for Fredrik and himself. A pity that Tore had broken that leg... "Let's go to town for a while", Nils demanded, and Fredrik decided it was best to do as he wished.

Fredrik and Nils had a long talk while in town, and Fredrik had almost persuaded Nils that it wouldn't do him no harm to stay at the gay nudist hotel. "Well, at least noone will hit on me as long as you are around", Nils had said and laughed. Before going out to have dinner, they had a little walk around the hotel. They saw, to their surprise, that there was a small gym area where two guys were working out in the nude. Fredrik also noticed that even though their room seemed to have a view of some trees, the path from the pool area to the street gate actually went just behind the trees, so that anyone coming and going had an excellent view of their room.

When they got back from dinner (and a few beers) it was so late that they already wanted to go to bed. With the curtains still open, Fredrik undressed right in front of the mirror, and then lay down on the bed. "You're not going to wear anything?", Nils asked, seeming almost embarrassed, but Fredrik just laughed it off with some comment about "doing as the Romans". But he noticed that as Nils undressed to his briefs, there seemed to be a small bulge in them. So Fredrik wondered if this might not be an interesting week after all.


On Tuesday morning, Fredrik and Nils discussed what to do, and decided that a day at the pool would be nice. They went up to take the same chairs as the day before. It wasn't long before the area was full of nice-looking men, mostly naked. Fredrik enjoyed the view, but kept his shorts on, trying to show some solidarity to Nils. After a while, he went for a swim, and when he got back to his chair, he pulled off his shorts and sat down naked. Nils pretended he didn't notice, but it was so unsuccessful that he had to turn over on his stomach to avoid everyone seeing his hard-on. Fredrik pretended that he didn't see, and kept looking at the other guys instead. And after a few minutes, Nils said quickly that he wanted to go and have a walk around the town, while Fredrik preferred to stay at the pool, knowing that he would have better luck flirting with other guys when Nils was gone.

There was a guy who had been looking over at Fredrik several times, and soon after Nils had gone, he approached Fredrik. "Hi," he said, "'s that your boyfriend?" "No," Fredrik laughed, "I don't even think he's gay". Fredrik told him how Nils had ended up here, and both of them laughed. Then this guy asked "You want to go to the jacuzzi?" Fredrik had noticed, of course, that there was a jacuzzi in the pool area, but as he prefer swimming to sitting down, he hadn't given it much thought. Now, however, he saw what the point of it was. He quickly said "Sure", and walked over there.

He sat down in the jacuzzi while this guy was turning it on. He hadn't said his name, let's call him "Julio". He looked Spanish, had black hair, was tanned and had certainly worked out quite a lot. And he had a thick cock. Fredrik saw that quite clearly when Julio was getting into the jacuzzi, passing his dick within centimeters of Fredrik's head. "He sure knows what he wants", Fredrik thought. As soon as Julio was in the water and mostly covered in the bubbles, Fredrik felt a hand on his thigh. Julio looked at Fredrik, and as Fredrik certainly didn't object, he went on to put his hand on Fredrik's cock. By this time, Fredrik was already semi-erect, and Julio's hand certainly helped. Fredrik searched for Julio's dick as well, and found it quite soon. Already, it was much bigger and harder than what he had seen seconds ago.

Even though Fredrik and Julio tried to jerk each other off as discreetly as possible, of course everybody in the pool area understood what was going on, and paid careful attention to every move and sound that came from the two. A few of the guys were getting hard. Fredrik of course was very much aware that there were people around, and being jerked off by a beautiful stranger outdoors in the sun made him very, very horny. To avoid coming far earlier than Julio, he had to try to think of other things, but evidently, the thoughts returned to the solid dick that he was jerking. After just a little while, Julio's whole body showed that he was on the verge to orgasm - and he was also moaning. Fredrik kept jerking him off and felt the burst of sperm coming. By this time, it was impossible for Fredrik to avoid coming as well. He stretched out his legs, forgetting that this meant that he would raise his body above the level of the water - and he came violently over his stomach, with Julio seeming very happy that he got to see this from the distance of a foot or two...

It suddenly felt very strange to be sitting in a jacuzzi, naked, with sperm covering parts of his body, in the middle of several men who had just witnessed him coming. But there was nothing to be done about it, Fredrik just got up and walked over to the shower by the pool, feeling all eyes upon him. As Fredrik finished showering and sat down in his chair again, a guy asked him from across the pool area: "Did you arrive yesterday or something?" "Sunday evening", Fredrik answered. "And you're staying for a week?" Fredrik nodded. "Good", the guy said, and several guys seemed to agree. Fredrik smiled...

As Fredrik and Nils were getting to bed at night, Fredrik repeated the routine from yesterday - without closing the curtains, he stripped off completely and lay down on his bed. As Nils had finished brushing his teeth, he stripped down to his boxer. Then he looked at Fredrik, and apparently made a decision: he stripped off even that. Fredrik saw a beautiful dick, and realized that he had fantasized about it. "You're not going to wear anything?", Fredrik asked. "No, I guess I'll just have to get used to being nude", Nils said. And as Nils turned off the light, Fredrik thought that Nils might want to get used to several other things as well before this week was over.

To be continued

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