Friday, July 18, 2008

What the postman brings

I notice that many of the stories I’ve told you, start in the same way: I’m naked in some situation or another, and then some people turn up who happen to be interested. This happens to happen quite a lot – at first, I’m naked in a totally harmless situation, where it’s just “chance” or “forgetfulness” or “carelessness” which makes others see me. Then, when a guy shows interest, things may go further.

This is not the only way these things go, however. Sometimes, I’m the one who happens to see someone else.

After my first year at university, I needed money. As I was staying in Oslo anyway, I took a summer job as a postman – delivering the mail to people in the afternoon. Already on my first day at work, I had an interesting experience. I came to a house which had its mailbox fixed to a fence. Actually, the fence was a bit lower where the mailbox was than everywhere else, and as I approached the mailbox to put the mail in, I could see over the fence, and looked directly through the living room windows and at a naked guy who was standing there. I was surprised, and quickly looked away and got on with my route. After all, it was none of my business to look into other people’s homes. However, I couldn’t get the image off my mind – I saw that the guy might be almost double my age (I was almost 19), but he had a great body… And I loved nudity, after all…

The day after, I was interested to see if anything similar would happen. When I came to this house, I had made up my mind that I would get a clear look at him. I approached the mailbox, looked in the direction of his living room windows – but saw nothing. I was a bit disappointed, but only for a second – I gave a start as I saw he was sitting, completely naked, on his terrace. Again, I guess this could not be seen from the street due to his high fence, but it could certainly be seen from where I was. Now, I noticed that he was nicely tanned – all over. It was also difficult to ignore his dick (even if I had wanted to) – it was semi-erect, and looking very tempting. I still couldn’t know his age, but I could see that he was working out, his arms and feet were nice and strong. And he had a beautiful face, reminding me of Marcus Schenkenberg… I just nodded as a way of greeting him, and went back to the car to get on with my route again. And again, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In particular, I wondered if he sat there because he wanted to be seen – and whether he had noticed that I had actually been looking for him in his living room. And above all, I knew that I needed to see him again…

On the third day, I was lucky. There was a large and heavy package for him – which I knew was too big for his mailbox. The routine in such cases was to put a note in the recipient’s mailbox with the information that the package should be collected at the post office. However, if I was in doubt, I was supposed to bring the package to check if it fitted in, so no one could actually blame me for bringing it to his house. And if he was there, at least I had my chance to talk to him. I didn’t know what would happen, but talking is always a start.

He was almost at the end of my route, and this day I decided to change the route a little to make him the very last one. I just hoped that he would still be outside – after all, it was another beautiful day. As I arrived there, I approached the mailbox, and saw that he was lying on his back on a sun bed. Again, he was semi-erect. He looked up when he heard me walking towards the mailbox, and I nodded. Then I said “There’s a package for you here – it’s too big for your mailbox.” I had hoped that he would come walking – naked – to the fence to get it, but instead he said something better, “Oh, thank you! Do you think you could bring it to the terrace?” Of course I wanted to do that, so I just said “Sure” and went to get it.

I don’t know exactly what I was thinking as I was carrying the package from the car to his house. I was certainly excited, but I didn’t know what the intentions of this guy were. I knew that he didn’t mind being naked in front of the postman, but what else didn’t he mind? And I knew that I looked good, being a sporty young man in my white shorts and a tight t-shirt. (I shed the post office uniform as soon as I got in my car – I couldn’t stand it as long as the weather was good.) But even if he fancied to have some fun – what pretext could I find for getting rid of my clothes, or he for approaching me? And would I really dare to do anything?

It turned out it was all much simpler than I had expected. As I approached the terrace where he was lying with his considerable cock pointing to the sky, I couldn’t stop my own cock from mimicking him – all the thoughts of what could possibly happen had made me hard. Thereby, I got a bulge that I couldn’t control. Of course, I could easily hide it as long as I was carrying the package, but I knew that as soon as I put it down, it would be very visible. (Not wearing underwear under these thin and loose shorts didn’t help, either.) This thought didn’t help, to put it mildly. When I finally got to the point of putting the package down, I was sporting a raging hard-on, and he must have spotted it immediately.

“Thank you for bringing that big package all the way to my terrace”, he said, and obviously I understood which package he meant. “Are you in a hurry, or could I offer you a beer as a way to thank you?” A beer couldn’t hurt, so I told him that his house was actually the last one on the route, and that I would be happy to have a beer with him. “Okay, I’ll get a cold beer inside”, he said, “and as you see, it’s perfectly possible to get an all-over-tan on this terrace, if you prefer that.” That invitation was very clear, and he had managed to make two innocent-sounding comments which still made his intentions clear. Now I had to make up my mind what to do, but I always tends to go for what feels right in the moment, as long as there is no imminent danger. So of course I started undressing the moment he went in to get the beer. Maybe two minutes later he was back with a beer for each of us, and by then, I was sitting naked in a chair. I had managed to concentrate on the periodic table (of chemistry) for about 20 seconds (one of my small tricks to think of other things than sex for a moment), which had been enough for my erection to shrink to a semi-erection. However, this didn’t last long.

“I’m happy that you’re not afraid of nudity”, he said, “I find that I’m never as happy as when I’m naked.” He opened the beers and offered me one. “Cheers to that,” I said. He asked me if I ever went to nude beaches, and I told him that I often went to the nude beach at Huk – but also just to nice lakes in the forests north of Sognsvann. He looked at me and said (I know it’s lame, but it worked): “You’re really a beautiful guy. You could be a model.” I laughed and said “Do you mean in porn?” He laughed as well, and said that I would certainly be a great porn model as well. Then he told me a story about how he had tried his luck in the porn business some ten years earlier. I don’t remember the details now, but I remember vividly how his story made my cock go back to its fully erect state. As he saw that, he hardened as well, and it was fascinating to hear stories from his short career in porn while looking at his tool of that trade.

Then he told me about the favourite scene he’d done: he was in a “sling” while four men where taking turns fucking him. I pretended to be ignorant, and asked “what’s a sling?”, without really knowing how he’d use this question. He said “Oh, I can show you – I have one in the basement. Do you want to see?” I said “Sure”, and down in the basement we went. He explained how it worked, but I had genuinely never seen a sling quite like that, and kept asking how it was possible to hang like that – wasn’t it uncomfortable? As I was asking these questions, I did understand where they would lead me, but I didn’t worry. Of course, he offered me to try, and soon, I was hanging helpless in this sling, still with a raging hard-on. “Actually, I can do what I want with you now”, he said, and I felt a bit uncertain. “I have two more questions for you now. If you want to leave, tell me now. If you want to play safe, tell me that. Otherwise, I’ll pretty much do what I want and you will only be set free when you say the word “postman”.” Again, I just had to think for a moment to know what I wanted. I had read about things like this, but it was amazing to me to be in such a situation so suddenly. Part of my brain told me that it would be safer just to get home, but I knew that I really wanted this. My cock told me as much. I told him that I understood, and that I wanted to play safe.

From this point on, my “master” was changed. He didn’t ask me anything anymore. He just did what he wanted. At first, he found a dildo and started to fuck me with that. He didn’t use any lube at first, so it hurt quite a lot, but at the same time, my erection just got harder. Then, as I got used to this dildo, he removed it for a little while, and that felt great. However, right afterwards, he held another dildo in front of my face. He smiled. This one was far thicker and far longer than anything that I had ever had in my arse, that’s for sure. This time he put on a lot of lube, but still it felt terrible as he was pushing it in. Now, he noticed that there was precum on my cock, and he leant over me to lick that off, before going on to work on the monster dildo. Of course, the sense of his tongue on my dick only worked as a little teaser, making me want him to suck me, but that was not what was on his agenda right now. He kept pushing the dildo in, and finally, it had gotten maybe halfway in. At that point, he secured it with some kind of wire system to the wires holding my arms, meaning that it could not get back out, only further in. Then he walked over to the other end of me – my head – and let me start sucking his dick. However, as he was steadily moving in and out of my mouth, the dildo was moving steadily in and out as well, making it feel as if I was gently fucked by a giant.

This lasted for a while, but then he went over again, released the dildo, and pulled it out. Then he put a condom on his dick and started to fuck me. Obviously, this now felt as a relief after the huge dildo, even though he was still pushing his long dick far into me. In my position, I couldn’t really do much, so I just hang there as he was fucking away – and he came after maybe ten minutes of this. I felt tired and sore, but this was not the end of it. Instead, he found the huge dildo again, and managed to put it back in. Now, however, he kept pushing it, rhythmically, with one hand, at the same time as he started to suck my rock-solid cock. The pain from the dildo was almost too much, but at the same time, it gave wonderful feelings which made me feel hornier and hornier. Then, I suddenly burst, and I shot a huge load – and kept shooting repeatedly. He didn’t withdraw, and kept “fucking” me with the dildo and kept sucking for at least a minute. Then he stopped, and then released my feet and finally my arms. I was so tired that I just sat down on the floor.

I kept delivering post to this address for the entire summer, and quite a few times I made sure his house was the last one on my list. Not too often, however, as it took me a couple of days to recover from every such session. And every time anyone asks me if being a postman wasn’t terribly boring, I just smile…

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