Sunday, August 30, 2009

The photographer

Right at the start of the summer, I went to the movies with a friend of mine (Tom) and another one of his friends. As we chatted after the movie, he mentioned that he wanted to be a photographer. "Actually, I'd like to learn to be a nude photographer," he said, "but there aren't many eager models". Tom looked at me and said "Well, Jo is a naturist, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind modelling?"

The "photographer" told me that that would have been great, as he was just starting out and wanted someone to experiment with. He didn't want to publish them or anything, he just wanted to work on his technique, lighting etc. So eventually, I agreed.

We decided that I would come over to his place the next weekend. He had a small apartment, but was obviously serious about his photography, as the equipment filled almost every space. We chatted a little at first, and he told me that he didn't really have much planned, he just wanted to see what he could do instinctively. So I undressed, and he started to take photos. As you know, I love being at the center of attention, and we had fun for a while.

It was getting hot in his tiny apartment with all the lamps on, so after a while, he threw away his shirt. I joked and said that I hoped he would undress further, but he didn't answer. Instead he said just "Could you get a hard-on?" I looked at him questioningly, but the only answer was a click from the camera. So I put a hand on my cock and touched it gently as my cock stiffened. He smiled - and took more photos. I removed my hand from my cock, but then he ordered me: "Keep jerking off!" So I went on jerking off, looking straight into the camera.

Once in a while, he went over to adjust a lamp or move it from one place to another, so I didn't actually jerk off for more than two or three minutes at a time. But in all, it took quite a long time. Every time I would think that I might be approaching something, he got occupied by something else for a minute, and I had to wait. Then it took a few minutes to get anywhere.

"Lie down on the bed", he ordered, and I got down on my back and kept jerking. Now I knew I would be coming, and I looked into his lense as I raised my hip up into the air, and he was clicking frantically as the cum splurted out over my stomach. Then, when it was over, he said: "Stay put! I'm not finished". Again, he quickly adjusted all his lamps, then got down on his knees next to me to shoot close-ups of my dick and the sperm covering me.

Then, as he had shot what he wanted, he pointed me to the bathroom and said that I could have a shower if I wanted. He himself went straight over to his computer to start transferring the photos from the camera. I had a quick shower, and then said goodbye and went back home.

And the strange thing is I haven't heard from him since. It was an interesting experience - it seems he was actually genuinely interested in the technical challenge of capturing the whole thing on film, and not as interested in the actual sex. While he never suggested that there would be anything else, I was still a bit surprised that he would show so little interest in me as a human being...

And then - as always when I'm photographed in the nude - I wonder whether the photos are safe or if they will somehow find their way online. So far, I haven't even seen them myself, so I guess he's keeping them to himself...

Monday, August 24, 2009

London sauna

Kelly has asked me when I will update you on my adventures this summer.

Well, it's been busy, and it still is, so I'm not sure when I will get into a good habit of updating my blog more often.

This summer, I've been a trip to London, and that was great. One night, I decided to go to a gay sauna, and I chose Chariots Shoreditch. I don't often go to saunas, mostly because I don't like the feeling of paying to get naked and have sex. London doesn't really have a lot of nudist places, though, so a sauna seemed like the right place to go.

I'm used to being the youngest guy in the room when I go to saunas - and I quite like that. That usually ensures that I will get some attention. I also tend to be carrying my towel over my shoulder instead of covering my cock with it. I really don't see the point of covering up at a gay sauna. I know some saunas have theoretical rules stipulating that you should keep the towels on (in the most public areas), but I've never had anyone complain. I've had people staring, though.

I started out in one of the jacuzzis, where two guys were already sitting. They were not particularly slow - I could feel a hand on my cock after maybe 20 seconds in the water. Of course, my cock got erect quite soon, but I thought it would be quite silly to be jerked off already, so I got up and went to the steam room for a few minutes. As I entered the sauna (which was not particularly hot, by the way), I got the attention of three of the men. Two of them must have been in their early thirties, while the third may have been in his mid-forties. Not bad-looking, any of them. They were looking quite interestingly at my erect cock.

You know how I feel when people stare at me, so obviously I couldn't help starting to jerk off a little. I was looking around the steam room. In the back, a guy was sucking another one. Otherwise, there was no action. Then a guy in his late twenties entered the steam room, saw me sitting there and immediately sat down right next to me. He seemed a bit perplexed, but I just kept jerking off, and with my left hand, I loosened his towel. He was a good-looking guy with a great, "normal" body and a cock quickly stiffening. I took hold of it with my left hand, and soon he took over my cock with his right hand. So now we were sitting there jerking each other off, with three people watching. That's what I like...

We went at it for maybe ten minutes, but then we both came and shot big loads onto the floor. The guys watching us had started jerking off themselves, but instead of watching that, I joined my new friend when he headed for the showers, and we soaped each other in.

I stayed at the sauna for maybe two hours more, mostly just resting in the jacuzzi, watching others having fun - as well as watching others watching me. A sauna is great fun at times - especially when there are no real alternatives...