Monday, November 17, 2008

In the gym with James

I'm settled into my new apartment, and has already had great times there - not the least when James visited. That was an exhibitionistic night to remember - and I'll surely tell more about it later.

Later in the week, however, James and I went to the gym again (see an earlier post), and what happened there is certainly worth a post, too.

We had talked on facebook about what opportunities we had. Of course, in the locker room we could get semi-erect and observe the reactions of others, and in the gym we could wear different kinds of revealing clothes. There's also a pool which gives interesting opportunities, and a sauna where the heat makes everybody particularly "vulnerable". In fact; once people start getting a hard-on in the sauna, they have nowhere to hide - several times have a semi-erection on my part given others raging hard-ons, often leading to them leaving the sauna blushing...

But in this case, most of the fun was in the gym. It started in the locker room, though. James and I chose lockers far apart - pretending to be strangers. Already while James was undressing, I noticed another guy watching him closely. This guy was our age (early 20s), maybe even 19, and he was obviously a regular guest here, judging by his beautiful body. James, on the other hand, is slim, which only makes his dick look even bigger than it is. Just as James took off his boxer, he decided to fill his bottle with water, so he crossed the room - our "new friend"'s eyes following him. James got back, and found his favorite gym shorts in his bag. The gym shorts are perfect - it has no inner brief, but it is exactly long enough to hide everything as long as you are standing up. The moment you sit down, however, your jewels are clearly visible. James put on his shorts, t-shirt and shoes and wandered out into the gym. "Our friend" followed immediately. I waited for a moment before joining them. While waiting, I saw that "our friend" had the name "Nils" written on his gym bag - so I'll stop calling him "our friend"...

In the gym, James was on a bicycle doing a little warm-up cycling. I watched his shorts, and saw that they didn't really show much the way James was cycling. I also noted that Niels had sat down behind James and was cycling also.

After maybe ten minutes of cycling, James went over to a biceps trainer. He sat down, and started pushing. Niels also stopped cycling, and seemed so interested in James that he wanted to find a machine nearby - so he walked towards James' direction. It was funny to see his reaction the moment he noticed that James' cock was partly on display - he almost stopped walking, and couldn't keep his eyes away for at least ten seconds. Then he quickly got to his senses, and sat down on the closest machine there was. I was watching from the bikes, but even from a distance I could see that Niels was having problems keeping his cock down.

James obviously knew what was going on, and decided it was time for some fun. Instead of moving on to the machine next to the one he was using, he decided to move to the one furthest away. Again, he sat down, and Niels almost immediately followed. As he walked through the entire gym, the bulge was very noticeable, but apparently he couldn't stay away from James.

Of course, James couldn't keep being this bad, so the next few machines he chose were also in the same area, so Niels could keep watching without having to flout his huge bulge for everyone to see. And after a little while, there was a moment when James and Niels were the only people in that area, and that was when James decided to lie down to do a little bench press. Of course, his cock was already half visible, and it only took a tiny slide down the bench to get it fully exposed. Even from my position I could see the semi-erect beauty. Niels must have had a very good view - and he actually completely stopped doing whatever he was pretending to do in his machine, and just stared.

I guessed that this would be the end of this part of the fun, so I went into the locker room, which happened to be empty. I undressed. The timing was perfect, I had just undressed completely when James arrived - again closely followed by Niels. It was time to see Niels' erect dick. To make it a bit less embarrassing for him, I let my dick rise a bit as well - that was not very difficult after all that I had seen. So just as Niels was about to undress, he had the guy he had been watching for half an hour on his one side, undressing, and another stranger, sporting a hard-on on the other. So obviously he didn't have a chance of getting his cock limb again. And, on the other hand, he might think it didn't matter much either, as I was showing off...

I started to get very intrigued about how far we could possibly do this. I decided to be brave, so as I got into the shower, I started applying soap all over my body. So just as James and Niels entered the shower, I was soaping up my still erect cock. Of course, James took my cue, and also hardened up at the same time as he let his fingers work his torso and then his cock. Niels, of course, also applied his soap. By then, what my fingers did was much closer to jerking off than to anything else. Niels seemed in doubt for a split second, but then his erection got the better of him, and he started to jerk off, too. James didn't even start jerking until Niels was already well underway.

I would have wished to end this report by telling about wonderful cum all over the place, but instead we suddenly heard sounds from outside. For some reason, the guy who entered the locker room decided to look through the round window in the door to the showers. I turned quickly towards the wall, and James was also quite fast - while Niels was a tiny bit slower. It's impossible to say what the face in the window actually saw - he may have seen two guys showering innocently and one guy jerking off, but I don't know that for sure.

Niels finished his shower, towelled off very quickly and hurried off. James and I were a bit slower, but agreed that we had had enough "public" fun for one evening and headed back to James' place - where we had a great time. We couldn't help thinking of Niels once in a while...

(And Niels, if you read this: I hope you had a good time - and if you want to go to the gym with James and me again, just let me know...)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Just a very short note to mention that I'm now on facebook. Would be cool to see if many of my readers are there - feel free to add me... :-)

Jo Kristian Nilsen's Facebook profile

Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you ever had a hard-on...

I liked the results of this month's poll: they showed that the readers of this blog are adventurous people, who are not afraid to let others enjoy the sight of their hard-ons. Only five percent of the people who answered had never had a hard-on in any of the situations I suggested...

in a shower with people you didn't know 179 (56%)
on a beach 200 (63%)
while being photographed 106 (33%)
in photos that you've posted online 75 (23%)
in videos that you've posted online 32 (10%)
at a naked party 75 (23%)
with more than 10 people present 106 (33%)
naked, in a car, on the motorway 141 (44%)
(none of the above) 17 (5%)

Votes so far: 315
Poll closed

Do you have any ideas for a new poll? Please let me know by adding a comment!

The new apartment

Winter is approaching, and that normally means far fewer opportunities for nudity - usually I'm only naked at home and when I'm at the gym. Of course, at the gym I can always get an "unintended" hard-on, but other than that, there is not much happening.

However, I have been looking for a new apartment for a while, as the one I've been renting so far has been a bit too far from work. Three weeks ago, I finally found the perfect one, and this week I moved in. What's so perfect about it? I'll tell you:

The new apartment is only a ten minutes' walk from the centre of Oslo, and only fifteen minutes from my office. Even more important, however: it is on the ground floor, with windows to a moderately busy street, and with a bedroom window facing the backyard.

I'm sure most of my readers have seen the implications of this already: I have made sure to put up white and very light curtains. This means that as it gets dark outside (which it does at about five o'clock nowadays), people on the street can see perfectly well what goes on in my apartment. I undress as soon as I get home from work, and enjoy my nudity for hours before going to bed. People who like what they see, can of course pass the window as often as they like - people who don't like it, can't really complain (it's not their business what I do in my own apartment, after all...)

When I finally go to bed, I go to my bedroom. As I haven't closed the curtains in advance, I have to do that. After all, I wouldn't want people who pass my window on their way across the backyard to their apartments to see me, would I? (And I can't be blamed if they happen to see me for the short while I close the curtains...)

Already, I have noticed people walking surprisingly slowly past my living room window, and I'm laughing loud by the fact that the rent is actually lower on this apartment than on the ones higher up in the building. For an exhibitionist, this is the perfect one...