Monday, April 25, 2011

Sex in the gym

Finally, I met James again. He has been unapproachable for the longest of times, but yesterday he sent me an sms after reading a tweet of mine, and we decided to meet today. Originally, we were hoping to meet at a nude beach or something, but we ended up going to his gym ("Sats") instead.

Going to a gym with James is always fun. First, of course, we change into the training gear. As usual, we had semi-erections and watched the reactions of the other guys there. There were two guys whose reactions were very visible, and who seemed to be torn between wanting to watch us and to hide their boners.


But this went fast. The actual training took longer. Today, I was wearing loose gym trousers with nothing underneath. This is not so obviously exhibitionistic, but the bulge is quite visible to those who look - and extremely visible as the cock gets stiffer. There are always people around who appreciates a good bulge, and who tends to choose their apparatus based on the view they get. James, on the other hand, chose his gym shorts with no underwear - giving the opportunity for direct peeks. The climax of the training was at the weights - he was on his back on a bench, lifting weights while spreading his legs for everybody around to see. I, on the other hand, did my lifting standing, with my boner making a nice tent. At one point I almost feared that we put people in danger, as one of the younger guys (perhaps 18) seemed to have trouble lifting weights in a safe manner at the same time as he was staring at James, then at me, then at James...

When we felt we had lifted enough and showed enough here, we headed for the showers. Of course, the 18 year old also suddenly decided that he was finished. For the last part of the training James and I hadn't talked or in other ways made it obvious that we knew each other, and we also chose showers not next to each others. (new readers of thos blog may not know that in Norway we cherish our communal showers that are everywhere, in schools, swimming pools and gyms...) Thus, the young guy ended up between us. We started showering, and within two minutes, James was hard. He faked embarrasment and turned towards the wall, but was of course very visible from where the young guy was standing. At first, he was watching James, and I could examine his beautiful body which was slim but with just a little muscle in the right places. And a wonderful butt. He stared, but didn't want to become too hard, so after a few seconds, he turned towards me. At which point it was very helpful that I was already semi-erect. Seeing my cock in that way didn't help him. At this point, I turned away from the wall, making my gradually hardening pole visible to the whole room (comprising of just two other guys, actually, but that didn't really matter). Knowing that this guy was by now very turned on, I shut off the shower and walked over to the opposite wall to collect my towel. I wrapped it around me and headed for the sauna. Of course, James would follow in two minutes' time, but I was hoping that the young guy would follow first.


I was lucky. James told me afterwards that the guy was so anxious to get into the sauna to keep watching that he had walked across the room with a raging boner. Of course, I noticed his bulge as he was entering the sauna. I had chosen a place to the very right on the top benches, he chose to sit on the left side. We were the only people there (today was a beautiful day, so not that many people chose to train indoors), and when James entered, he sat down next to me.


Time for some more theater. I opened my towel so that James would see what was there, but not the young guy. Discreetly, James extended his hand towards it, and started to touch it. Quickly, he was jerking me off so rhytmically that the young guy must obviously have understood what was happening - and to make sure he didn't miss much, he moved closer. Now, I used my left hand to loosen James' towel, and got hand of his cock. It felt just as I remembered it from so many times before - hard, strong and warm. I started working on him. At this time we were of course staring at the entrance of the sauna, as any new people entering would put a quick stop to our lovemaking. But we were lucky, noone entered. The young guy, however, moved still closer. At this point, James reached out for the young guy's towel as well, maneuvred his hand into it and started to feel his cock gently. The young guy was sensitive, probably not believing what was happening to him, and he didn't last very long. He quickly moved his towel to the side to let James get better access, at the same time giving me a better view. He had a moderately-sized dick, but straight and beautiful. And within two minutes, he shot a huge load over his chest. By this time, James and I were also ready, and shot our loads as well.

We quickly dried off our sperm with our towels, then headed for the showers again. In all, we hadn't been in the sauna for more than ten minutes, which is good (you wouldn't want to have sex in a sauna for hours...) Then we started dressing. The young guy again seemed to be of two minds - of course, he was shy and also perhaps embarrased by what had happened, but at the same time he probably would want to see James and me again. He dressed up quickly and even put on his shoes, but then he made up his mind, turned towards us and said "If you do want to see me again, my phone number is [.........]"

Luckily, both James and I have a very good memory for important phone numbers.