Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nude modelling

In my summer resolutions, I wrote that "From time to time, amateur photographers ask me to model for them. This summer, I'll say "yes" to outdoor nude shots at least three times."

In the end, I ended up modelling for four different amateur photographers. The photo shoots all went very well, and as it seems to be difficult for amateur photographers to find men that are willing to pose in the nude outdoors, I keep getting more requests from these photographers' friends.

But now that the instant thrill of being naked outdoors and being photographed is gone, I start getting second thoughts. As usual, it's about what will happen to the photographs. The understanding with the photographers was that the photographs will not be published in any form or at any time. But is it hopelessly naive of me to believe that they will never be published? Will I dare to keep being photographed based on such gentlemen's agreements?

I'm also realizing that the number of people who could see the photos need not be small even if the photographer does not *publish* them. Already, my friend James has told me that one of the photographers has put one of the photos of me in a frame and has it "on display" in his bedroom. James was there to be photographed himself (after a tip from me), so of course that's all right, but should I worry?

At the moment, I feel that I'm facing a stark choice: on the one hand, I feel that I should stop modelling, because I really do not want my co-workers and customers to see nude photos of me with a hard-on on some web site. On the other hand, I feel that I should just as well just forget those inhibitions and drop the no-publishing clause. After all, people should respect that I have an unusual hobby, shouldn't they?

Well, I'll keep thinking. And don't hold your breath waiting to see the photos published here...

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Kristiansand beach

Tremendi has asked me "What happened with your summer resolutions? We would like to hear about your experiences of wearing that skimpy/see-thru/mesh swimwear and stories from all the other resolutions you said you were going to do over the summer. How about another set of resolutions for the winter months?"

He's referring, of course, to my summer resolutions post in May. Thanks for trying to shake me out of my lazyness...

First of all: I've had a great summer, with plenty of things to write about, I guess, but now it's getting cold and we will soon have snow and I'll have to get back into the habit of blogging and communicating with people online if I'm not going to hibernate through winter...

Well, let me tell you about a little trip I had to Kristiansand this summer. Kristiansand is a city in the very south of Norway, and I went there to visit a cousin who I hadn't seen in a few years. Kristiansand has a nice (but crowdy) beach right in the middle of town, "Bystranda", so I knew that we would end up there. Therefore, I made an effort to choose suitable swimwear before leaving Oslo. Skimpy or mesh swimwear would not do there, I supposed, so I went for the see-through kind. I have several suitable ones in my "collection". One of the simplest ones is really just a white soccer shorts, except that I've removed the mesh inner brief that were included. I also have a pair of light blue briefs that also get semi-transparent when wet.

I arrived in Kristiansand in the early afternoon, and Pål (my cousin) soon asked if we should go to the beach to relax. Of course I agreed, put my white shorts and a towel in a bag and went off with him. As we got to the beach it was completely crowded, but we did find a few square feet to lie down on. We changed into our swimwear and ran into the water.

After playing around for a little there, Pål headed back towards the shore. I followed him. I couldn't get my mind from the fact that my shorts got almost completely transparent when wet, so I got a little semi-erect even on the way to our place. Then I lay down on my back and closed my eyes. I heard some girls to my right giggle, I could only guess about what. Pål had gotten surprisingly silent. I waited for a few more seconds, but had to see what was going on. I opened my eyes - and caught him staring at my transparent shorts. Moreover, I could see that he was getting a bulge himself. He quickly turned around.

After a while he had obviously gotten control of his dick again, so he turned around again. By this time, the shorts was almost completely dry, and there was not much to be seen. I had to hide a grin when he asked if we should go for another quick swim.

Actually, the whole thing went a lot smoother than I had expected. He obviously was turned on by my public "nudity", and the simple fact that he was turned on made it impossible for him to point out that my shorts were transparent. So I could keep pretending not to know. The next time we went out of the water, two teenage boys a few feet away were staring at me, and I stared back. They looked lovely, and I wished they were the ones wearing something transparent. But being watched by them was also a turn-on. I lay down on my stomach this time.

We stayed at the beach until after sundown, and by the time we were heading home, the beach was almost deserted - the boys from before were among the few people left. I decided to put on an extra show in their honor. So I turned in their direction, pretending to be looking at the town, wrapped my towel around me, removed my shorts and then "lost" the towel as I was picking up my briefs. Instead of grabbing my towel, I let it stay on the ground and quietly put on my brief - knowing that they were attentively watching every second my cock was free.

As we got back to the apartment at night, Pål made up the "bed" for me on the couch. We said good night to each other, and I started to undress. He stayed in the doorway looking at me as I pulled the t-shirt over my head, and he kept staying there as I pulled off my shorts. I had only my briefs left, and he was still hanging around. So I pulled off my briefs as well, and lay down on my back on top of the blanket. He said a soft "good night" and I heard the door shut.

(I guess I should write another post about what happened in the morning - in this post I wanted to concentrate on the beach part of the story...)