Thursday, September 4, 2008

The hesistant skinny-dipper

A posting at Performing Males reminded me of a very nice experience a few years ago. I was visiting a friend (Martin) when what had been a cloudy day suddenly turned into a much nicer day. We had been planning to stay inside playing some board game, but when another friend (Paul) turned up with a car and asked if we wanted to go to the nearest lake, we jumped into his car at once.

We were halfway to the lake before I realized what was happening: Paul obviously had been planning to go to the lake, so he had brought swimwear. Martin was wearing shorts that were probably okay for swimming. I, however, was only wearing jeans - and not even with any underwear underneath. It would NOT be cool to stay out of the water while they were swimming, so I asked "Ehm, do any of you have a pair of shorts to spare?" "You didn't bring one?", Paul asked. Martin said, "Well, you can always swim in your underwear." I said "Ehm" again, and Paul asked "You're not wearing underwear?" Paul and Martin both laughed at this, but at least Martin offered me the solution I wanted: "Well, we could go a bit away from where the other people are - so you could swim in the nude". Peter grinned: "Maybe 10 metres or something..."

The two of them obviously thought this was very funny - and so did I, even though I didn't know to show it too clearly. We got to the lake, parked the car and walked for a few minutes to get away from the crowd. We could hear people almost all around the lake, and the path around the lake was quite close to the spot they had chosen, but at the moment there was noone to see, so I dropped my jeans and jumped in with them.

We had lots of fun for a long time, and had "fights" in the water. There were people passing by from time to time, but nobody seemed to notice - or at least not care - that I was swimming in the nude. But I did think it would be even better if we were naked all three, so I said something about how nice it felt to be swimming in the nude. Surprisingly, it didn't take long before first Peter, and then Martin, pulled off their shorts and threw them ashore. So now everything was perfect - I was skinny-dipping with two great-looking and funny guys.

I guess we were all tired of being in the water and wanted to get up when suddenly two girls appeared next to our clothes. They happened to be from our class, and was evidently very intrigued by seeing three of their class-mates naked in the water. Anna and Mona really enjoyed the situation, and sat down on some stones and asked if we were planning to stay in the water for long. The three of us kept swimming around a little - and Martin and Paul evidently didn't mind being watched as long as the blurring water was between their dicks and the girls' eyes. But they whispered to me "What should we do? We're NOT getting up as long as they're there."

I don't know exactly why I acted the way I did. Partly, I wanted to help my friends "in need". Partly, I wasn't worried about being seen naked by girls. And partly, I was turned on by everything. Anyway, what I did was to say "Leave this to me", and without further fuss, I just swam towards the girls, went up from the water, and - without in any way hiding anything - picked up my friends' shorts and threw them out into the water. Then I went over to my jeans and put it on.

This day had several good effects. The story about our plight spread all around school, and everybody seemed to think that I had been brave. I also noticed that the girls had spread the word that I was very well endowed - which is always a nice image to have. And moreover, swimming in the nude seemed to get more popular among my friends after this - maybe just from the fact that it was talked about more...

Apparently, all of us felt it had been a memorable day. Sorry that there was no sex in this story - but sometimes just being naked in public is good enough, at least for me...

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