Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the shower with James

I wrote yesterday about some of the things James and I have been doing this summer - almost as "research" on what two people can do that one person can't.

Often, this has just been tiny things while we were actually doing something else. For instance, we have been going to the gym together, just to have company. However, often I tend to get semi-erect when I'm showering at the gym, and I find it interesting to see how others react. Almost everybody tries to pretend that they don't see it, but some get problems keeping their own dicks down. Of course, I've had to behave as if nothing at all is happening.

This summer, when James and I have been showering at the same time, we have often both had semi-erections. The effect has been significant. When people are entering the shower, they notice one of us. It seems that they're almost turning to the other one for reassurance, but when they see that there are two quite good-looking guys having semi-erections in the shower, they do one of two things: some are staring hard into the wall for their entire shower, trying to imagine that the two of us are not there, while some are taking the fact that two men are having semi-erections as a sign that erections in the shower are ok - so they're not even trying to stop their own cocks getting hard.

At most, I think we were seven people in the shower at one time, of which two were staring into the wall while the other five were having different degrees of erections...

We haven't pushed our luck at the gym, though - we just found it cool to be the cause of such a display of manhood - in an environment in which most people are so eager to hide their erections...

We've also been to different lakes in the forests around Oslo this summer. The effect there has been cool as well. For instance, we came to one lake one evening and planned to camp there for the night. There was already a guy there, who had obviously been swimming and was lying on the ground. He was wearing shorts, but we still saw enough of his body to see that he looked great. We put down our stuff a little distance away from him, undressed and went for a swim. Then we went back up, towelled down and started putting up our tent - without putting on any clothes. It seemed, amazingly, that our presence had suddenly turned the lake into a clothing optional place, because the next time he went swimming, he left his shorts on the ground...

James and I lay down to rest a little after the long walk, but it didn't take long before we were talking about something sexy, I guess, because we both started to get erections. Obviously, the guy in the water realized this - we noticed that he was looking in our direction a lot. We were not entirely sure what to make of this before he came back out of the water - then we could see that he was hard as well. Cool...

We didn't know quite how to bring things further, though - after all, this was a lake which was quite close to a path, so other people might turn up at any moment. So we decided to play it safe and go into our tent. We left the "door" (zipper) wide open, though. We started to fondle each other, but kept looking out to see if the guy was as interested as we thought. He was - it didn't take more than two minutes before he was standing by the lake right in front of our tent, "by chance" looking right at us. I got a good look at him - he was our age, well built, probably Indian or Pakistani by origin, and with a very nice, big cock that was pointing at us. He didn't move, so he seemed to like what he saw. James was giving me a hand-job, but after a little while he decided to let our audience take part in the game - it took just a simple nod of his head for the guy to approach the tent and join us.

I know that I may seem careless when it comes to STDs and these things, but usually I'm quite rigorous, so we did have condoms in the tent. I put one on, put on lube, and James signalled for our guest to stay on his knees (the way he came in) and to get ready for me. I tried to finger him, but realized that he was relaxed and ready, and that I wouldn't have any problem entering him. So before even saying a word or touching any other part of him, I made my way into him.

Of course, I was turned on by the situation - both by having sex with a total stranger (with James) and by still having the "door" of the tent open. And James also helped. Of course, the tent was quite crammed, but he found a way of positioning himself so that he was on his back, his dick in reach of this strangers' right hand, while at the same time James could play with the strangers' cock. I can't say it was comfortable, but it worked. I thrust my considerable cock inside the guy, and he made noises that must have been recognizable all around the lake, and when finally I came inside him (but in the condom), it didn't take him long to come all over our sleeping bag.

It would have been awkward to have much of a chat after this, so it was quite okay that the guy just got up and left when we were finished. This left me having to take care of James' needs, of course, but I was quite happy to do that... And it was a successful attempt at proving that two guys can do quite a lot to change a situation...

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Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...

Now I'm addicted to your blog, Jo - especially because James (P) has now become part of the sex-fantasy turned reality-tv (LOL)a la Web.

Even though it's almost ridiculously unlikely - you and James almost had to meet up and get together. It is fate in action - fo'sure, dudes. Give my love to the sweet guy. (well.. big sweet kiss all over his hot 20-year-old Norwegian twink body. James (queerjames) is such a hottie - but much more than that - you are truly lucky and he too for finding you.
I felt he had somewhat abandoned me (not really.. I do understand.) In April, he explained that he wanted to spend more time OFF the Internet and in front of a PC; so that was why he was not going to co-blog / write for my Guys Into CMNM blog. Now.. I can see why!!! You are really the perfect couple. I am glad he found you because his previous boyfriend (nice guy I'm sure) was not very cooperative about allowing his nudity, nude self-photos, visiting nude beaches, etc and he hampered his exhibitionist urges. Now you have come into his life!!! Oh, brother.
BTW.. you're researching what 2 guys can do. What could 3,4, 5, 20 actually get away with? I'd be happy to join the club. Send me an application (or I'll starting organizing....)
I have missed reading your entries - only a few this summer. It certainly was worth waiting for these latest revelations. Exciting new and so much so because I feel I 'know' you and James.

I'm in love with the lust for the male nude...

Kelly (sunbuns / sunbuns99)
CMNM Forum: http://sunbuns.site88.net/forum