Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nude photos astray

Norwegian media has again written a lot about nude photos gone astray. See for instance what TV2 writes (via Google Translate).


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shared items

I'm sorry for not updating this blog more often. As always, I'll promise to try to blog more often - but I can't really promise that I'll manage. I'm happy and having a good time, but I don't feel like blogging as often as I used to. More details later, I guess.

I must say I'm happy to see other blogs, though - and you can see my shared items by clicking here... Many great photos...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More on James

Someone sent me an email alerting me to the fact that James also has a AmIhotornotnude-profile. Please vote! :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The (sex) life of James part 4

The interviews with James have taken important information from his blog. When reading his blog about what happened from the autumn of 2005 and on, however, I get confused. He starts mentioning boyfriend(s), but keep writing stories about great, casual sex.

JK: How have you coped with having boyfriends and having quite strong sexual desires including exhibitionism?
QJ: Quite badly. It’s a complicated topic that I don’t want to discuss too much. At times I’ve thought I’d be willing to give up all other sex as long as I could be with my boyfriend. At other times, my boyfriend has thought that he could accept my exhibitionism and some random sex acts. However, neither has lasted for long. So my relationships have been full of discussions and negotiations. And the blog has been a product of that – at times I’ve been a saint and had nothing to write about, at other times I’ve had a sexual life that I could write about in the blog. At the moment, though, I’ve dropped writing the blog. I don’t want to remove either my blog or the nude photos I’ve already posted, though.
JK: I would like you to describe how you ended up on that boat in the summer of 2007, though – the one where I met you.

[From my blog:
“I do spend a lot of time looking around on the internet, but rarely do I find the homepage of someone I've previously had sex with. That happened to me a time ago, when I stumbled upon Queerjames' blog. In one of the posts, he had a photo of himself, and I thought I recognized him from a boating trip the year before.

I'll certainly write more about the boat trip later - we were seven or eight guys who got naked as soon as we could, and when we found a place to anchor the boat that seemed a bit deserted, we all got to the fun part. Actually, queerjames was occupied with other people most of the time, and I was having fun with some really cute ones, but in the end I ended up sucking him, and he came in my mouth. But as I said; more about that later.

The point right now is that we decided to meet. I believe it was in the middle of June, and we've been enjoying the summer in Oslo ever since that. It's not that we want regular boyfriends or anything, it's just that we have similar interests and have had so much to explore together - beaches, camping, lakes... It's been great and sexy.”]

QJ: Well, I met this guy owning a boat the summer before in a gay bar. I was invited on a boat trip, and I had great memories of former boat trips, so I accepted. It was just the two of us, and as I had just my white shorts which turned near-transparent when wet, there was no point in keeping it on for long. Of course, we ended up having sex. (See blog). I really loved the whole experience – sailing is cool, being naked on a boat feels great, with the wind and the sun and all. And the sex was good. But for some reason we didn’t keep in touch that summer. The next summer, however, I got a message from him on gaysir, telling me that he had invited a bunch of gays on a boat trip and would I care to join? Of course I wanted to join.
I was quite disappointed as the boat sailed out, as nobody seemed to know each other and everybody seemed a bit shy. So I decided to get things going – while we were still moving slowly with lots of boats around us, I got up on the deck and started to undress. At first, everybody was just watching me, but then the guy who owned the boat said that he thought everybody should follow suit, and they eventually did. Ten minutes later, everybody was sitting naked on deck, watching each other. As the boat anchored in a quiet place, I was again impatient because nobody seemed to want to take the initiative. So I sat down on my knees in front of a random guy and started to suck his dick. He had been almost completely soft, but grew in my mouth. After getting him in the mood, I went over to the next one, and for the next 15 or 30 minutes, I was busy sucking cock. Around me, people were starting to do things on their own, so there finally was some action.
Actually, I do remember how you came all over the chest of another dude while I was sucking the owner of the boat. And then you moved over to me and started sucking me. It was the perfect end of the orgy – I would have felt a bit let down if noone sucked me off after everything I’d done… (Even though I love sucking cock.) So imagine my pleasure when I got that message from you a year later wanting to meet me again.

JK: It’s getting a bit strange to interview you now that I’ve become an actor in the events as well. However, we did have quite a lot of fun together as we started to do things together. I have blogged about some of that, but you haven’t. What do you think about being exhibitionistic with someone in the way we did?
QJ: I loved your whole approach. You had a way of setting up a situation in which we would end up seeming completely innocent (if a little careless). And as I think you’re remarked in your blog yourself: even though a guy can ignore one half-erect cock in the showers, he’ll have a hard time ignoring two. Or rather, he’ll be hard. But I never blogged about any of this – both because of the circumstances I just mentioned earlier, and because you wrote about it in your blog.
JK: I wonder if we should just end the series of interviews here, and come back with further interviews when a few more years have passed. But in the end: what do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now – sexwise?
QJ: I keep reminding myself that I’m a very lucky person. I have a wonderful boyfriend and will stay with him. If that should not work out for some reason, I have so many opportunities – and so many contacts who are interested in the same things as I am.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fully naked on the 'clothesline'

See Kelly's post on Fully naked on the 'clothesline'. Have you experienced something like this?

Sadly, the clothes lineis not so much a tradition in Norway, but there are other games in the russefeiring that also leave participants fully naked, and that I will certainly write about later...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The (sex) life of James part 3

James was looking forward to having his own room in a dorm instead of staying with his parents – surely partly because of the opportunities for sex and nudity that would open up there. But he also enjoyed the last summer before university to its fullest.

JK: Are you never afraid that you will be arrested in some foreign country for public nudity?
QJ: Well, I’m perhaps a bit more careful in other countries than at home. Not in the sense that I’m keeping my clothes on, but I try to make it seem more “accidental”. You can get away with a lot if you’re not too obvious. And youth hostels are a favourite, of course. I’ve never heard anyone being arrested for not closing the window while taking a shower, for instance.
JK: Yes, there’s a story where you showered with the window open and a man was watching. You seem to always find someone interested in just the same as you are. What are the odds that there will be a gay guy watching?
QJ: You’ve asked almost the same before. This was my first night in the youth hostel, so of course I was lucky. But on the other hand: if I hadn’t been lucky in the youth hostel, I would certainly have gone to a gay beach or to a gay bar the next day. Sometimes you have to look for luck...

[From the blog:
“The shower was soon over, and I grabbed the towel and started to get dry. The soft breeze from the window was great. I looked out through the open window out to the terrace and was just thinking how nice this place was. But suddenly I realized that there was a young man sitting in a chair outside - staring in my direction. I realized that he was quite good-looking - then I resumed towelling while I was looking in his direction. He seemed very interested, so I took my time, using my towel on imaginary drops of water on my back to ensure his unobstructed view. As he was watching me, he decided to take off his t-shirt. Good idea - the look of his chest was a pleasure. In fact, it was so much of a pleasure that I noticed that if I wasn't careful, I would soon be showing him a boner. I wondered what he would do next.
[…]He was really a beauty. I enjoyed licking his chest, tickling his six-pack as well as tasting his now very ready pole. I had been travelling for a few weeks, and hadn't tasted a man in quite a while, so I was hungrily pleasuring him. But I was patient enough to notice when he was about to come, and slow down my tongue movements. He moaned from pleasure, but I didn't let him off the hook. I know how to do this to make the experience almost (but not quite) painful for the poor man wanting relief. So when he finally was allowed to come, he came in a quite enthusiastic way...”]

JK: I’ll also include a bit from your blog about beaches. Any comments?

[From the blog:
“Oslo is a fabulous place in summer, and I've taken full advantage of the opportunities. The forests surrounding the city gives plenty of space to enjoy nature, so I have several times taken my bike on a trip, and found nice, "private" places to swim in the nude. Most of the times I have actually been alone, but quite a few times there have been people around who have taken an interest in looking at me swimming.
[…]I've also been to regular beaches, of course - there are a few nude beaches in Oslo. The good thing about the nude beaches is that there are more people there, of course, which means that there are more of a chance of finding someone to have a bit of fun with. Several times, I've noticed guys looking at me when I've been walking from my towel to the sea, often half erect, and several times, they have turned semi-erect themselves when I've gone over to them to chat. This has led to many nice baths with lots of body contact, as well as many late nights in my apartment. I love beaches!”]

QJ: Well, first of all I don’t remember writing all of this – you surely have read my blogs far more carefully than I have. But of course the themes are familiar. I really love summers, I love beaches, and I love all the opportunities there. Didn’t we first meet on a beach or on a boat or something? On nude beaches, there are always so many gay guys, and you just have to give a hint that you’re interested in sex to have someone approach you. Not being ashamed of your cock is a good start – always covering up is a turn-off, while being semi-erect makes people interested. It shows that you’re not asexual… :-)
JK: Then you finally moved into the apartment. You have described in your blog that “There were lots of different kinds of freedom that I wanted to experience when I at last had moved away from home. Going nude at home whenever I wanted was just one of them.” Did you have a plan for what you would do to get there?
QJ: No, I was very uncertain about what life in a dorm would be like. I was lucky to share a bathroom with Per, who became a really good friend. He didn’t mind a bit nudity and turned out not to mind quite a lot of other things as well. So we had lots of fun. And now I was also suddenly in a position to invite people home, which was a relief. Of course it’s always trouble when you meet someone at a bar and none of you have somewhere to go. And then it was convenient to be able to ask the cute students home to study together. Sometimes we stuck to studying the textbooks, but sometimes I was lucky.
JK: You were naked at home, not caring that people could see you from outside…
QJ: Of course I cared! I got a thrill out of that. I don’t really know why – I still get turned on by being naked somewhere where people can look in, even at my age. But of course the cover would be that I didn’t know anyone could really see me…

[From the blog:
“As our apartments were in the first floor, and the landscape was not exactly flat, there were a few people who had a view into my flat - both in students flats on the "student city" area and from a walkway a couple of metres away.”]

JK: When did you first have group sex?
QJ: That depends on what you mean by “sex”, of course. And whether “three” is a group… I did jerk off with other guys a few times in the last year of school, at least. Before that… well, I still don’t want to talk to much about what happened before I was 18.
JK: What do you prefer – sex with one person or sex with a large group of people?
QJ: Of course, when group sex is great, it’s really great. But there are also times when you feel that there are just too many arms and legs and there’s too much to coordinate. You may feel left out. So I certainly prefer one-on-one sex to bad group sex…
JK: And while I’m asking stupid, general questions: how important is dick size to you?
QJ: Visually, I get turned on by long dicks. They don’t have to be thick, but I love them long. As soon as we start fucking or sucking, size doesn’t matter that much to me. I’m able to enjoy all sizes. You don’t have anything to worry about, by the way…
JK: Again, this is not supposed to be about me… Some people would probably want to know whether you’re a top or a bottom. What do you prefer?
QJ: Luckily, I’m versalite. I enjoy both just the same. It must be so frustrating meeting cool guys only to find out that neither wants to bottom, for instance.
JK: Why did you start blogging, by the way?
QJ: I don’t remember exactly. I think at some point I realized that some of my experiences should be written down, just to remember them. And at the same time everybody was talking about blogs, and I understood that a sex blog would be just another kind of exhibitionism. And a cool way of getting in touch with like-minded people, of course!
Several of the blog posts have been written when I was sitting at home alone having nothing to do. I could be watching some porn or something, and then suddenly being reminded of some experience or another. And then I would start writing – and by the time I got to the end of the story, I would be writing with one hand. If I wasn’t turned on by reliving my past experiences, my blog wouldn’t have existed.
JK: And when did you start exploring webcams?
QJ: That would also be about 2005. I didn’t even own a webcam before moving on my own – but I quickly got one as soon as I did. Webcam sex was a very nice alternative to going out every night. Having tens of men around the world watching me masturbate at the same time was a very interesting experience, which I loved at the time. And sometimes I was both blogging and jerking on a webcam at the same time.
JK: I guess we could end it here, and include a posting from your blog from December of 2005, which also included a webcam somewhere…

[From the blog:

The perfect exhibitionist apartment

I had an interesting experience last night. I had just come to "Naken", one of the gay bars in Oslo, had ordered a beer and was standing at the bar. As I got my beer, a young Pakistani guy came over to me. He nodded, hesitated for a moment, and then said: "My friend over there claims you are the guy in the My queer life-blog." I looked at his friend, and saw that it was Trond (the friend of Per - mentioned in an earlier journal). Okay, there was no way of denying it, so I muttered an uncommitical "hmm", and he went on. "I'm Zain," he said. "The name means friend. I've been reading your blog, and I have an apartment that would be very interesting for an exhibitionist like you." Zain was beautiful, about 20 years old and with a friendly, but a bit nervous, smile. He had persuaded me already. "I'd love to see it", I said.

The apartment was not far from the city center, on the eastern part of town. Zain told me that it was not really his, he was just borrowing it for a few weeks while its owners were back home in Pakistan. I wondered what was exhibitionistic about it, and couldn't wait to find out. On the twenty minutes walk there we were mostly talking about how wonderful nude beaches were, and I couldn't wait to see him in the nude. Suddenly he said "The flat is there", and at once I realized what he meant. We were standing on the street. The apartment was in the first floor, but due to the terrain we were looking straight into it. What I saw was a living room and a bedroom with no curtains. I thought of what some lights might do. "Much traffic here?", I asked. He shrugged. "There are a few cars", he said, "and because of the bus stop there the bus goes quite slowly by. And then there's the bar, of course." He pointed at the bus stop a few metres behind us and a bar a few metres ahead. I understood that there would be quite a few people passing by in the night, and especially when the bar would close. I looked at my watch - it was half past one. "When does it close?", I asked, and he told me "Three. There are mostly people in the early twenties that go there."

We got into the apartment and went straight to the bedroom. The curtains were on the floor - "I don't use those," he said. He had turned on the lights, and I realized that we almost couldn't see anything outside the window. This probably meant that the view in was brilliant. He turned on the computer and logged in to the internet. I was sitting on the bed so I didn't really see what he was doing, but suddenly I recognized the anywebcam.com webpage. The webcam was pointing right at me. "Do you mind if I turn on the webcam?", he asked. My mind suggested I minded, but at the same time I understood even better what he meant by the words "very interesting for an exhibitionist like you", so I just said "not at all" and took of my sweater.

Zain moved over to the bed. I had a look at the screen, where the window showing who was watching already had two entries, and I had a look at the window, through which I saw a car passing. The people in it probably did not look in, but they might. Then I looked at Zain, and realized that I would concentrate on him for a while. He was looking great, but I wanted to see him barechested, so I started unbuttoning his shirt. His chest turned out to be wonderful - powerful and brown. His wonderful black hair touched mine as he leant forward to kiss me. His tongue felt very nice inside my mouth, and we managed to keep kissing as he removed my shirt as well. I let my hands caress his nipples and heard him moaning while still kissing me. His hands went on to work on my trousers, and a moment later that was on the floor where it belonged. I gently switched places with him so that I could kiss his chest while unbuttoning his trousers, then pulled them off as I was looking intently at his boxer shorts from short distance. I was looking forward to unwrapping this present.

But first I wanted to play with it a little. I tried to lick his dick through the fabric, but I only got to feel that it was erect before he stopped me. "Wait a little," he said, "shouldn't we look at what people write to us?" I had almost forgotten about the webcam, but agreed totally. He moved over to the computer and wanted me to follow. At the same time he rearranged the camera so it pointed at our boxers. I noticed that he had logged into the "Freezone" room, and we already had five messages. "Great show", one of them said. Another said "do you have a woman there". We answered them politely. The third one, however, had a camera on, so we decided to look a bit closer at him. His name was "nude21", and his webcam showed him lying on his stomach on the bed. His comment to us was "Will you remove your boxers?" Zain answered "Will you turn over on your back?" The guy answered immediately: "Then it will be harder to write". "But then our dicks will be harder as well", Zain wrote. The body of the guy was slim and young, and I really wanted him to turn around. I wrote as much. nude21 wrote: "I'll turn over if I get to see one of you suck the other". Zain didn't hesitate: "Only if we'll see you jerking off." My dick hardened just by the thought of us having oral sex on cam with this beauty watching, and even more when he answered "Okay. Private or public?" Zain answered truthfully: "Well, our window is open to the street anyway, so we might as well do it publicly."

nude21's answer was simple: he turned slowly around, and we were looking at a swimmer's body with a thin, long, erect dick. But then he hesitated, and I realized it was our turn to move. Zain looked questioningly at me, smiling. I really wanted to keep watching nude21, so I hoped Zain would do the sucking. I guess he understood as much, so he just said "We'll both do it". So first he pulled off my boxers and revealed my cock for the world to see. Then he let his mouth surround my dick, and at the same time nude21 started jerking off on cam. I could see Zain's face clearly in the picture being sent from our cam, and got a whole lot of great feelings streaming in at the same time. Zain was a great sucker, but it was quite obvious that he didn't want to let me come this early in the evening. The periods of pure pleasure were short, only for a few seconds, almost as if he just wanted me to understand what I would be experiencing in the long run. And after only a short while, maybe just a few minutes, he let me understand it was mine turn to do the work.

I got off his boxers and looked at a perfect specimen of the male sexual organ. He already had precum, and I wiped it off with my tongue. I had thought I would regret missing the action of the screen, but playing around with his dick was much better. And Zain was kind enough to let me in on the action: "Now 43 people are watching us", he said, "and nude21 seems close to coming". When he got even closer, after a few more minutes of fun, we both prepared for looking at him, and saw him coming all over his stomach. I desperately wanted to see him again sometime. But Zain had great plans for the moment as well. As soon as the nude21-show was over, he dragged me over to the bed again. He rearranged the cam and started to jerk me off slowly. This gave me the opportunity to think through the situation again. Here I was - on full view from people or busses passing on the street outside. I had also just had oral sex (or part of it) on full view of lots of people, and I was probably going to have a lot more sex before the night was through. I loved every single part of it.

I wanted to suck him again, but obviously he had the same idea. "69?" I asked. He didn't answer, he just lay down on the bed, making sure the webcam would have a good look at the action from the side. I went down on top of him, started letting my tongue do small circle on his head while he was grabbing my dick and putting it in his mouth a little bit more forcefully. Again, everything felt wonderful. I was in full control of his dick, never letting things get out of hand but still keeping him on the edge of ecstacy most of the time. I played with his balls and his shaft, but always returned to the sensitive area close to the holes. He seemed to love it, but still managed to do his bit very well on the other half of the 69.

After an eternity of this paradise, he decided we had this enough and should go other to another variant. He produced a condom, and put it on. I got the opportunity to glimpse that we still had a long list of watchers on anywebcam, and also saw the back of a bus passing outside our window. This meant I was ready for a bit more of action. I lay down on my back, and grabbed my legs so that he had a clear entrance. He used his fingers a bit to open things up and also put on some lube. Then he entered. He was good at this as well: he gave me the right amount of pleasure and pain, so that I could enjoy the pain as well. I didn't have any hand free, but when he realized that he was going to come soon, he started jerking me off with his left hand. His dick pounding me almost made me come already, and when I felt him explode inside me at the same time as his hand was jerking me a bit unrythmically, I also shot a great load - some of it landed in my own face. I licked up a little of it.

Zain got off his condom and lay down beside me, sweating and looking wonderful. I was laying there with a lot of sperm on my chest, a beautiful guy beside me and seeing a long list of watchers on the screen in the distance. Then I started to notice voices outside the window. When I looked, it seemed there was a whole crowd standing on the street a few metres away from us. For a moment, I felt threatened. Would they be angry with us? Would they call the police? Someone called "Open the window!" Without thinking, I went out of bed and opened the window. I still had a raging hard-on. The drunken youths outside looked at me for a moment, then one of them screamed: "You look fuckin' happy!" Everyone laughed. I closed the door and went back to the bed. Zain looked at me. "Do you want to sleep over?" he asked. I nodded. "Do you want me to turn off the light and the webcam?" he continued. "Why bother?", I said, and embraced him.”]