Saturday, June 14, 2008

The unexpected third person

I've described that after staying at a nude beach for a few hours, I tend to find a place in a shadow to have a break from the sun, and often fall asleep. Almost every time, probably due to the breeze and to the company, I wake up with a raging hard-on. As it's quite obvious to everybody that I've been asleep, this usually doesn't create a fuss, only stares.

Once in the summer of 2006, however, there was a guy who stared even more than usual as I was waking up. As I quickly realized that he liked what he saw, and we were both at the very end of the beach, I didn't cover up or turn over as I do when there are someone a bit less eager around. Instead, I just put on my sunglasses, found a magazine and pretended to read. However, I saw that he kept staring, and as he was staring, he got a hard-on, too.

I've forgotten to describe him... He was beautiful. He was around my age, with a typical "Nordic" look (blond, light-skinned, uncut) and with a swimmer's body. This was in the early weeks of the summer, so he didn't have much of a tan, but I did notice that he had no tan line. Moreover, he had no body hair - he had obviously shaved. (I like to have a bush around my cock, myself, but I also enjoy seeing shaved cocks - and to think of the attention he has given it.)

I liked what I saw, and started considering my options. I wanted to go to his place or get him to my place, and judging from our erections, we both wanted the same thing. Just walking over to another guy at the beach often feels a bit too intrusive, so usually I just go for a swim, smiling to my "target" as I pass. That worked this time as well - I walked to the water (managing to keep my dick in only a semi-erect state so as not to be too conspicious), and he followed within a minute.

"Have you been here long today?" he asked, and I answered that I arrived about one o'clock. "Wow", he said, "I have only been here for two hours, but I have to go back home soon." "By bus?", I asked. "No, I have a car here. I could give you a lift if you need to get to town." "Sure, that's very kind", I said, knowing that I really, really wanted to go with him, "where do you live?" It turned out that he lived near Frognerparken, not too far from the subway going to my student residence, so I told him (as I would have anyway), that he could just drive to his place and I could walk from there.

We got up, put on some clothes (I noticed that he was going commando under his short shorts - the same way I was), and walked towards the parking lot. As he sat down in the driver's seat, his dick was peeking out of his shorts. He didn't notice (or pretended not to), and started driving. However, very soon, he got down to business - with a surprising twist: "If you want to, you could also come in and have a beer or something - our balcony has a very nice view." There was one word there I didn't exactly like: "Our?" "Yes, my girlfriend and I." I started to plan an excuse not to go there, but he started explaining: "You see, she doesn't mind that I bring home gorgeous men - as long as she's not left out of the fun."

Wow - that was plain speaking. And I had to think quick. Here was this charming and dream-like guy, who I'd been turned on by from the first moment I saw him, indicating quite clearly that there might be sex. Should I abstain from him just because I didn't particularly want his girlfriend to join us? I just said "That's cool" and smiled.

Their apartment turned out to be in the top floor, with a great view of Oslo, and even better: with no balconies looking into it. And his girlfriend was on the balcony, lying naked on a sun-bed, smiling when she saw me: "Hi, I'm Julie", she said. "Robert, can you get him something to drink. You can sit here," she pointed at a chair. "Feel free to undress if you want to". This would surely be interesting. Of course, I undressed, and soon Robert returned from the kitchen, already naked, and with three gin and tonics. I had a sip, and noticed that it was a bit stronger than I was used to. Robert and Julie was sitting next to each other, opposite me, and with no discretion, Julie put her hand gently in his lap, touching his cock. This had an instant effect on both him and me, and again we were erect. She asked "Do you like photography?", and as I nodded, she continued: "You see, we like to ask our guests to take photos..." She got up, and was back within ten seconds with a Canon. I started to try it out by taking photos of them, and realized again what a great couple they were - both very beautiful, well trained, obviously open-minded and charming. Julie started to kiss Robert, first on the mouth, then on the chest and nipples, then on the stomach - all the time I was clicking away. And then she went down to his dick, first just letting the head into her mouth - exploring every point of it with her tongue - then let it in deeper. I kept taking photos. But suddenly she turned around, and started to suck me instead. I was confused - I don't normally get sucked by women - but seeing that this turned Robert on very much, turned me on even more. And she sure knew how to suck. Now, Robert took the camera away from me, and started to shoot. While sucking me, she managed to gesture that I should sit down on a mattress on the floor, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back while she kept going. Then she stopped, and all of a sudden she was sitting on top of me, ready to be fucked by me. Again, I didn't know what I should think for a moment, but she moved expertly up and down while Robert was clicking away on the Canon and still having a stone hard cock. Moreover, it was also under the sun and I love that. Therefore, I stopped worrying about the sex of the person I was fucking, and instead concentrated on doing it properly. We switched positions several times, and I kept holding back to keep the fun going for a little while longer, but eventually I couldn't help it any more, and shouted "I'm coming", and shot a big load inside her. Robert didn't seem to mind at all - instead, he moved in closely to get the perfect shots of the cum-covered dick being withdrawn from her pussy.

I was exhausted, but that didn't really matter, it seemed. Now, Julie took the camera, while Robert turned me on my stomach with force. I understood what was coming, as his cock hadn't had much fun yet. But it was only now that I realized there were leather handcuffs nailed to the wall at the end of the mattress. I could surely have fought my way out of the position, but chose to let him put them on my arms, meaning I was stuck to the mattress face down. Then he was on top of me, putting a finger covered with lube into my ass. Being satisfied that the amount was right, his erect dick followed. I had been looking at that dick for hours now, and had liked its size, but it didn't feel as good when he was entering me. The pain was immense. However, he didn't really mind that, and after a little while, the pain got less relevant - there is always a point at which I stop caring about the pain, and instead just enjoy the knowledge that I'm tied up, being fucked, and having nothing to do about it. This time, there were the additional bonuses: we were outdoors, and his girlfriend was still around with the camera.

I have no idea how long this lasted, but finally I felt his load filling me up, and he stopped moving and instead was lying still on top of me - keeping his dick inside of me.

It was getting dark as he got up and untied me. We got back into our chairs. Then they pointed out that my dick was stiff again, and asked me to jerk off for them. After this amazing evening, I was only thinking of sex, and didn't have to think twice. I started jerking off, with this couple in front of me. He was soft now, after having fucked me for so long, but he clearly liked what he saw anyway. She held her arms around him, but didn't take her eyes off my cock. Again, the whole situation was almost too crazy, and I didn't have to work it for long until I had another eruption.

On my way out, I got to know that even though this had been amazing, they had a rule of only inviting each guy once. They were in it for the thrill and wanted it to be unpredictable, not to have a "fuck buddy". So even though I've seen Robert at the nude beach a few times (and almost immediately getting hard without wanting to), I haven't been invited again.

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