Saturday, June 21, 2008

The soccer player

This story has been read through by the guy in question and approved - on condition that I don't give any more information on him or which team he's playing for.

Two years ago, I got in touch with a guy on gaydar. We chatted for a while, and I was intrigued. After a while, we had some cam2cam sex, and he was really an athlete. Nice chest, slim stomach and runner's legs. And a beautiful, shaved and uncut dick which seemed like 18-20cm on the screen and which he pumped energetically. At times, he used a cockring - which I find quite sexy on shaved men - and invariably, he came with big bursts that covered his stomach. However, he didn't show his face. I asked him several times, but he was quite adamant. Usually, I don't really like that kind of shyness, but in this case the body was so great that it made up for it.

After having cam2cam a few times, he sent me a message, saying that he would be coming to Oslo for the weekend, and wondered if I'd like to hook up on Saturday night. Of course, I said "Sure!", and invited him to my place. That's another thing I don't usually do - I try to meet people somewhere else the first time, but by this time his body outweighted my carefulness.

Five minutes before the time we had agreed, the doorbell rang, and I went to open the door. Surprisingly, I recognized his face immediately. After just a moment of confusion, I asked him "Ah, you're a soccer player, aren't you?" It turned out he was playing in Norway's top soccer league, and that he was in Oslo to play a game. I do watch soccer from time to time, and also can't help reading about it in the newspaper, so I have known his face for a while. Now, he was wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, as well as sandals that he left at the door. I was wearing just shorts.

I did offer him a drink, and he accepted it, but said that he shouldn't have more than one, as he was having a game on Sunday - that's why he was in Oslo in the first place. As we were having a drink, I got a closer look at him. Webcams can sometimes lie, depending on where the camera is places, but so far he didn't let me down. He was handsome. I looked at his shorts, and noticed that there was already a bulge. He seemed to be semi-erect already - and he didn't seem to wear anything under the thin, white fabric.

I told him how I, when I did some competition running earlier, used to choose shorts that revealed as much as possible, and asked if he had ever done the same. He smiled and told me that when he was younger, he used to play soccer with no underwear, but that a few times, he hadn't been able to avoid getting a hard-on, and that he didn't dare doing that anymore with cameras all around the field. "So now I only do that when I'm off the field", he smiled, and I couldn't help looking back at his shorts. The bulge was growing. "I always get my kit off as soon as I'm back in the locker room after the match, though", he said, "and it turns me on to know that there are cameras and journalists around me. I know some photographers have snapped photos of me - even when I've been semi-hard - but of course they can't print them. I guess they take the photos just for their own enjoyment..."

Just the thought of such a photo of this gorgeous guy in one of our major newspapers, turned me on, so I decided to get things moving. I asked if he liked to watch porn, and as he said "yes", I sat down next to him on the couch, and pressed "play" on the remote. By chance, I had put in a tape with a scene in which some guys are having a shower, and then one guy gets a hard-on, and the others can't help getting "inspired" by him. We were watching for a minute, and then he gently put a hand on top of my shorts to feel what was going on there. This speeded up the process, of course, so within seconds I was stone hard. I looked at him, and saw that his shorts were almost bursting from the hard-on inside. "I can see how this bulge would be hard to hide on the field", I laughed. I let his cock free, and at the same time I bent down to let my tongue loose on it. He shuddered with pleasure as I started to lick his head, and soon went on to work his shaft. I felt his hand exploring the inside of my shorts, and then started to jerk me off.

Sucking cock and being jerked off always turns me on, of course, but I noticed that this was special. Being jerked off by a well-known soccer player was a new experience, and the image of him playing soccer with a huge hard-on he couldn't hide, was continually on my mind.

We didn't watch the movie anymore, and decided to move over to the bedroom. We started doing a 69, and we were going at it "as usual" for a few minutes. Then I felt his hand grip my balls and cock. I understood what he was going for - his hand worked just like a cockring, and the way he pressed, I knew that there wouldn't be any cum escaping no matter what he did. At the same time, he kept sucking me, and this led me to the edge of an orgasm. Then he stopped for a while, and consentrated on enjoying my work on his cock. But soon, he was at it again, and still gripping around the base of my cock. I tried to delay my ejacuation, but I couldn't help myself - my cock tried to erupt, but his hand made sure that the cum didn't even enter the shaft. I jerked and jerked, but he just kept holding tight and to thrust my cock into the back of his mouth. Then finally, he withdrew from my cock, and loosened his grip, so that my entire load spurted onto my stomach and my chest. It was a powerful orgasm.

Without giving me a chance to dry off, he just turned me over in bed, quickly put on a condom and started to fuck me. He was very energetic, and the thought crossed my mind that this was a guy who was known to be able to run for 90 minutes without showing signs of getting tired. He was really pounding into me, and I was exhausted and just let him do the work. I don't know how long he went at it, but then I felt a burst filling the condom, and he fell down on me. The weight of his body and the feeling of having his cock inside me, was a great end to the evening.

He had to go very soon after this - apparently, he didn't want to be seen out late the night before a game, because the media had a tendency to cry out over such behaviour. However, his "training session" at my place would never get out. On Sunday, I watched the game on TV, and tried to see if he was semi-hard inside his shorts. I think he was, but I may have been fantasizing...

Luckily, Oslo and the area surrounding it has four teams in the top series, so he's coming to Oslo at least four times a year. We always meet the day before the match, and are having a great time. And after every match this team has, I look through the newspapers online carefully to see if I can see him, semi-erect, in the background in a locker room photo...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The unexpected third person

I've described that after staying at a nude beach for a few hours, I tend to find a place in a shadow to have a break from the sun, and often fall asleep. Almost every time, probably due to the breeze and to the company, I wake up with a raging hard-on. As it's quite obvious to everybody that I've been asleep, this usually doesn't create a fuss, only stares.

Once in the summer of 2006, however, there was a guy who stared even more than usual as I was waking up. As I quickly realized that he liked what he saw, and we were both at the very end of the beach, I didn't cover up or turn over as I do when there are someone a bit less eager around. Instead, I just put on my sunglasses, found a magazine and pretended to read. However, I saw that he kept staring, and as he was staring, he got a hard-on, too.

I've forgotten to describe him... He was beautiful. He was around my age, with a typical "Nordic" look (blond, light-skinned, uncut) and with a swimmer's body. This was in the early weeks of the summer, so he didn't have much of a tan, but I did notice that he had no tan line. Moreover, he had no body hair - he had obviously shaved. (I like to have a bush around my cock, myself, but I also enjoy seeing shaved cocks - and to think of the attention he has given it.)

I liked what I saw, and started considering my options. I wanted to go to his place or get him to my place, and judging from our erections, we both wanted the same thing. Just walking over to another guy at the beach often feels a bit too intrusive, so usually I just go for a swim, smiling to my "target" as I pass. That worked this time as well - I walked to the water (managing to keep my dick in only a semi-erect state so as not to be too conspicious), and he followed within a minute.

"Have you been here long today?" he asked, and I answered that I arrived about one o'clock. "Wow", he said, "I have only been here for two hours, but I have to go back home soon." "By bus?", I asked. "No, I have a car here. I could give you a lift if you need to get to town." "Sure, that's very kind", I said, knowing that I really, really wanted to go with him, "where do you live?" It turned out that he lived near Frognerparken, not too far from the subway going to my student residence, so I told him (as I would have anyway), that he could just drive to his place and I could walk from there.

We got up, put on some clothes (I noticed that he was going commando under his short shorts - the same way I was), and walked towards the parking lot. As he sat down in the driver's seat, his dick was peeking out of his shorts. He didn't notice (or pretended not to), and started driving. However, very soon, he got down to business - with a surprising twist: "If you want to, you could also come in and have a beer or something - our balcony has a very nice view." There was one word there I didn't exactly like: "Our?" "Yes, my girlfriend and I." I started to plan an excuse not to go there, but he started explaining: "You see, she doesn't mind that I bring home gorgeous men - as long as she's not left out of the fun."

Wow - that was plain speaking. And I had to think quick. Here was this charming and dream-like guy, who I'd been turned on by from the first moment I saw him, indicating quite clearly that there might be sex. Should I abstain from him just because I didn't particularly want his girlfriend to join us? I just said "That's cool" and smiled.

Their apartment turned out to be in the top floor, with a great view of Oslo, and even better: with no balconies looking into it. And his girlfriend was on the balcony, lying naked on a sun-bed, smiling when she saw me: "Hi, I'm Julie", she said. "Robert, can you get him something to drink. You can sit here," she pointed at a chair. "Feel free to undress if you want to". This would surely be interesting. Of course, I undressed, and soon Robert returned from the kitchen, already naked, and with three gin and tonics. I had a sip, and noticed that it was a bit stronger than I was used to. Robert and Julie was sitting next to each other, opposite me, and with no discretion, Julie put her hand gently in his lap, touching his cock. This had an instant effect on both him and me, and again we were erect. She asked "Do you like photography?", and as I nodded, she continued: "You see, we like to ask our guests to take photos..." She got up, and was back within ten seconds with a Canon. I started to try it out by taking photos of them, and realized again what a great couple they were - both very beautiful, well trained, obviously open-minded and charming. Julie started to kiss Robert, first on the mouth, then on the chest and nipples, then on the stomach - all the time I was clicking away. And then she went down to his dick, first just letting the head into her mouth - exploring every point of it with her tongue - then let it in deeper. I kept taking photos. But suddenly she turned around, and started to suck me instead. I was confused - I don't normally get sucked by women - but seeing that this turned Robert on very much, turned me on even more. And she sure knew how to suck. Now, Robert took the camera away from me, and started to shoot. While sucking me, she managed to gesture that I should sit down on a mattress on the floor, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back while she kept going. Then she stopped, and all of a sudden she was sitting on top of me, ready to be fucked by me. Again, I didn't know what I should think for a moment, but she moved expertly up and down while Robert was clicking away on the Canon and still having a stone hard cock. Moreover, it was also under the sun and I love that. Therefore, I stopped worrying about the sex of the person I was fucking, and instead concentrated on doing it properly. We switched positions several times, and I kept holding back to keep the fun going for a little while longer, but eventually I couldn't help it any more, and shouted "I'm coming", and shot a big load inside her. Robert didn't seem to mind at all - instead, he moved in closely to get the perfect shots of the cum-covered dick being withdrawn from her pussy.

I was exhausted, but that didn't really matter, it seemed. Now, Julie took the camera, while Robert turned me on my stomach with force. I understood what was coming, as his cock hadn't had much fun yet. But it was only now that I realized there were leather handcuffs nailed to the wall at the end of the mattress. I could surely have fought my way out of the position, but chose to let him put them on my arms, meaning I was stuck to the mattress face down. Then he was on top of me, putting a finger covered with lube into my ass. Being satisfied that the amount was right, his erect dick followed. I had been looking at that dick for hours now, and had liked its size, but it didn't feel as good when he was entering me. The pain was immense. However, he didn't really mind that, and after a little while, the pain got less relevant - there is always a point at which I stop caring about the pain, and instead just enjoy the knowledge that I'm tied up, being fucked, and having nothing to do about it. This time, there were the additional bonuses: we were outdoors, and his girlfriend was still around with the camera.

I have no idea how long this lasted, but finally I felt his load filling me up, and he stopped moving and instead was lying still on top of me - keeping his dick inside of me.

It was getting dark as he got up and untied me. We got back into our chairs. Then they pointed out that my dick was stiff again, and asked me to jerk off for them. After this amazing evening, I was only thinking of sex, and didn't have to think twice. I started jerking off, with this couple in front of me. He was soft now, after having fucked me for so long, but he clearly liked what he saw anyway. She held her arms around him, but didn't take her eyes off my cock. Again, the whole situation was almost too crazy, and I didn't have to work it for long until I had another eruption.

On my way out, I got to know that even though this had been amazing, they had a rule of only inviting each guy once. They were in it for the thrill and wanted it to be unpredictable, not to have a "fuck buddy". So even though I've seen Robert at the nude beach a few times (and almost immediately getting hard without wanting to), I haven't been invited again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The curious tourist

One hot afternoon last summer, I was on my way to take the boat to Langøyene (one of the islands in the Oslo fjord) when I noticed a confused tourist with a huge backpack. He was looking at a map, but didn't seem to know where he was. I do tend to try to help people in need, but especially when they are hot, sexy Spanish men. Think of Enrique Iglesias, and you got the picture. He was dark, charming and lost.

He saw that I was prepared to help, and asked "Do you know a beach somewhere?" I said that I was about to go to the beach and that he could just follow me. He was very happy about this solution, and we started talking as we walked down to the pier where the Langøyene boat leaves. His name was Leocadio ("but call me Leo"). He seemed a bit surprised that we were going by boat, but didn't seem to worry. Soon, we were on the boat, heading for the island.

I looked at the time table, and realized that it was already a bit late - I would only have two hours on the island before the last boat back to Oslo. Well, at least I would find out if Leo was prone to naturism first. So we just kept chatting, and at some point I asked where he stayed when in Oslo. "Well, I don't know yet," he said, "I have a tiny tent here. Isn't there a camping place called Ekeberg?" I told him there was, and pointed at the Ekeberg hill on the east side of the city we were now leaving. "I'll show you later", I lied.

So, when we got to the island, I obviously went off to the naturist area. Again, Leo seemed surprised. "Oh, you like to swim in the nude?" he asked. "Yes, it feels better," I said. "But do you have to be naked here?" he asked, and I assured him that it was perfectly okay to use swimwear if he wanted to. We found a nice spot, and put down our things. The beach was already getting a bit quieter, as people were heading home, so there were only about 15-20 people to see - mostly men, actually. I started undressing, and he did as well. He took off his shirt, and I saw his defined chest with beautiful, brown nipples. He wasn't exactly thin - he had a tiny stomach that fashion magazines would have retouched away, but which I found rather charming. Then he removed his shorts, but that didn't really reveal too much - he had some blue briefs underneath. At this point, he wrapped his towel around himself and changed into some yellow speedos. I was amazed - the speedos seemed to accentuate his dick, there was a very considerable bulge, and I couldn't help commenting: "Why do you use swimwear, really? Don't you think they reveal almost as much as being nude?" He laughed, and just said "They leave a little to the imagination, and that's important."

I had been so busy looking at his body that I hadn't really noticed if he had been looking at mine. Now, he was in his speedo and I was naked, so it was time for a swim. The water was great, so we spent quite a lot of time in the water, with breaks on the beach in between. I absolutely hate wearing swimwear on the beach, as it never seems to get dry, but I managed to avoid telling Leo this - I didn't want to seem too eager to have him undress. So instead, we just talked about everything else - what to do in Oslo as a tourist, for instance, and didn't mind that time was running.

In the end, he decided that we should maybe head back to the boat. I agreed, and started to dry off. He was about to redo the towel routine, but suddenly decided against it - he must have seen that it was a bit strange to be that shy at a nude beach. So he just let the speedo fall to the ground, and I had a long, hard look at his dick while he was using his towel to dry off. Then we both got into our clothes and went back to the boat.

On the way to the boat, I asked him what time it was, and when he told me the time, I said "Oh, fuck! Maybe we're too late?" He looked at me in disbelief, but when we got to the time table, we could both conclude that the next boat would not arrive until the early morning. I said (convincingly, I think) "I'm very sorry - I lost track of time and forgot to check the time table on the way over here..." He seemed confused: "But... there are other people here still. Have everybody lost the last boat?" "No," I explained, "they are probably camping for the night". Then I told him that it was perfectly all right to put up a tent on this island. And ultimately, he made the offer that I had been hoping for all the time: "Well, I guess we could share my tent."

He was, as I've already said, carrying a lot of luggage. His tent was tiny, it appeared it was only about 1m times 2m. He also had a sleeping bag and a some rolled-up mattress of sorts. We set up the tent, and tried to figure out how to arrange things. "Well, it's too hot to use the sleeping bag anyway, so you could lie on that", he said. Okay - I would be sleeping next to this gorgeous Spanish man, who would not be covered by the sleeping bag. I knew there wouldn't be much sleep - if he was asleep, I would be awake and full of frustration... Or maybe...

Again, it was time for some undressing. While he was arranging his backpack, I started to remove my shirt and then my shorts. Then I lay down in the tent on his sleeping bag. "Oh, so you're sleeping with underwear on?" he asked. "I do it the other way round - I use swimwear on the beach but skip the underwear at night". He laughed. I was still all confused - I didn't know if he was just being friendly and funny or if he was playing the same game I tried to play. Anyway, I had to say that "Well, I don't usually..." and threw my briefs into a corner as well. Now, I had the clear impression that he was watching me carefully.

He soon got naked, and tried to close the "door" of the tent. But he maintained that it would be too hot to have it closed, so he left the door open. The idea of being naked with Leo was already turning me on, the idea of being naked with him with an opening to the world turned me on even more. I couldn't help the cock getting semi-erect. He was laying next to me now, only 20 cm away, and he said "I'll have to keep very still tonight, otherwise I'll disturb you...", and demonstrated by moving his hand in my direction. It reached my dick. Of course, my dick reacted to this, and he took that as a signal to continue. His hand started to move carefully up and down. It didn't take many seconds before I was fully erect, and he decided to switch position. He kneeled next to me, and slowly bent down, until his head was only an inch from my hard-on. Then he started licking my dick - starting with the balls (where I'm ticklish!), then moving up the shaft, and finally got to the head. Having finished this part, he slowly let the dick enter his mouth. Then, still slowly, he started sucking me. He was a master at this - using his tongue to caress my head and varying the suction so that I never knew what sensation would hit me next. And better still: from my position I could see that he had also gotten erect - and through the door of the tent I could see some people - maybe 50 metres away.

I thought I was going to come, but suddenly he reached over for his backpack, and produced a condom and a pack of lube. "I want you to fuck me", he whispered. I just nodded, and lay still while he rolled the condom on my still-erect cock. Then he let some drops of lube lubricate the condom, and also put some on a finger to help ease the entrance. He switched position again, and sat down - very carefully - on top of my cock. At first, he was very careful, and I didn't move at all, but it didn't take long until he was very comfortable, and I could start moving my hips to contribute in the rhythm. His anus was warm and tight, and I tried to thrust as deep as I could. He started to moan - in pain, maybe, but his smile showed me that he was having a hell of a good time.

Again, I almost came, but he had other ideas, and turned over to do it doggy style. I entered him from behind and kept fucking him. We were now both looking out of the tent, and saw the beach not far away. Again, I realized that we were fucking like crazy in a tent with lots of people around - we had no idea where the nearest guy might be. With that thought in mind, I came.

I withdrew from him, and removed the condom carefully. "Let's have another swim to clean you up!" he said, and I couldn't argue with him, even though I was already exhausted. He ran off, and I ran after him, naked, still semi-hard, and probably with cum dripping from my dick... It was quite dark by now, though, so I guess we were pretty safe. Leo ran right into the water, and I followed. But when he had the water only to his knees, he stopped and waited for me. His tempting dick was hard, and I moved on instinct: I sat down on my knees and tasted his cock.

He was huge! And hard as stone. I'm usually quite good at taking the whole length, but I really had to struggle here. However, he seemed to like feeling his cock hitting the back of my mouth. I tried to use every trick I had to keep him from coming too soon, but I guess the circumstances made it hard for him to avoid coming. He tried to avoid coming in my mouth, which resulted in second half his load landing in my face and on my chest. The cum tasted salty and warm. I didn't want this to end - and I didn't want him to feel bad for coming in my mouth, so I carefully put his dick back in my mouth for a moment and let my tongue lick him. I could only do this for a few seconds, however - soon, he was too sensitive to do this.

We did swim a bit more before going back to the tent. Then we went back to the tent and kept talking for an hour or two. Then we fell asleep, and woke up in the morning when the sun was shining in through the "door". I saw a guy a few metres away who looked interested in the direction of the tent. I decided it was time to shut the door, and then concentrated on Leo again. Apparently, he liked to wake up in a tent on a beach, with a Norwegian guy kissing his dick...

Monday, June 9, 2008

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A weekend with Teaser

Even though I'm a big fan of nudity, it's strange how I can be turned on by seeing men who are not entirely naked. Which makes me think of a weekend a couple of years ago when I was going to a student meeting with a friend, Pål. ("Pål" is pronounced just like Paul, by the way.)

I'd had a crush on Pål for a while and had a clear impression that he had been interested in me as well, so I was very intrigued when a meeting in student politics came up that would take the two of us to a city down south for the weekend. The meeting would be starting on Friday evening, so we went off from Oslo in the morning to have plenty of time. He had borrowed a car and picked me up outside the student house, and soon we were heading south on the motorway. He was his usual charming self.

The drive went smoothly, so I realized that we would be arriving a few hours early. Moreover, it was a very hot day. So I looked at the map, and suggested that we stop for a little while wherever we could find an opportunity to jump into the ocean. He agreed, and soon we found a little, nice spot. There were nobody around, and I thought I could set the tune by undressing completely. That didn't work at all - he took off almost all his clothes, revealing a great body, but left his nice, white boxers on. Then we jumped into the sea and swam a little. The water was very refreshing, talking about this and that, just as we had been doing in the car. He didn't seem to mind that I was naked, neither did he comment on him not wanting to be naked.

Afterwards, we sat on the cliffs for a little while. I was surprised to find that I was very turned on by the situation. Of course, I had been naked with other guys in such situations a lot of times, but this was different. It was the strange (and great) feeling to be the only one naked, but also the obvious turn-on of seeing this athletic guy very nearly naked. Obviously, his white boxer shorts were now dripping wet, and I could see his quite conspicuous dick clinging to the see-thru fabric. I could hardly take my eyes away from it - and I guess Pål realized as much. However, nothing he said or did suggested that he minded. Quite to the contrary, it seemed (although this might be my wishful thinking) that he turned in my direction to give me a better look, and that it also grew a little.

I thought that I would catch a glimpse of him when he was changing into something else to get back in the car, but surprisingly, he produced a towel from the back seat, and carefully wrapped it around him as he removed the wet boxer. However, he did not put back on his trousers, but decided on a pair of khaki shorts. I couldn't help noticing that he didn't put any underwear underneath it...

So, for the rest of the car drive, I was looking, as discreet as possible, at the bulge in his khaki shorts, while trying to talk about student politics...

We arrived at the hotel in time for the meeting, and didn't really see each other again until we met in the hotel room in the late evening. As in all such meetings, it got quite late before the drinking ended, so both of us were a bit drunk. Or so I thought. It seemed, anyway, that he was intent on keeping me unsatisfied - he went into the bathroom fully clothed, and came back out wearing a pyjamas. Actually, although being a pyjamas set, it was more like a simple t-shirt and a tight boxer. So again, I could see quite clearly the size of the thing I couldn't see... Not completely giving up on my chance of setting an example, I demonstratively removed all my clothes and went to bed naked.

I had a hard time falling asleep, being - again - turned on, but also a bit frustrated. I couldn't help thinking of the bulge in the pyjamas next to me in bed. Finally, I fell asleep, and didn't wake up until Pål awoke me. He said that he was going down for breakfast, and that I should hurry if I was to have breakfast before the meeting. Only after he was out of the door, did I realize that I had been sporting a hard-on when he awoke me. Hm, he really got to see everything, and I got to see nothing - and there was nothing to be done about it...

Again, it was a day full of meetings, and then eating and drinking in the evening. I saw that Pål left for the hotel room around midnight, but I didn't really care, because there was obviously no fun to be had there. So I stayed up for a couple of more hours, and then went to the hotel room. I was very quiet to be sure not to wake him up, but couldn't help noticing that he still had his pyjamas on. And I could see the bulge.

In the morning, his alarm went off. Okay, another day of meetings. I looked at his bed, where he was slowly waking up. I looked at his bulge which was bigger than ever, and realized that I was having a hard-on. He slowly focused on me, and then, carefully, moved his tight boxer downwards, suddenly revealing a huge boner. He was looking at me, and it was obvious that he wanted me to come over to the bed. That morning, instead of meetings, I got to know his dick very well. And there was no doubt that the way he had been torturing me, had made me even hungrier for him. Indeed, this was the start of a passionate relationship, in which tearing a wet boxer off his erect cock became an important part...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Gay Questionaire

I saw this questionaire on Wonder Boy's blog, and thought it would be fun to do it.

If you feel the urge, copy and paste the questions (with your answers, not mine) to your own blog or journal.

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay? Around age 13, I guess.

2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex? Yes, several times. It's not like the real thing, but a nice variation... :-)

3. Who was the first person you came out to? A classmate I had sex with kind of understood... :-)

4. Are you out to your family? Yes.

5. Do you want children? Don't think so.

6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends? Half-and-half, I guess.

7. Were you out in school? Not to everyone.

8. Is your best friend the same sex as you? Yes.

9. If your best friend is the same sex, have you ever had sex with them? Yes, but we only do it when we're both really desperate... :-)

10. Have you ever done crystal meth? No

11. Have you ever been in a sling? Yes. Sometimes, I just love to be passive and being forced to do whatever people want me to.

12. Have you ever done a 3-way? Sure.

13. Have you ever dressed in drag? No.

14. Would you date a drag queen? Maybe.

15. Are you a top/bottom or truly versatile? Versalite. And I think it's great when my sex partners are versalite, so that we can do all variations...

16. Have you seen an uncircumcised penis? Of course, such as my own.

17. Have you had sex with someone of a different ethnicity? Of course.

18. Have you ever barebacked? Yes. I really do try to play it safe, but then there are situations where lust gets the better of me.

19. How many Cher CDs do you own? None.

20. Name of your first love? Jonatan.

21. Do you still talk to them? No.

22. Does size matter? I've had great sex with many different sizes, but must admit that I initially gets turned on by big sizes...

23. Biggest turn on? Nudity.

24. Biggest turn off? Attitude problems.

25. Ever been harassed due to you orientation? No.

26. Worst gay stereotype that applies to you? Loves sex.

27. Ever been to a pride rally? Almost every year.

28. Would you marry if you could? Maybe I will, if I find the right person.

29. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful? I'm smart and beautiful... :-) With time, "young" will be replaced gradually by "rich"...

30. Do you sculpt your eyebrows? No.

31. Do you trim your body hair? No.

32. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day? Sure.

33. Ever been to an orgy? A few times a year.

34. Have you dated your best friends ex? No.

35. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president? Sorry, I can't vote in the US.

36. Do you want monogamy in your relationships? That's up for discussion.

37. Do you believe in true love? Yes.

38. Do you have any tattoos? No.

39. Do you have any piercings? No.

40. Would you date a smoker? Yes.

41. Do you get HIV tests every 6 months? Usually.

42. Do you know anyone who has died from HIV? No.

43. Do you know what Stonewall was? Of course.

44. Strangest place you have had sex? I'm not sure - there has been many interesting places... Under the stands during a soccer game (with hundreds of people above us) - maybe that's it...

45. Strangest place you've woken up? No matter what I do, I usually manage to end up in a bed. (Except when I fall asleep at the beach.)

46. Are your best years behind or in front of you? In front of, I guess.

47. Favorite porn movie? Anything with Johan Paulik.

48. Are you in love now? No.

49. Ever been in love with a straight guy? Yes.

50. Did you ever have sex with him? Yes, actually. He seemed quite curious, but ended up realizing that he was more turned on by women...

51. Have you ever been to a nude beach? Yes, I go there as often as I can.

52. Have you ever been to a bath house? Yes.

53. Ever had sex in public? Not really in a place where lots of people who didn't want to see anything, saw. But I've had sex in places which has been a bit risky...

54. Have you ever been/stayed in a relationship for Money or Security, instead of Love and Friendship? No.

55. Have you ever keyed someone's car? No.

56. Have you ever fantasized killing someone not famous? No.

57. Have you ever witnessed someone dying? No.

58. Have you ever contemplated suicide? No.

59. Are you glad you're still here? Of course.

Feel free to add follow-up questions in the comment field! I'll answer (almost) anything...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A skiing trip

All this talk of beaches made me think for a moment of experiences I could write about that have not taken place during the summer. A few came to mind, many of which had to do with wild parties with my student friends. This is one of them, and it happened in my first year in university.

I was asked by a friend if I would like to join some people for a trip out of town - to go skiing. I decided to accept. The plan was to rent a cabin together and to go skiing all day and party all night - the traditional Norwegian skiing excursion. In the end, we were five boys and three girls who left Oslo in the very early Friday morning, to make the best of the day. We got to the cabin, left our stuff there, and went out to ski.

When we got back to the cabin in the evening, I was already making plans for the evening. I didn't want to spend all evening sitting in a chair sipping alcohol and talking, so I had to take action. First, I turned on the heat in the sauna. The next thing I did was to make sure everybody had an open can of beer in their hands - even while preparing dinner with the other. Beer can have an amazing effect if you drink it on an empty stomach, so already as we started eating, people were in a good mood. We drank plenty with the food as well, and when the meal was over, I casually mentioned that I had put on the heat in the sauna. At least two of the other guys instantly said "That's brilliant!". Within minutes, we were all headed for the sauna.

The boys (including me) had gone directly to the locker room, and had dropped the clothes to the floor and went into the sauna in minutes. The girls took a bit longer, and when they arrived, they were modestly wrapped in towels. They seemed to be a bit surprised to see the five of us stark naked, but didn't really seem to mind too much. We were all quite drunk, and I remember one of the boys asking the girls which boy they would rather have sex with. There was a lot of laughing and pointing at dicks, and in the back of my head I knew that I would love to have sex with all the boys if I could...

Saunas do tend to get hot, and the traditional thing to do about that is to run out of the cabin to have a "snow bath". So we did that. It is quite an exhilarating experience - first of all, the temperature drops from 80C to -10C, which is "refreshing". Moreover, this time there were gorgeous guys to look at while I was doing it. Obviously, the guys looked a bit less well endowed when coming out of the snow than they did in the sauna, but I knew that would change for the better. And another thing: the girls also wanted to cool down, and as having a snow bath in a towel is a mess, they made the sensible decision of leaving the towels inside. So we were eight young students playing around in the nude in the snow - before running back in to the sauna.

The fact that the girls had now dropped their towels was not lost on the boys - I saw that at least two of them had a very hard time trying to keep their dicks down. And, even though I'm not an expert, I judged that the girls were also turned on by the situation. I decided to make the most of this, and suggested to play a round of truth or dare - knowing that in these circumstances, that game couldn't help becoming sexual. I was very right.

I can't remember everything that happened for the next hour, but it surely involved girls kissing boys, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, girl answering a question on whether she would like to have sex with me (the answer was 'yes'), boys getting raging hard-ons (that was not really part of the game) and so on. Then, one of the girls (Trine) was dared to jerk off one of the boys (Arne). Arne blushed but was horny as hell, the girl blushed, but another one of the boys said "We can turn off the light" - and without further discussion, we went dark.

Of course, I can't say for sure what went on in the dark. I could sense, however, lots of hands and mouths, and I also made good use of my own mouth. It was amazing to be able to move around in a tiny room full of sweaty bodies, and I used my expertise to give the boys a good time. At times, I had a dick in each hand and another one in my mouth, at other, I was sucking off one guy while my cock was being handled by someone else. It was great - and I got tangible proof that I caused four orgasms - probably one for each of the four guys. And in the end, I got a wonderful blow-job myself. It was an expert mouth that was bringing me to the edge several times, before finally letting me blow my load. I wouldn't have known whose mouth it was, if I hadn't noticed a slight brush of metal against my stomach a few times.

The day afterwards, as we (the guys) had sat down to have a little lunch, one of the guys mentioned that he wondered which of the girls had given such a wonderful blow-job the day before. All five of us vividly remembered her wonderful mouth, and for a while we went into great detail on her skill. And I looked at Arne and his tiny nose piercing, and smiled.

Nude run

I've been considering going to the Roskilde music festival this summer, and having read about and seen photos from the nude run, I'm almost certain I will go.

The whole scenario of stripping down and running in front of a clothed audience, is very alluring to me. Does anyone reading this have experience doing this? Is it as cool as it seems?

Results: What's your favorite place to be nude?

In bed
3 (33%)
On the beach
4 (44%)
At the sauna
0 (0%)
In public
1 (11%)
On the balcony
1 (11%)

Votes: 9

Okay, I do agree that being naked on the beach is great... Check out the new poll...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleeping naked on the beach

The weather in Oslo is great these days, so today, I went to a beach on one of Oslo's islands. I chose a beach which was not too crowdy, and found a deserted spot. The water was a bit cold, but okay. When I got back up, I wrapped a towel around me and removed my shorts and put it on a branch of a tree to dry - as always. (I HATE to wear wet shorts.) I just wanted to rest, so I lay down in the shadow of a tree and thought I might even have a little nap. I closed my eyes and rested.

I noticed, however, that every time I moved a leg or something, the towel loosened, so it didn't take long before part of the towel had moved to uncover my left hip. I didn't mind that, I just kept my eyes shut and tried to relax. A few minutes later, however, I heard footsteps - and then some whispering. "Is he asleep?" It was a man's voice. He obviously was with a friend, another voice answered "It seems he is". "We should be quiet - if he moves a bit in his sleep, I wonder what happens to the towel..." I heard that the two of them settled down not far from me. I just seemed to have gotten an audience!

I didn't know what to do about this - any too obvious motion would break the illusion of my sleep. I moved my leg a little, but it didn't really have much of an effect. I realized that there was not much I could do to make the towel go away, but I could bend my right knee a little to create a little opening, at least. I waited for two or three minutes before actually doing it, and it did indeed have the intended effect. There was a tiny breeze, and now I felt it caressing my dick. And I heard one of the men (by now, I was guessing their age to be about 20) whisper "I think you can actually see his cock now, if you're in the right position". The other guy denied this, which meant that they had to end the debate by actually checking it out. I heard them moving, and then "Yes, you're right!" By this point, I had to struggle to keep my cock from springing into full erection immediately - which would probably have tipped them off. I was very lucky to have gotten two viewers who were obviously as interested in this kind of public, "involuntary" nudity as I am.

I still didn't know how to move to give them an even better look, but I didn't have to bother, as suddenly one of them whispered "I don't think the towel will actually move much more by itself." "What do you mean by itself? You don't think of..." "Well, it doesn't look like he's gonna wake up, does it?" By now, blood was moving to my dick quite rapidly, and I thought of all kinds of boring things to keep it at least semi-erect for a moment more. Then I heard and felt that one of them moved closer, and then the towel started to move. Apparently, he had grasped the part of the towel that was on the ground, and was - very slowly - pulling it off me. The other guy whispered "Jon", in a pleading voice, but the guy who was clearly Jon didn't mind him. I kept absolutely still, and Jon pulled the towel off me completely. I managed to keep breathing slowly and regularly, but couldn't any more keep control of my dick, which was now in full bloom. The guy not called Jon whispered "Shit!" Jon had now moved back to his friend, and whispered back "I guess the breeze made his dick hard. Sexy, isn't it? I wonder how he'll react when he wakes up?"

I didn't plan to wake up any time soon, though. I loved being naked like this, with a raging hard-on, with two guys following my every move, and without knowing if more people would turn up any time. And as if that wasn't enough, Jon went on "You have your cell phone? - I want to remember this..." And suddenly the list of reasons for being hard got even longer - I now knew that Jon was taking my photo as well...

I don't know where this could have ended - for a moment the two of them were actually arguing whether I would wake up or not if they touched my dick. However, suddenly Jon said "Someone's coming", and obviously decided against trying to touch me. His voice was so loud this time, that I took it as an excuse to "wake up". I woke up slowly, rubbed my eyes, noticed that my cock was in plain sight for everyone and then - very calmly, moved the towel to cover my hard-on. Only after being properly covered up did I let my eyes wander across the beach, and saw two great-looking guys trying desperately to pretend that they hadn't noticed me at all. But then I sat up, and as they was sitting right in front of me, they couldn't help looking up my towel to see if I was still hard. I was.

By this time there was a straight couple next to us, so I expected everything to be over. However, when the guys were finished swimming, and Jon was changing out of his wet shorts with a towel wrapped around him, his "friend" quickly pulled it off him, and I got a very nice view of a great, semi-erect cock. Jon sweared and was embarrassed, but I'm quite sure his friend's response was a quiet "You deserve it".

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The naked waiters doing overtime work

My posting on being a russ and running naked through town, made me think of another nice memory from that year. I had just turned 18, was broke and wanted to go to lots of parties. A solution appeared out of nowhere...

As so often before, in the lunch break at school, I complained about not having any money. When I got back to the classroom, I forgot all about it, but as the bell rang to signal the end of the day, Fredrik approached me and said he wanted to talk to me. He lived in the same direction as me, so we started walking home, and he asked if I was really having trouble getting enough money to get by. I told him that my parents provided all necessities, but there surely wasn't much for parties and that kind of thing. "And I really love parties...", I said. Fredrik hesitated, but then he told me that he knew a simple job - but I would have to promise not to tell anyone about it, no matter if I took it or not. I got curious, and obviously promised.

"I know this guy," Fredrik said, "who told me he's going to be a waiter at a party on Friday. It's a birthday party for some rich guy, and they need several waiters, so I was offered a job as well. It pays real well - it's $1000 for the evening." "Wow", I said, but I knew there must be a catch somewhere... "I guess they need a few more, so I was asked if I knew someone. There was only a few conditions. They want waiters our age. Only boys. And handsome." (I realized that Fredrik had just called me handsome, but I was too interested in the offer to comment on that.) "But why do they pay so well?", I asked. "That's the little thing. They want the waiters to be naked."

Fredrik told me that this was a gay, rich guy's party, and as a special little treat for him, he (and the 33 guests) would be served by nude waiters. However, there was nothing else expected - we would only serve the food, the guests would be told that we were just to be watched, not touched, and we would be expected to leave when the last meal was served, after which the party would move on to the pool area and "loosen up".

Fredrik looked at me as if expecting an answer, and I realized that I had just taken it for granted that I would say yes - I hadn't even considered not doing it. "So you will do it?", I asked. "Yes - I need the money," he said, and I simply replied "So do I."

This conversation happened on a Wednesday, so I had 48 hours to think of what to expect. I would be naked in front of 34 gays, and I wondered if I would at all be able to keep from getting a hard-on. The set-up turned me on immensely, but at the same time I worried what might happen - would someone expect me to sleep with them? $1000 was surely too much just to be naked for a few hours? On the other hand, Fredrik seemed to trust them completely.

Friday appeared. In the afternoon, I went to Fredrik's place, and took the subway together to a nice western neighboorhood, where we were supposed to be working, where we met two other waiters-to-be I didn't know. We were enthusiastically approached by a guy, Tom, who was apparently in charge of the whole event. He reiterated the pay, the conditions and told us that we were expected to stay until midnight. Then we would be able to get the last subway home. "I guess the people will be busy with their food until then, and you will miss the wilder parts... But if someone misbehaves, just let me know", he said.

I looked at the other two waiters, and realized that I was quite flattered to be chosen as part of this team. They were gorgeous. Tall and charming, with nice smiles. I greeted them, and got to know their names: Anders and John. We didn't have the chance to talk, however, there was some preparation to do. The plan was that we would enter when the guests had just been seated, and serve them some wine. By that time, we were supposed to wear a black bow tie and nothing else. So we had to be quick to undress and start working on the bow ties... I saw that the guys I was working with was just as athletic as I was - they had great muscles, and Anders even had an impressive six-pack. He also knew how to tie the bow tie, so after a few fruitless efforts on my part, he had to come over and tie it for me as well. Having a naked beauty as him within reach already started to make it really difficult for me to control my erection...

Then time was suddenly up, and we were sent into the dining room with bottles of wine. We were clearly appreciated - the guests gasped of delight when they saw the four of us entering - then everybody applauded. We smiled and poured wine - and it was all very friendly. The only problem I had was that I couldn't keep soft. I tried to concentrate on pouring the wine in exactly the right way (I had waited tables before, so I knew how to do it), but all around I noticed that the guests were watching our dicks, and I couldn't get that out of my mind. So by the time I got ouf of the room to get the last bottle of wine, I was decidedly semi-erect. In a show of willpower, I managed to walk back in, serve the wine, smile and chat, all the time thinking of the periodic system of chemistry - in an effort to avoid having an all-out scandalous raging hard-on. I managed it - but couldn't help noticing that people were paying attention...

Now we had a few minutes (a short speech) before serving the starters, and I went to a neighbouring room to sit down and think of something else for a little while. It didn't really work very well, and all of a sudden we were standing in line ready to enter with the starters. The "master of ceremonies" (Tom) said that we were about to enter, but then added: "You may have noticed that one of our waiters had some problems keeping altogether "professional" in the lower regions. Does that bother you?" Everybody shouted "No!". Then Tom went on: "I considered giving him the rest of the day off - but then that's not necessary?" "No!" "Or maybe we could offer him the chance to wear some trousers?" Still more enthusiastically: "NO!" Obviously,Tom had grasped the chance to make some fun out of my "problems", and the added attention made sure that I couldn't keep it down anymore. The other three waiters were also looking at me - and at my dick - which didn't help a bit either. Therefore, by the time we entered, my dick was rock hard, I could feel my heart bouncing inside me, but at least I knew that this group of people actually was pleased to see my dick - which made me a bit less afraid, but even more embarrassed and horny.

I walked around with a hard-on for the whole evening. I enjoyed it more and more - and as I started to noticing the bulges in the guests' trousers, I got more and more confident. The few sentences I exchanged with the guests were soon full of innuendo and flirtation. The other three guys, however, managed to get through the main course without getting noticeably excited (I don't know how), but by the time of the desserts and the dessert wine, they were all erect as well. And as we all (the fabulous four naked waiters) were still beautiful and charming, I'm sure the guests were having the dinner of a lifetime. Some of them started to get a little out of hand - at least five either slapped my ass or "inadvertedly" touched my dick.

"Time to go home," Fredrik said when we were back in the kitchen for the final time. What a anticlimax of a great night, I thought, so I asked him if we couldn't have a very quick swim in the pool before leaving. Fredrik looked at his watch, but was apparently too tempted to mind that the last subway would be gone. He said "We'll make it quick, before the guests come out there", but I think we both knew that we couldn't possibly be that quick. Anders and John had listened in on our talk, and were clearly uncertain about what to do, but as Fredrik and I walked out the door, I said "Come with us, it'll be fun!", and that seemed to convince them.

We had fun in the pool for about five minutes, but I guess that the knowledge that people would be pouring in soon, made it impossible to lose the hard-on. But then the guests arrived, and Tom told us, politely, that our work was over, and that if we stayed, he would have no way of controlling the guests' behaviour. John and Fredrik looked at each other, got out of the pool and headed for the door, while Anders and I stayed put. Fredrik looked back at me, incredulously - and a bit envious - and then walked out, while Tom said "Hm, that's a pleasant surprise..."

I grabbed a pool mattress, and got on top of it. Anders did the same, and soon we were lying on our backs side by side. The guests were all around the pool now, and most were undressing while looking at us. Suddenly, I felt someone touching my dick. It was Anders, of course, who had started jerking me off with his right hand. I moved my left hand underneath his right hand, across his six-pack belly, and took hold of his dick. He was hard and big, and jerking him felt wonderful. The guests kept removing their clothes, but slowly, because they were concentrating on our action. I looked at the guests, and then moved my eyes to him - this perfect specimen of a nude waiter. He smiled, but not his charming, easygoing smile, but a more greedy, horny kind of smile. I looked him in his beautiful eyes, and we kept working each other until suddenly, he came violently, and I felt his cum on my hand. Immediately, I came as well, taken aback by remembering that lots of people were looking. Then I let go of his eyes, and looked at his well-trained body, his chest having a huge load all over it, and I looked at myself, and saw the very same image. We breathed hard - and then the spell was broken by bodies hitting the water - first one, then several. The guests had entered the water, ready for a wonderful evening in the water.

Anders and I stayed there for a little while, just because we were both very turned on by seeing all that was going on there. But when we left, Tom followed us, and he seemed very satisfied. "Don't take this the wrong way," he said, "of course, we don't want to pay you for having sex... But that thing you did in the pool was just the right thing for this party to go in the right direction... Could we double your pay?" We nodded.

But then, after towelling off, we decided that we didn't want to remember this night only for being paid for sex. So we had sex once more - just the two of us, in a tiny locker room next to the pool. This time, I got to taste his dick, and he got to get to know mine a bit better as well... Then we went our separate ways, and started to plan our own big parties for the future...