Monday, December 29, 2008


James came over to visit me tonight. Right before he arrived, I was a little bored, so I created a twitter account. I don't know if I will keep twittering a lot, but I might. James actually got turned on by me twittering about what we were doing (even though it was innocent remarks such as "We're watching an old Bel Ami movie together - "American in Prague". We both love Johan Paulik - but we also have each other"... I guess it just gave a small added sense of exhibitionism, but without the camera which we are a bit tired of.

What would be really cool, however, was to twitter and get comments while we were together. Currently, however, I almost have no followers on twitter - so it's almost like being an exhibitionist on a deserted island...

Anyway, we got turned on by the "American in Prague" - we both love Johan Paulik, and in that movie he has lots of sex with Chance, another beauty. We were jerking off each other on the coach while watching the DVD, then we went over to the bedroom. The bedroom has the advantage of the bed, of course, but it also has the window that faces the back of the block. By now, I've been living here long enough to know that the guy in the fourth floor will be looking out of his window to see if there is something to watch, and that he enjoys watching us. It didn't fail tonight either: when we started fucking, the light in his apartment was on, but when I looked up a few minutes later, it was off - but I could clearly see a movement there.

I told James about this, and of course, this turned him on even more. James insisted on laying on his back, looking at the window, and let me suck him off. After all the jerking (without coming) during the movie, it didn't take long before he came, even though I tried to calm him down and make it last longer. He shot a big cum all over his chest and stomach. Then he simply turned over on his knees, and let me fuck him.

It's strange being with James. He is so sexual, is very well endowed and is as crazy about exhibitionism as I am. The moment he knows that someone is watching, he can get hard in a second, and it's almost like the sex is more about performance than about pleasure. But it's both, of course, the point is of course that he gets immense pleasure from being watched having sex.

Anyway, he's gone home now, and I'm back at my computer (naked), updating my blog and twittering a little. And maybe I'll surf Facebook a little. Earlier today, a Canadian woman actually asked me to "use my naked body to warm her up" on webcam. I was in the middle of something else so I couldn't "help" her, but in a strange way it actually tempted me. Why should I get any pleasure from being naked on webcam for a straight woman? I don't know - just the idea of being just a "tool" for once, attracted me. I'll see if she's still there...

I'm just blabbering away... I'll come back with a more structured post with one of my sexual encounters from the past one of these days...

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