Monday, December 29, 2008


James came over to visit me tonight. Right before he arrived, I was a little bored, so I created a twitter account. I don't know if I will keep twittering a lot, but I might. James actually got turned on by me twittering about what we were doing (even though it was innocent remarks such as "We're watching an old Bel Ami movie together - "American in Prague". We both love Johan Paulik - but we also have each other"... I guess it just gave a small added sense of exhibitionism, but without the camera which we are a bit tired of.

What would be really cool, however, was to twitter and get comments while we were together. Currently, however, I almost have no followers on twitter - so it's almost like being an exhibitionist on a deserted island...

Anyway, we got turned on by the "American in Prague" - we both love Johan Paulik, and in that movie he has lots of sex with Chance, another beauty. We were jerking off each other on the coach while watching the DVD, then we went over to the bedroom. The bedroom has the advantage of the bed, of course, but it also has the window that faces the back of the block. By now, I've been living here long enough to know that the guy in the fourth floor will be looking out of his window to see if there is something to watch, and that he enjoys watching us. It didn't fail tonight either: when we started fucking, the light in his apartment was on, but when I looked up a few minutes later, it was off - but I could clearly see a movement there.

I told James about this, and of course, this turned him on even more. James insisted on laying on his back, looking at the window, and let me suck him off. After all the jerking (without coming) during the movie, it didn't take long before he came, even though I tried to calm him down and make it last longer. He shot a big cum all over his chest and stomach. Then he simply turned over on his knees, and let me fuck him.

It's strange being with James. He is so sexual, is very well endowed and is as crazy about exhibitionism as I am. The moment he knows that someone is watching, he can get hard in a second, and it's almost like the sex is more about performance than about pleasure. But it's both, of course, the point is of course that he gets immense pleasure from being watched having sex.

Anyway, he's gone home now, and I'm back at my computer (naked), updating my blog and twittering a little. And maybe I'll surf Facebook a little. Earlier today, a Canadian woman actually asked me to "use my naked body to warm her up" on webcam. I was in the middle of something else so I couldn't "help" her, but in a strange way it actually tempted me. Why should I get any pleasure from being naked on webcam for a straight woman? I don't know - just the idea of being just a "tool" for once, attracted me. I'll see if she's still there...

I'm just blabbering away... I'll come back with a more structured post with one of my sexual encounters from the past one of these days...

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Approaches to public nudity

It's still cold and dark in Oslo, so I don't spend as much time being nude - especially not outdoors - as I would have liked to. Instead, I've been thinking of ways to order/categorize how I go about to be naked in public, and have come to the conclusion (so far) that there are usually three different approaches I take:

- the playful, "no worries" attitude
- the innocent, "naive"
- the confrontational

The clearest example of the first one is perhaps the yearly ritual in which the "russ" run naked through Norwegian city streets. It's the students who have finished high school who do this, and they get away with it partly because it's a tradition, but also because it's just for fun and nobody worries about it. Similarly, when I go for a jog in the forests around Oslo and see a lake, I don't hesitate to strip off and have a nice little dip in the water. Of course, I pick places in which I can be seen from the main path, but still nobody objects.

However, to be "naked" in busy streets, I go for the second approach. You can't credibly be "playfully" walking around naked among hundreds of people - but you can dress a bit "carelessly". One day in August this year, I saw that it would be rain, so I wore my nice, white trousers and - of course - nothing underneath. The trousers went just the right degree of transparent when wet - not enough to make it totally unbelieveable that I wouldn't notice, but enough for it to be quite a sensation...

Of course, the "innocent" approach is also what I do when I fall asleep on nude beaches and wake up with a boner. Nobody can really be upset about that, and quite often there are some guys nearby who takes an interest and wants to get to know me better...

And of course, when I'm naked in my apartment, not knowing that my curtains do not really hide me from passers-by in the street, that's also the "naive" or "innocent" effect. That's the one I'm using right now, sitting naked by my computer in the living room, with lights on inside and the dark night outside...

The "confrontational" is the more classical "exhibitionist" kind. I don't do that very often, as it carries the risk of being arrested and things like that. However, it can be quite effective. I remember that I stayed at a youth hostel once and the beautiful guy in the bed next to mine seemed quite interested. I was 98% sure that he wanted me, but as I had already gone to bed, I found no great way of getting to the action. Being "innocent" probably wouldn't have been enough, as he would not have had the courage to make the first move. So instead, I simply lifted up my cover to reveal my erect dick to him, while watching him intently.

This could, no doubt, have led to trouble. If I was wrong, he could have complained to the management, attacked me or something like that. In this case, however, I was right. He was clearly interested, so when I nodded in the direction of the bathroom door, he clearly agreed. So I put a towel around me (not wanting to show my erection to the rest of the people in the room) and went to the bathroom. He was with me within seconds, and he immediately came down on me and sucked me. Then we took turns sucking each other, and...

I notice that I'm drifting into an erotic story here. I guess I'll rather write the full story some other day - in this post, it was just meant as an example of the "confrontational" approach to nudity.

I'm sure there are more approaches - and of course, more examples of each... Feel free to use the comment option here...

Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm still a bit sad that it's winter and difficult to find opportunities for being nude in public (although there's always the gym, of course). I talked to James, and we decided to make do with a situation a bit less naked - but very public. We decided to go shopping...

It's Christmas soon, so all clothing shops (and other shops) in Oslo are crowded with people shopping frentically. So we decided to have some fun at a dressing room. We chose one of the stores on Karl Johan (Oslo's main street), and picked up a handful of trousers to try.

Of course we had prepared. I had chosen a particularly wide and soft pair of open fly boxers, which I thought would give possibilities for significant "tents" and even peeks. James, however, chose to premiere his new pair of push up briefs. He is already above average by far, but with these, he's just huge.

We didn't have much of a plan - we just waited in line, got a dressing room stall each (which happened to be next to each other - both facing the shop) and started to try on the different pairs of trousers. Of course, every time I wanted his advice, I went over to his stall and opened the curtain, exposing him (in his briefs) to more or less everybody in the shop. And every time he had a pair of trousers on, he went over to my stall, exposing me.

I know this may sound pathetic, but as we were in front of a crowded shop with fully clothed people, even this made us get semi-erect. And after just maybe ten minutes of this, an (overworked) guy working in the store started to look in our direction and then came over. I thought that we would be asked to leave or cover up, but instead he wanted to help James find the best pair of jeans. The only surprising thing about this was that James had not asked for help, while the shop was full of people desperately seeking help.

This guy stayed with us, however, and all the time came over with a new pair of trousers, discussing them at great lengths so as to have a good excuse for looking at James as he was trying on every new one. At this point, I stayed in my stall, only coming out once in a while to pick up something else to try on. I listened to the conversation, but almost couldn't help laughing when I heard James ask "Are you sure there's not a bulge when I wear these trousers - I tend to have that problem" The guy obviously couldn't imagine what to say - after all he'd been drooling over James' dick for a long time, so he couldn't reasonably pretend that the bulge was not a problem." At last he just said that many people found a bulge quite attractive.

At this point James decided to involve me again, so he asked "What do you think?" and opened the curtains to my stall. At this point, I was again pretending to try on a pair of trousers, but my semi-erection was getting less and less "semi". Outside my stall was James, discussing his bulge with this guy who was staring at him, while my erection created a very obvious tent in my wide boxers. James asked again, quite loud "Do you think I have too much a bulge here?" I think at least five or six people turned to look, but I think they looked more at my tent than at his - after all quite covered-up - bulge.

By this time, it got too much for the guy working in the shop, so he just closed the curtain and said, quickly, that he would have to take care of some other customers. But before he had left, James had the presence of mind to ask him if there was a toilet nearby. The guy said that there was really only a staff toilet in this shop. Then he hesitated for about one second, and then told James that he could borrow it. The last thing I heard was this guy following James to the toilet.

Of course, I met James a bit later. I asked how the toilet visit was. James smiled. Apparently, the guy was very good with his customers - not only lending the toilet, but also giving personal service inside the toilet. He had wanted to have a closer look at James' new briefs. A very close look... Then what did he do, I asked. And then James showed me...