Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where are all my nude photos?

These days, I try to be careful about where I put nude photos of myself - I don't want to have them all over the internet. However, there are already so many photos I have no control of, that may be published somewhere online. As most guys, I'm ambivalent towards that: I don't want my family to see them, but at the same time get turned on by the idea that guys around the world may be looking at my photos...

I don't even have any idea of how many photos and even videos of me that are floating around. For instance, when I started having webcam sex, I didn't worry about this at all. I loved to go to sites (such as where several people could watch at once, and didn't mind showing my face, my dick and everything else. Nowadays, I mostly only do webcam sex with one person at a time, and even then try to be a bit more careful.

Of course, I know photos were taken when I was doing the nude run when I was a russ, but I also remember other parties and camping trips in which cameras were used a lot. At the time, I just enjoyed getting nude, but now I realize that I haven't even seen the photos that were taken.

In addition, there are of course all the photos that have been taken at nude beaches and places like that. Even last week, a guy asked if he could take a photo of me at the nude beach - and of course, I let him.

I also wonder what happened to the photos that were taken during a photo shoot two or three years ago. I had met a guy online who said he was a photographer, and he complained that he had difficulty getting models. I asked what kind of models he wanted, and he said that he simply wanted guys to model nude for him. Preferrably outdoors. Obviously, I couldn't resist offering to help, so we decided to meet at the harbour in Oslo - then we would sail to some uninhabited place somewhere. As usual, I threw off my clothes as soon as I could, and he had a hard time both controlling the boat and taking photos at the same time.

We anchored and landed on a tiny beach, and he started to take some photos. However, while he was doing this, two other guys arrived from some small path. My photographer asked me if they minded that we kept doing this, and they said that they didn't mind. They didn't seem completely indifferent, however, as they decided to sit down quite close to us. Then the two guys undressed, and the whole situation led to a solid hard-on on my part. This didn't make the guys any less interested - and I saw that their dicks started to harden as well. And the photographer kept taking his photographs...

It was amazing to be photographed on a beach, standing there naked with a raging hard-on, and with two totally unknown guys watching. They didn't seem at all embarrassed that they were also erect. So when the photographer suggested that I touch my dick, I didn't hesitate. I started doing some "gestures", but it didn't take long before I was jerking off for the camera. Knowing everything was still photographed, I found the whole thing very hot, and I was on the verge of coming many times. In the end, I lay down on a towel, raised my dick as high as I could (only my heel and neck touching the towel) and jerked off until I came. The load of cum made a nice little pool on my stomach, and I rested on a beach for a while, hearing the constant clicking of the camera.

We got back on the boat, but as the boat went back out to see, we saw two guys on the beach starting to jerk each other off.

The day had been a huge success - except that I didn't ever speak to the photographer again. I never got copies of the photos. I don't know what happened - maybe he just had to change his email address in a hurry, these things happen. But a few months ago, I saw a photo which I'm pretty sure was taken on this day. It was posted on a Flickr group, and showed a close-up of a dick (mine) at this beach. I asked the guy who had posted the photo if he knew the rest of the series, but he claimed he'd only found this one at some other site. So maybe the photographer is keeping me anonymous - or maybe he's planning to post the rest of the shoot some day. I just don't know...

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