Saturday, April 25, 2009

Russ - a nice swim

It's that time of year again. Every year, all 18-year old guys and girls in Norway are celebrating their "russetid". (After 12 years of school, everybody parties for a few weeks, often including interesting dares.) I came across an old story in a newspaper, and started to think of my own time as a "russ" a few years ago. I've blogged a little about that before, but that's not the events I'm to write about now.

It's a very innocent and cute story. A few boys, including me, were driving around in our "russebuss" (russ bus) at night, trying to find a cool party or something. We went to Tryvann (a lake) to see if there was any party going on there, but everything was quiet. Then Jens got the idea of jumping into the lake, in his russ coverall, and of course all the others followed him into the water. We were jumping around and splashing water at each other and having a heck of a time. (All of us - except Nils, who was the driver - were quite drunk.)

The problem, of course, was what to do afterwards. The clothes were soaked, of course, so we understood that we would have to get out of them. But none of us had brought any other clothes. The answer was easy: we just threw the wet clothes in a pile in the back of the bus, and just went on drinking in the nude - while Nils was driving in the nude.

We didn't know exactly what to do still, of course, as the clothes would not get dry by themselves in the bus. But then Lars got the great idea of going back to his place, because his parents was away and he could use the drying deck to save us. However, we soon realized that this meant that we had to go all the way to the center of Oslo, where their apartment was. Being naked was all very well as long as we were going at a high speed, but as soon as we had to stop at red lights in the center of town at a time of night when many people were heading out of the bars and night clubs to get home, we started to realize that we were pretty much on display. But thanks to all the beer we had consumed, none of us (still except Nils) were very shy. And I for one found the situation pretty cool - to the extent that I noticed that my willy wanted to get some more attention.

Soon we were outside Lars' home. Then we were faced with the choice of either getting dressed in the soaking wet coveralls, or just running inside in the nude. After a very quick look at the pile of water and clothes, we decided to take the chance. So we ran (impressively fast, I guess, given the amount of alcohol involved) out of the car and into the apartment building. Luckily (or sadly, depending on your point of view) we saw noone on our way in.

What was left after this was two hours of sitting in Lars' living room watching tv, all of us stark naked. I remember having a splendid time, but I can't remember details. I know that some photos were taken, but have never seen them. And I know that my dick was semi-hard for most of the time, but I was too drunk to get completely erect - and the others were probably too drunk to notice. And after two hours waiting, Lars told us that our clothes were dry, and we all got dressed and went our separate ways. I think I might have waited for a while somewhere and taken the first tram to my place.

While there was little "action" during this night, already when I woke up - around noon, I guess - and started thinking of the night we'd had, I jerked off. The image of my cute and beautiful friends naked in the bus with drunk pedestrians watching into the bus, was an image I still remember and enjoy...

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Fredrik said...


I am a russ this year, and I hope things like this will happen.

I live in a rural area (Toten) and love to go skinny dipping in Mjøsa, but it would be great to do it with lots of guys.

Thank you for your blog - it turns me on.