Saturday, May 24, 2008

Norwegian russ

In Norway, April and May are the months of the "russ" - 18 year olds who celebrate the end of high school. It's two months of partying, including lots of nudity and sexual behaviour - some of which actually give "awards".

Being drunk is, at times, a good excuse for doing things that you would want to do anyway. On the particular day in May I have in mind, I decided early that I wanted to end up naked and do some of the nudity-related actions on the awards list. I had wanted that for a long time, but there were always someone who dissuaded me. I had figured out that I needed to be a bit more drunk to be able to insist...

My russ friends and I were at a party in a town near Oslo, and I made sure everybody noticed that I was drinking quite a lot. Then, I got into a conversation with a local russ, and started to discuss the local award list. Apparently, one of the actions on the list was running naked down the main street of the town. He told me it was really cool - but "I bet you won't dare to do it", he said. I told him I would, and I ended up betting an equivalent of $100 that I would do it - before 1 o'clock. Then I told my friends. They were amazed: "There will be a lot of people", they said. "Well, the local russ do this all the time", I argued, but my friends told me that they probably did it at a time more like 4 o'clock... However, there was no way back now...

I think I was quite convincing in pretending that I had accidently happened to make this bet - in reality, I was already being turned on just by the thought of being nude in a street full of people. So when my friends tried to persuade me not to do it, I just replied irrationally, and they eventually gave up, thinking I was to drunk to be argued with. And in the mean time, my "friend" - and betting mate - had spread the rumour to everybody else at this bar. So by the time I walked unsteadily out of this place, more than a hundred other russ followed me - this was apparently an event that shouldn't be missed...

The bar happened to be at one end of the main street, so I just pulled off my russ suit and was suddenly naked in front of a crowd, which was cheering me along. I started running, and suddenly realized how crowded it actually was - there were at least a hundred people walking the street one way or another. Well, I had decided to do this, and was actually looking forward to it - as long as I wouldn't come across any police. (Only sexual nudity is banned in Norway, but how would I be able to explain my semi-erection to a policeman?)

I'll never forget the feeling of fresh air against my body and the looks of all the people on the way. Most of them stared - at least a little - and many smiled at me. Then, being almost halfway down the main street, I realized that I had - of course - left all my clothes at the bar. So I would have to run naked the same way back...

The main street led to the railway station, and there was a little, unlit park in the front of it. I remembered hearing that this park was actually a cruising ground, and decided to look around me while running through it. And actually, there was a cute guy who looked like he was waiting for something to turn up - but certainly not a naked 18-year old. I just ran past him, down to the railway station, grabbed a timetable from a little box there (as a proof that I had actually run all the way down) and started running back.

The run back to the bar was just as nice as the run down - but as I was approaching the bar, I realized how many of my classmates was probably standing there, and I got nervous. Moreover, my dick hardened even more. When I was just 50 metres away from them, I also noticed that quite a few had their cameras ready. This would surely be documented for posterity. However, one of my friends, Petter, seemed to feel that he had to do something, so he grabbed my clothes and ran towards me. I had really no excuse not to put on the clothes, so the crowd was cheated of the full view. However, a significant bulge was probably still visible.

It turned out that Petter had seen everything. Not only had he seen my erect dick - he also was quite interested in it, it turned out. After I had quarreled a little and then managed to get at least part of my $100, Petter asked me to come with him to the russ van. I wondered what he wanted, but when we got inside, he said quietly "Would you mind if I said that I liked what I just saw?" I understood that this was his way of coming out to me, but I was (playing) too drunk to have a serious conversation right then, so I just pulled down my russ suit again and asked playfully "You mean this?" Obviously, I quickly got erect again, and I asked if he didn't have something to show me as well. He took me into the van and removed his russ suit as well...

We ended up sucking each other in a van 300 metres from the bar where lots of our friends were partying - and where there were lots of people who had just seen me naked. If anyone of them had come quietly towards the van, they could have seen both of us through the windows. However, they did not - I think. And this was the first of several really nice party nights with Petter. We always tended to end up being naked together - although not necessarily drunk...


Anonymous Blogger said...

wow russ seems like a good old time, and vans are so useful sometimes, haha.

Nils said...

Great story!

I also have great memories from the days I was russ. Where I lived, the main nude event was to run across a local bridge - that was cool!

Moreover, I remember that the russ coveralls that we used had big holes in the sides - probably meant to give access to the trouser pockets beneath the coverall. However, in my class, we made a point of never wearing anything under the coverall. If you were not careful (and I was never careful...) people could easily see your dick through these holes - especially if you were sitting at your desk in the classroom.

Keep the memories coming...

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