Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hotel swimming pool

Although I do love hostels because of the opportunities they offer, I also like a swim when I'm travelling. So as I've been travelling a lot lately (which also partly explains the lack of posts here), I've had my share of both hostels and hotels.

Three weeks ago, I stayed a few days in Copenhagen. I arrived at the hotel quite late (after 11pm), and as I was checking in, I asked the night clerk if the swimming pool was still open. He told me that the it's supposed to be open until 10pm only, but that he could let me in if I wanted a quick swim. So I just quickly left my suitcase in my room and returned to the lobby. The night clerk showed me the locker room and went away.

I had brought swimwear, but as I was all alone, the temptation to go swimming in the nude was too big. So I left everything behind in the locker room and went to the pool wearing nothing. I dived into the pool and started swimming. I had arrived in Copenhagen quite early in the day and been busy until now, so the water tickling me all over my body felt great.

After swimming for maybe 15 minutes, I had a little rest, and I started to think a bit more about the position I was in - if someone were to come in, there would be absolutely nothing to cover up with in the entire room. Needless to say, as I started to think about this (or rather: fantasize), I was getting a hard-on. I just enjoyed the situation - and thought that this was actually the perfect combination of a real risk but still a rather small risk. (It's not funny if there's no risk at all, but I also prefer not too big a risk...) But then, of course, I heard a door.

It was the night clerk. He entered the room, looked at me as if to check that I was okay. It seemed to take him a second to realize that I was naked, and then maybe another second to convince himself that I was actually having a hard-on. Then he almost seemed to get embarrassed for a moment, but then probably understood that he was not the one who should be embarrassed. So he walked closer to where I was standing, as he was saying "I just wanted to come down and check that everything was okay... and you seem to be just fine..." He was staring at my dick in a way that I've learned to interpret as lust, so I decided to be a bit bold. "Yes, it's really great to have a swim - don't you want to join me?"

I realized that swimming naked with customers probably wasn't part of his job description, and he seemed to hesitate. But then he made a decision, and quickly pulled off his clothes. Now it was my time to stare, and even though he was only naked for a moment before jumping into the pool, I got enough of a look at him to decide that this was something I wanted - from the shape of his body, it seemed that he used to swim a lot.

First, we were just playing around in the water for a while, but with both me and him sporting raging hard-ons, we both knew that something more would come up. So after a few minutes, I sat on the edge of the pool, my cock invitingly just above the water. He came over to me, and filled his mouth with my cock. I looked over at the door a few metres away, and wondered if we would be able to finish this before someone entered. But then I decided to look at him instead, this beautiful, young night clerk who was giving me such wonderful service. However, I did want to have an even closer look, so I gestured that we should switch positions. He had a great cock - nice and straight and quite slim, but of solid length. I started to suck him off. At first, it tasted a bit of chlorine, but I soon forgot about that, as the water from the pool was mixed with my salvia and his precum.

He didn't last long - soon, he withdrew from my mouth and sent a nice splash of cum over my torso. Then he jumped into the water and moved behind me, so that I could feel his semi-erect and cummy cock between my legs as he started to jerk me off with his hands. It was a bit strange to feel his cum on my chest and between my legs at the same time as I was jerked off, and it didn't take long before I burst a great load into the water.

As we walked back out of the locker room a bit later, I did realize why he had dared to do this at all - the doors were securely locked from inside, of course. And in theory, he was the only person at work during the night, although he could never be sure if the manager would turn up on a surprise visit.

As it turned out, he was not at work for the remaining two nights I was staying at this hotel, but I did get his email address, so I will surely try again next time I'm in Copenhagen.


Tremendi said...

How come stuff like this never happens to me?

Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...

Hey, Tremendi.. it certainly should be happening to you. It sometimes does to me (although I far older) - believe it or not. It's mainly a matter of attitude.

Surely, how and what Jo has written about his HOS blog has given us strong clues about the reason: casual sex works so well for him. My theory is that the nudity (his nakedness) is often accompanied by the fact that the other 'chased' people are often clothed at first, so these things seem to start as a CMNM experience.

Jo Kristian said...

Tremedi: I see at least two reasons why these things keep happening to me: 1) luck, 2) that I put myself in situations where it might happen...

At least a hundred times a year I consciously put myself in positions where I am "approachable". (Sleeping naked in hostels, being semi-hard in the shower at the gym, skinny-dipping in a forest lake, dressing "light" in summer...)

As Kelly suggests, many of these situations start of as CMNM experiences - and innocent ones. For instance, nobody minds that people are skinny-dipping in the lakes in the forest. On the other hand, some people are visibly attracted to the sight, and obviously, when someone approaches me while I'm swimming around in the nude, I'm easily persuaded...

Another example: when walking around in the city streets in training trousers with nothing underneath, letting everything flap around, I easily spot who are watching me closely...

There are just so many opportunities at attracting a little attention (especially in summer), so that there's really no problem...