Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick jerk

Just a quick note on my trip to the swimming pool this week. After swimming, I went to the sauna. Just as I came in, four guys who were apparently active swimmers also came in. They kept their swimwear on, while I had left mine outside, only bringing a towel to sit on. The guys started to talk about another swimmer they knew, and how he was so well endowed that he always had a conspicious bulge. They laughed and made jokes about this, not minding me. The hot air and being the only fully nude man in the room made me horny. I realized a little too late that I wouldn't be able to keep it down, so I stood up and walked out to the showers.

It was a quiet time of day, and the showers in this place are arranged in groups, so I was able to find a group of six (or eight?) showers with noone around. I started to shower as usual, but decided to take the chance of a quick jerk-off. I made the judgement that I would be able to hear people coming a few seconds before they could see me - plenty of time to turn around and pretend nothing happened.

Of course, my cock was fully hard in no time, and it felt very good to start working it slowly in a public shower room with great-looking guys in the locker room outside and in the sauna next door. It didn't take me long to get to the point of no return, and then I turned towards the shower, and let the water hit my cock-head as I was coming. It felt wonderful.

Maybe two minutes after my cum, and with the cock still semi-erect, I heard voices outside. Seconds later, the guys entered the room where I was standing. One of the guys gave my cock a look and I imagined seeing a smile, but then he just started showering - and I decided that nothing would happen today. So I finished my shower and got out.

So this time my judgment was sound - I could really hear them before they entered. Sometimes I get uncertain whether I'm really in such a position, or if it's just wishful thinking. I also wonder if I will really hear it if they are approaching just as I am reaching the top of the orgasm. I don't know - and I'm not sure I want to know for sure either. If I know I'm completely safe, I could just as well jerk off at home...

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