Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Showering with white briefs

One of the things that fascinates me, is guys who shower with their underwear on. This actually happens quite a lot here in Oslo, and it is especially guys from Pakistan (I think) who does it.

Two weeks ago, I was swimming at the local swimming pool. It was late in the evening, almost 10 o'clock, and there were almost no people around. After swimming my usual 1000 metres, I headed for the showers. There was only one other guy there - a Pakistani guy who was showering with his white briefs. I almost couldn't believe it - I would think that the point of showering with your underwear is to protect your modesty, but these white briefs were so transparent that I got a very fine view of his dick. Strange.

As so often happens when I shower, my cock started to harden a little as I was washing my body. I saw no reason to suppress that, so I just kept washing myself, but when I glanced at the guy's transparent briefs again, I saw that he had noticed - his dick was now erect. It was an absurd sight - a guy showering with his underwear on sporting a huge hard-on - I loved it.

Of course, this made me real horny. I thought for a moment what I could do, knowing that within fifteen minutes the building would close. I judged my friend to be so turned on that he wouldn't mind me jerking off a little, so I took hold of my cock and started to masturbate gently. I waited for a while before looking at him, but when I did, he had pulled his cock out of his briefs and started to work on his nice, long tool.

This happens to me amazingly often - it seems that the people who go to the swimming pool just before closing time does it for a reason. Anyway, there is something wonderfully vulnerable about jerking off in a public shower, knowing that people might enter from the pool area or from the sauna or from the locker rooms at any time. But this time noone entered, so I could enjoy myself - and look at this good-looking chap. He had a swimmer's build, nice, dark skin and brown eyes to kill for. He was leaning back a little and spreading his legs, and was moving in and out of the water from the shower, getting extra pleasure from feeling the water hitting his cock. Then, after maybe five minutes, he shot a huge load on the tiles of the floor. The sight of this obviously made me come as well.

He didn't seem entirely comfortable with what he'd done - he showered quickly and soon went into the locker room. I was in no hurry, so I showered a little more, and by the time I got there, everyone was gone. As I had finished dressing, the guy locking the building came into the locker room from the showers, and asked me if I knew who had been "making a mess" in the showers. I claimed I hadn't noticed, but he seemed a bit suspicious - and intrigued... So maybe next time, he will be checking things out a bit earlier...


Tremendi said...

The need to keep genitals covered is stronger in some cultures than others. Some of it is based on religious attitudes and norms and others on what is deemed acceptable behaviour in the company of others. What you experienced in the shower is just an outward sign of that for that person. I have come across it many times on my travels. I, like you, come from a culture where nakedness is "normal". To other cultures being naked could land us in Jail!

Jo Kristian said...

Yes, I know, Tremendi. I know it's a cultural thing, but I still find it a bit "strange" - and sad.

But the really bizarre thing is to be so modest but at the same time choose underwear from white fabric that gets absolutely transparent when wet... (But I'm not complaining... :-)

Tremendi said...

I also would not complain. I think it is crazy that guys shower in underwear too. As far as white is concerned maybe any other colour than white would be considered gay! (but if they are so modest and shy who is going to see them anyway?)

Uroskin said...

Some rugby players here in New Zealand shower in their shorts or underpants. It's usually the non-European guys who are the most bashful.
If I ruled the world naked showering would be the first decree.