Friday, May 1, 2009


Lately, I've written about different things I do "to make things happen". Then I realized that there have been times when I haven't done anything at all to make things happen...

I remember one night in the summer of 2006. I was at London (Oslo's main gay bar) with two friends, John and Petter. We were just planning to have a few beers and then go home early. But we enjoyed ourselves, danced and had fun. About two o'clock, John suddenly came over to his table and picked up his jacket. He had met a guy at the dance-floor and was going home with him. Petter and I danced a little and drank a little, but about 2:20, he had ran into someone that he had had a crush on before, and was now going home with him. This left me all alone at my table with an almost full glass of beer to get rid of.

Quite quickly, a guy descended on the table. He was what I would normally describe as "not my type" - in his 50s, a bit fat and a bit bold. But I obviously had nothing better to do, and he seemed kind, so we started to talk. He turned out to be interesting and with a sense of humour and not too drunk, so I enjoyed myself. ... And then the lights were turned on, as they always are at three o'clock in Oslo. Time to go home. This guy, whose name was Bjarne, asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him at his place, which was just around the corner. I tried to fool myself into thinking that "a drink would be nice", although I of course knew what "a drink" really meant. Anyway, I accepted and joined him.

I was a bit ambivalent about this thing, but I decided to just be calm and enjoy myself. His apartment WAS actually just around the corner (surprisingly), and I WAS actually offered a drink. I accepted the drink, and went over to his bookshelves to look at what kind of books he had. Then, all of a sudden, he was standing behind me and his fingers were opening the button - and then the zipper - of my white trousers. It was a bit surprising that he would do it this quickly, so I didn't immediately respond. As a matter of fact, I was just standing there still while he was pulling down my trousers. Then he took the glass from my hand and put it on the shelf, and pulled my t-shirt off me. And, still without me really doing much, he pulled down my Calvin Kleins.

I had never before experienced to be undressed like that without in some way participating or at least being asked. And now, he obviously thought of me as an extremely passive guy, so he kept the initiative. "Go to the bedroom", he said, "and get face down on the bed". I didn't even look at him, I just did as he wanted, because I knew that I wanted it too. When I got down on the bed, I turned to look at him, and he had quickly undressed and put on a condom on his hard and solid cock. I turned over to the pillow again, and felt his fingers making room for something bigger. Then, after maybe two minutes of fingering, his main tool entered.

At this point, I was a bit confused. Of course I had been fucked before, but I had never before acted this passive and let others rule me like this. Did this mean that I was supposed to be passive in bed as well, or would he want me to work with him to make it good. I decided that he might be imagining me to be an unexperienced and forlorn 18-year old, and that it would be better to keep playing that role. So instead of joining his rhythm, I stayed passive, and he seemed to enjoy it. To my surprise, I enjoyed it, too. Not having to make an effort, made me focus even more on the sensations. And he must have had a lot of experience of fucking in his life...

After a while, he turned me over on my back, got my feet up in the air and entered me again. Again, I let him do all the work, and I could now look him in the eyes and see that he really enjoyed this. And after a while of this, he made me sit on all fours in his bed, and he finished his fucking with a big burst of sperm.

After this, he offered me to stay the night. I wasn't too keen on walking home, so I accepted. He had a spare room with a bed, and let me go to bed there.

In the morning, I woke up quite early from the sun coming through the window. I had no underwear on (as usual), no cover - and I had a morning erection. The door to the corridor was open, and Bjarne walked past the door, noticed that I was awake, and stopped in the doorway. "Do you want breakfast?" he asked. Then he said "All of you is awake, it seems" and looked at my cock. I took hold of my cock with my right hand and looked at it, faking surprise; "You are right", I said. Then I started to jerk off slowly. I looked at Bjarne, then at my cock, then back at Bjarne, as I was stimulating myself. "I had very good sex last night", I said as I was jerking off, "I was so lucky that you chose to sit down at my table". He stayed in the doorway, but was looking at nothing but me. "When you asked me home for a drink, I was hoping there would be something more", I said, "and as your hands started to undress me, I longed for your body next to mine. And as your big cock massaged me inside, I was almost screaming with passion. And when you burst inside me, it spread warmth all through my body." As I said this and looked him into his eyes, I shot a huge load over my stomach and chest. And I kept looking at him while I slowed down my jerking, and then let go of my cock, touching the sperm with my fingers and then putting two of the fingers in my mouth, tasting my sperm.

Then, after being quiet for a few moments, I asked if I could have a shower. He pointed me to the bathroom and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. We had a nice breakfast with a discussion about recent events, and I went home. When John and Petter asked me later in the day if "I got some" as well, I could say with confidence - "Indeed I did..."

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hardtwoholed said...

With the advent of spring, you're probably out 'making things happen' once again. Nice to know you don't discriminate because of age (smile).