Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ask me anything answers 6

In a comment, Tremendi asks me a whole bunch of questions:
1. What is the most unusual place that you have had sex?
2. Have you ever had sex outdoors in the winter? For example, in the snow?
3. Can you describe a situation where you know you were being watched and it turned you on more or made you perform better?
4. Can you tell us some of your experiences of sleeping naked in dorms/hostels and the reactions that you have had (including touching by total strangers)

I'll start answering the first one and see how far I get... I've had sex in many places, and often I think of them as "unusual", only to find later that lots of other people have had the same idea. The first time I had sex on a beach, I even found that "unusual", and only later found that there was even a drink named after it... :-)

I've had sex on a boat, on top of a diving board (in a closed swimming pool) and on top of a ski jump. Still, maybe the most unusual one was in a lecture hall at university. It was a huge lecture hall with something like 600 seats, and after the last lecture of the day, I stayed behind with a guy I had been flirting with. With everybody gone, we went at it. It was pure luck that there was noone turning up to pick up something left behind, to clean the lecture hall or anything like that. This is actually the place I've had sex that still elicits the most "wow"s from friends...

2. Have you ever had sex outdoors in the winter? For example, in the snow?
Have you any idea how cold that would be? The closest thing I've done is to be in a cabin in the mountains, having a nice, hot sauna, running naked into the snow and then running back in to have sex inside.

3. Can you describe a situation where you know you were being watched and it turned you on more or made you perform better?
Being watched always have that effect on me... I remember one of the first times I went to a gay (nude) beach here in Oslo. I undressed and was planning to read a little. Then I noticed that a guy was watching me. He was probably double my age and hadn't even undressed, but I didn't mind that - I immediately got horny. And instead of just relaxing and enjoying being watched, I started to jerk off. Just the idea of jerking off outside where I *could* be seen was a bit new to me at the time, and to do it in plain view of this dressed guy, who was obviously enjoying what he saw, was electrifying. I was on my back and raised my cock high into the air, only touching the ground with my shoulders and the soles of my feet. It felt very hot, and when I came, cum hit my face as well as my stomach. There didn't seem to be anyone else around, so I walked slowly down to the water with cum all over me, and had a nice swim.

4. Can you tell us some of your experiences of sleeping naked in dorms/hostels and the reactions that you have had (including touching by total strangers)
Of course, this question could lead to several posts. I've written before about how I prefer to stay at hostels on my travels, and that I prefer to sleep in the nude. The experiences are varied - sometimes, people just shrug, sometimes, people are turned on, sometimes, they are drunk and horny.

I remember a night two years ago in a hostel in Amsterdam. I had been out quite late, and got back to the hostel about 3am. Everyone else in the room (a six-bed room) was already asleep, so I just undressed and went to sleep - under the cover. But I always move a little when I'm sleeping, so by morning the cover is always on the floor or somewhere else. Very early, I woke up by the sound of an alarm clock. Apparently, someone had to get up early. I kept my eyes shut and pretended to be asleep, noticing, of course, that I was naked and uncovered. I heard the guy get out of his bed, and then some quiet steps in my directions. Apparently, he wanted to have a look. It was a turn-on to be lying there, knowing that he was watching me, but not really knowing which one of my five "room-mates" he was. And then, very carefully, he put his hand on my dick. Needless to say, it got erect almost immediately. He even started to move his hand a little, almost jerking me off. But then I heard a little sound from somewhere - probably just someone moving around in their bed or something, and this guy removed his hand. Maybe he just realized that he was in a hurry. Anyway, he made noises for a while more, sounding like he was getting dressed, arranging his luggage and so on. And all the time, I had to pretend to be sleeping, and still knowing that my now erect cock was on plain view for anyone waking up - as well as for the guy responsible...

Then, just before he walked out the door, I heard a sound that sounded remarkably like a Sony-Ericsson cell phone taking a photo. But I didn't look, wanting to preserve the impression that I was sleeping.

I have many more stories about hostels. I also like it when guys are visibly intrigued but don't really want to admit it. I like to pretend that it's perfectly normal to walk around the room in the nude, and love to watch the confusion of guys who want to do the same, want to stare at me and still... But more about that later, I guess...


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

God bless you.

Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...

Jo, I had wondered what was happening with you. You hadn't posted here or on Twitter (since that evening with F.) for a while. I just returned to Tokyo from my travels (CMNM events, business, and leisure) and almost wrote you yesterday to inquire. Then -- strangely coincidentally.. you write a blog entry today. Pause for thought...

Of course, the topics you wrote about (thansk to Tremendi) are already too stimulating for me to be able to confine myself to a simple comment, but I'll attempt to do so. (smile).
The very thing you described about somebody (unknown to you) at a hostel taking a photo also happened to me a couple of weekends ago in London - except it was my ass (butt) that got photographed - apparently by a Spanish couple - who assumed I couldn't understand them or that I was also asleep (only I didn't get felt up like your admirer had done).

Glad you're back online... I've missed you (and James) very much and really wanted (want and will want) to share in your life 'stories.' For some strange reason, knowing you two online has been almost too intimate. What I am saying is that vicariously experiencing your lives and sexual personalities (via our virtual or second life existence i.e. the Internet) has almost made me feel closer to you than it should. I realize that I feel lonelier when I don't know what's going on with you guys. Hey.. (LOL).. do you think I need Internet addiction therapy or something? Net Life is stranger than fiction and more compelling than reality. It like a truly 'living novel' an alive literature of unintended meanings... it's almost narcotic.
Have you experienced what I am describing to any degree? It's probably worth a blog entry in and of itself. If you don't get any more questions that is a topic you can write about (along with more of your hostel experiences).

P.S. I also have a guy I would love to have you interview for a mutual blog entry (to be published jointly on our two blogs). I'll fill in the details later.

Cheers, and always dare to stay bare...

Kelly (sunbuns / sunbunz / sunbuns99)

Tremendi said...

Thanks for the answers. Please don't keep us waiting so long for the next instalments......

Just for interest- the word verification for this comment post was "nollycoc"! I thought that rather apt, dont you?