Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ask me anything

Sorry for not updating much lately. It's been a busy time, lots of travels etc. Lots of experiences as well, but too little time to blog about them...

While I try to get around to blog, I have a suggestions: why don't you ask me questions? Ask me anything, and I'll ask truthfully - and as entertaining as I can...

(By the way, Facebook has deleted my account - I don't know why. I'll consider getting a social networking account somewhere else soon...)


Renton said...

Before I ask a question I just want to say I love this blog. Your stories are fantastic and make me want to spend time in Norway. I'm wondering, have you spent much time in bathhouses? I've been to a couple but I always wish there were more people my age. The ones I've been to seem to attract an older crowd.

Petter said...

You seem to have both safe sex and - once in a while - unsafe sex. Have you ever felt scared when having unsafe sex?

Tremendi said...

How did you get into exhibitionism and discovering that you were turned on more by knowing that people were watching you?

Gard said...

1. Describe the sexiest guy you ever had sex with.
2. You must have had sex with people of lots of different professions - what's the coolest profession?
3. Do you ever swallow when you suck?
4. What's your favorite part of gay saunas?
5. Have you ever lost on purpose in strip poker?
6. How many women have you had sex with?
7. How much money would it take to have you model for Playgirl?

Tremendi said...

Seeing as you haven't posted for a while, I thought a few more questions would give you a reason to write another "ask me anything" entry:
1. What is the most unusual place that you have had sex?
2. Have you ever had sex outdoors in the winter? For example, in the snow?
3. Can you describe a situation where you know you were being watched and it turned you on more or made you perform better?
4. Can you tell us some of your experiences of sleeping naked in dorms/hostels and the reactions that you have had (including touching by total strangers)

Matt said...

I understand from your blog that you are happy about your dick size. Would you say that size makes a difference in your attitude to nudity?

Is exhibitionism tied to pride in a way?