Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ask me anything answers 4

Tremendi asks "How did you get into exhibitionism and discovering that you were turned on more by knowing that people were watching you?"

That's a good question. I really can't pinpoint it. Of course, I remember that nudity fascinated me from a very early age. I guess that the idea that one should be very careful not to be seen by anyone naked (except in particular circumstances, such as in the locker room at school) made me interested. In particular, I remember standing by my bedroom window in the nude, feeling the summer evening air while thinking that someone might be watching.

As I've written elsewhere: I mostly prefer to be seen naked in "innocent" circumstances. Being naked in my own room is such a circumstance, even though I hesitated a bit longer than necessary after opening the window before going to bed. Likewise, most of my public nudity for my first years of exhibition was in similar situations - at nude beaches, at other beaches, out in the woods, in youth hostels etc.

Of course, these are all different. Being naked in your bedroom window is quite "innocent", but if you're sporting a hard-on in that situation, it's another matter. In the locker room, on the other hand, I remember that I used to get semi-hard. I enjoyed the attention the other guys gave me, even though they laughed and made fun of me. They said that I couldn't control my dick, but they didn't know that I controlled it perfectly exactly for that purpose. And I enjoyed it immensely when I saw that other guys got a hard-on because they had been looking at mine...

And youth hostels are different still. In youth hostels (or other dorm-like situations), I always sleep in the nude, and make sure that the cover only covers me for the first 30 minutes or so. However, you never really know how people might react when they see a naked guy in a bed - I remember the first time someone touched me in that situation; it was a pleasant shock.

Anyway, the answer to your question must be the bedroom window. I didn't really get turned on by people actually watching me - I've always been almost as much turned on by knowing that people might be watching me. So even just going for a nude swim in the middle of the forest may turn me on, even though I know there are probably noone else around. As long as there might be...

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