Saturday, February 14, 2009

The couple with a special interest

I've written before that I rarely meet people based on emails or chats online - I prefer things to happen more "spontaneously". One exception was an email that I got one Thursday in August last year, which read something like this (although in Norwegian):
"Dear James,
my husband and I have read your blog and are intrigued by its contents. We own a cabin and a secluded beach in the Oslo fjord, and have for a long time had a fantasy of having some naked people around us when we are enjoying the sun. Now we are trying to invite some people to fulfil our fantasy. Would you be interested in coming to our place this Saturday if the weather permits?
We will have a boat pick you up.
Yours sincerely,"
and so on.

I'm not sure what I felt when I got this email. One part of me had worried that starting this blog would impact on my life in ways I didn't want - and if I could, I would have made it invisible to people from Norway. I didn't like people around here to read my stories. On the other hand, I couldn't resist this offer, of course. I didn't know exactly what it would mean, but I knew it would involve sun and nudity and other people. So I answered yes. I got an email with more detailed instructions: they wanted me (and the other guys) to be naked and swim or whatever we wanted in the area around the cabin. We would get food and drinks if we wanted. The simple point was to provide some "atmosphere" for the couple.

The weather was very nice on that Saturday, so in the afternoon I got down to the fjord and was taken by a boat to the island. I understood the meaning of the word secluded now - the beach could not be seen from other parts of the island, but was clearly visible from quite a distance on the fjord. Well, I didn't mind. I got off the boat and saw that three other guys had already arrived - they were lying around, naked. I decided on a spot not to far from the others, and undressed.

The cabin was more like a house than a typical cabin, and it was not far from the beach. The couple was not to be seen. On my left was a Caribbean-looking guy, maybe my age and height, slim and with a good-looking cock. On my other side, maybe only ten meters away was a Norwegian-looking guy. He may have been 30 years old, muscular. He was on his stomach so far, so I couldn't really see his dick. Nice ass, though. And further to my left were another guy who could easily be Norwegian, with light blond hair. He can't have been more than 19 years old, a bit skinny, but with a sexy tan but no tan line.

As I arrived, all of the others looked at me, of course. I nodded politely, but then lay down and started to consider the situation. We were four good-looking guys (if I may be so immodest), we were all naked and we could all me seen by at least ten boats in the fjord at this very moment. So of course I enjoyed the situation very much already. And then, the couple came out.

The couple put up their chairs on the opposite part of the beach from us, setting up their beach chairs facing us. They were a beautiful couple in their early thirties. The guy was wearing a tiny swimsuit while she was wearing a nice bikini. They sat down, started to talk and drink beer, while they were watching us.

Being naked with others is great, but being naked where there are also people who are not naked is even better. This may be because their clothes underline my nudity. In any case, my cock reacted almost immediately, getting half-erect within seconds. Almost on instinct, I watched around me to see if anyone noticed (and maybe even considered turning around to avoid embarrasment), but I soon realised that I was not alone in this reaction. The beautiful guy who I've guessed may be from the Caribbean was already fully erect, while the two other Norwegians were also approaching that status. So instead of covering up in any way, I just relaxed, closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my swelling cock catching some sun. I knew three beautiful guys with hard-ons were watching, I knew the couple were watching and I knew that we were also visible from afar. Perfect.

We were all just resting and going for a swim once in a while - enjoying the beautiful day. I'm quite patient when I'm on a beach - I can rest for a long time before getting restless. After an hour and a half on this beach, however, I got very impatient, wanting to know what would happen next. However, at about this point, a guy came out from the cabin with a case of beer, which he distributed to us. Then he went back in. I had a beer. I had another beer. By the time I started on my third beer, I noticed that the young Norwegian was looking at me intently. I decided it couldn't hurt to get over to him to have a chat. I sat down next to him, and he said - apparently losing any inhibitions he might have had by a combination of the sun and the beer on an empty stomach - that he'd like to suck me. I answered - not because of the beer but simply because I wanted to - that he could.

This really got things going. As the young guy started working my dick, the Caribbean moved closer to us, evidently wanting to take part. The older Norwegian sat down next to him, and they started to kiss. I glanced at the couple sitting in their chairs - they were watching us even more intensely than before, and the guy's swimwear was having trouble keeping its contents inside.

Sad to say, the tongue-work of the young guy was not very impressive, so I made us switch parts, so that I was sucking him instead. His dick was thin but quite long, and I got the sense that he was constantly very close to coming. So I had to do my job very carefully, licking him only for seconds at a time. After three or four minutes of this, the Caribbean came over and rearranged our bodies so that I could still suck the young one while the Caribbean sucked me. However, I was also eyeing the other Norwegian, whose cock seemed very tempting. Therefore, I decided to finish the "suffering" of my current victim - I shifted gear and used all my tricks at once. Within a minute he was coming - I withdrew a few seconds before that and saw his sperm covering his stomach.

Now it was time for the other Norwegian. I signalled for him to come over, as the young one headed for the water to get his sperm washed off. This was a cock of another caliber, and moreover, he seemed very anxious to thrust deep into my mouth (while the blond one had been more passively enjoying). I had to concentrate on taking as much of his cock as possible, but that was hard, because I could now see - in the corner of my eye - that the couple had gotten out of their chairs and started fucking opposite us. They were still looking in our direction much of the time. I felt the big dick thrusting into my throat, felt a beautiful guy still sucking my dick, saw the couple having sex and saw the blond guy get back out of the water, and the combination made me lose control and come, without warning, into the mouth of the gorgeous guy.

For some reason, after coming I felt like cleaning up, so I went down to the water just like the blond guy had done. I dived into the sea, swam a few strokes, and as I was swimming back in I saw the wonderful scene. The big Norwegian and the Caribbean was now jerking each other off, facing each other, while the straight couple had turned to doggy style on top of their blankets. I couldn't help just sitting down on the shore, watching shamelessly. The Caribbean came first, a big burst of sperm hitting the Norwegian's perfect six-pack. Then it was only half a minute before he came, hitting back. And when I had finished watching them, I noticed that the straight couple were now having an after-sex rest on their towels.

Slowly, everything came back to something resembling "normal". The couple's servant (I guess) came out of the cabin and started lighting the grill, and within minutes the couple were back in their clothes. The guys stayed naked, but not fully erect anymore, and we went swimming and having fun in the water for a while.

It had been an amazing evening, and all because this couple felt it was a bit too lonely to spend their weekends alone on this beautiful beach. In the discussion during dinner they told us that they had found the three other guys via their profiles on gaysir, while I had been found due to my blog.

While I did go to nude beaches lots of times last summer, of course this one Saturday evening was special. I hope I'll get more days like that.

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