Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask me anything answers 1

I've already gotten questions after asking you to Ask me anything:

Renton asks "have you spent much time in bathhouses? I've been to a couple but I always wish there were more people my age. The ones I've been to seem to attract an older crowd."

Answer: My experience is pretty much the same as yours. That doesn't bother me, though. Older people are fine... :-)

There are many ways to find people to have sex with, and I'm using most of them:
Going to the gym and try to find interested guys in the shower is exciting and sometimes gives great results - but more often, it leads to nothing. Making an agreement to meet someone I've met on the net is very frustrating - I rarely do that, because it feels so stupid when people don't turn up. Going to gay bars is expensive, but has the benefit of almost always leading to sex, although often with people who are drunk... Webcam sex may also be great, but of course is not perfect.

Going to bathhouses (gay saunas) is, in many ways, better than many other options. You know there will always be horny guys there. It's true that the average age is a bit high, but on the other hand, that gives you plenty of attention. For an exhibitionist like me, saunas give many opportunities.

On the other hand, I prefer sex to happen suddenly and randomly, and therefore, I also try to look for sex in other places...

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