Sunday, June 1, 2008

The naked waiters doing overtime work

My posting on being a russ and running naked through town, made me think of another nice memory from that year. I had just turned 18, was broke and wanted to go to lots of parties. A solution appeared out of nowhere...

As so often before, in the lunch break at school, I complained about not having any money. When I got back to the classroom, I forgot all about it, but as the bell rang to signal the end of the day, Fredrik approached me and said he wanted to talk to me. He lived in the same direction as me, so we started walking home, and he asked if I was really having trouble getting enough money to get by. I told him that my parents provided all necessities, but there surely wasn't much for parties and that kind of thing. "And I really love parties...", I said. Fredrik hesitated, but then he told me that he knew a simple job - but I would have to promise not to tell anyone about it, no matter if I took it or not. I got curious, and obviously promised.

"I know this guy," Fredrik said, "who told me he's going to be a waiter at a party on Friday. It's a birthday party for some rich guy, and they need several waiters, so I was offered a job as well. It pays real well - it's $1000 for the evening." "Wow", I said, but I knew there must be a catch somewhere... "I guess they need a few more, so I was asked if I knew someone. There was only a few conditions. They want waiters our age. Only boys. And handsome." (I realized that Fredrik had just called me handsome, but I was too interested in the offer to comment on that.) "But why do they pay so well?", I asked. "That's the little thing. They want the waiters to be naked."

Fredrik told me that this was a gay, rich guy's party, and as a special little treat for him, he (and the 33 guests) would be served by nude waiters. However, there was nothing else expected - we would only serve the food, the guests would be told that we were just to be watched, not touched, and we would be expected to leave when the last meal was served, after which the party would move on to the pool area and "loosen up".

Fredrik looked at me as if expecting an answer, and I realized that I had just taken it for granted that I would say yes - I hadn't even considered not doing it. "So you will do it?", I asked. "Yes - I need the money," he said, and I simply replied "So do I."

This conversation happened on a Wednesday, so I had 48 hours to think of what to expect. I would be naked in front of 34 gays, and I wondered if I would at all be able to keep from getting a hard-on. The set-up turned me on immensely, but at the same time I worried what might happen - would someone expect me to sleep with them? $1000 was surely too much just to be naked for a few hours? On the other hand, Fredrik seemed to trust them completely.

Friday appeared. In the afternoon, I went to Fredrik's place, and took the subway together to a nice western neighboorhood, where we were supposed to be working, where we met two other waiters-to-be I didn't know. We were enthusiastically approached by a guy, Tom, who was apparently in charge of the whole event. He reiterated the pay, the conditions and told us that we were expected to stay until midnight. Then we would be able to get the last subway home. "I guess the people will be busy with their food until then, and you will miss the wilder parts... But if someone misbehaves, just let me know", he said.

I looked at the other two waiters, and realized that I was quite flattered to be chosen as part of this team. They were gorgeous. Tall and charming, with nice smiles. I greeted them, and got to know their names: Anders and John. We didn't have the chance to talk, however, there was some preparation to do. The plan was that we would enter when the guests had just been seated, and serve them some wine. By that time, we were supposed to wear a black bow tie and nothing else. So we had to be quick to undress and start working on the bow ties... I saw that the guys I was working with was just as athletic as I was - they had great muscles, and Anders even had an impressive six-pack. He also knew how to tie the bow tie, so after a few fruitless efforts on my part, he had to come over and tie it for me as well. Having a naked beauty as him within reach already started to make it really difficult for me to control my erection...

Then time was suddenly up, and we were sent into the dining room with bottles of wine. We were clearly appreciated - the guests gasped of delight when they saw the four of us entering - then everybody applauded. We smiled and poured wine - and it was all very friendly. The only problem I had was that I couldn't keep soft. I tried to concentrate on pouring the wine in exactly the right way (I had waited tables before, so I knew how to do it), but all around I noticed that the guests were watching our dicks, and I couldn't get that out of my mind. So by the time I got ouf of the room to get the last bottle of wine, I was decidedly semi-erect. In a show of willpower, I managed to walk back in, serve the wine, smile and chat, all the time thinking of the periodic system of chemistry - in an effort to avoid having an all-out scandalous raging hard-on. I managed it - but couldn't help noticing that people were paying attention...

Now we had a few minutes (a short speech) before serving the starters, and I went to a neighbouring room to sit down and think of something else for a little while. It didn't really work very well, and all of a sudden we were standing in line ready to enter with the starters. The "master of ceremonies" (Tom) said that we were about to enter, but then added: "You may have noticed that one of our waiters had some problems keeping altogether "professional" in the lower regions. Does that bother you?" Everybody shouted "No!". Then Tom went on: "I considered giving him the rest of the day off - but then that's not necessary?" "No!" "Or maybe we could offer him the chance to wear some trousers?" Still more enthusiastically: "NO!" Obviously,Tom had grasped the chance to make some fun out of my "problems", and the added attention made sure that I couldn't keep it down anymore. The other three waiters were also looking at me - and at my dick - which didn't help a bit either. Therefore, by the time we entered, my dick was rock hard, I could feel my heart bouncing inside me, but at least I knew that this group of people actually was pleased to see my dick - which made me a bit less afraid, but even more embarrassed and horny.

I walked around with a hard-on for the whole evening. I enjoyed it more and more - and as I started to noticing the bulges in the guests' trousers, I got more and more confident. The few sentences I exchanged with the guests were soon full of innuendo and flirtation. The other three guys, however, managed to get through the main course without getting noticeably excited (I don't know how), but by the time of the desserts and the dessert wine, they were all erect as well. And as we all (the fabulous four naked waiters) were still beautiful and charming, I'm sure the guests were having the dinner of a lifetime. Some of them started to get a little out of hand - at least five either slapped my ass or "inadvertedly" touched my dick.

"Time to go home," Fredrik said when we were back in the kitchen for the final time. What a anticlimax of a great night, I thought, so I asked him if we couldn't have a very quick swim in the pool before leaving. Fredrik looked at his watch, but was apparently too tempted to mind that the last subway would be gone. He said "We'll make it quick, before the guests come out there", but I think we both knew that we couldn't possibly be that quick. Anders and John had listened in on our talk, and were clearly uncertain about what to do, but as Fredrik and I walked out the door, I said "Come with us, it'll be fun!", and that seemed to convince them.

We had fun in the pool for about five minutes, but I guess that the knowledge that people would be pouring in soon, made it impossible to lose the hard-on. But then the guests arrived, and Tom told us, politely, that our work was over, and that if we stayed, he would have no way of controlling the guests' behaviour. John and Fredrik looked at each other, got out of the pool and headed for the door, while Anders and I stayed put. Fredrik looked back at me, incredulously - and a bit envious - and then walked out, while Tom said "Hm, that's a pleasant surprise..."

I grabbed a pool mattress, and got on top of it. Anders did the same, and soon we were lying on our backs side by side. The guests were all around the pool now, and most were undressing while looking at us. Suddenly, I felt someone touching my dick. It was Anders, of course, who had started jerking me off with his right hand. I moved my left hand underneath his right hand, across his six-pack belly, and took hold of his dick. He was hard and big, and jerking him felt wonderful. The guests kept removing their clothes, but slowly, because they were concentrating on our action. I looked at the guests, and then moved my eyes to him - this perfect specimen of a nude waiter. He smiled, but not his charming, easygoing smile, but a more greedy, horny kind of smile. I looked him in his beautiful eyes, and we kept working each other until suddenly, he came violently, and I felt his cum on my hand. Immediately, I came as well, taken aback by remembering that lots of people were looking. Then I let go of his eyes, and looked at his well-trained body, his chest having a huge load all over it, and I looked at myself, and saw the very same image. We breathed hard - and then the spell was broken by bodies hitting the water - first one, then several. The guests had entered the water, ready for a wonderful evening in the water.

Anders and I stayed there for a little while, just because we were both very turned on by seeing all that was going on there. But when we left, Tom followed us, and he seemed very satisfied. "Don't take this the wrong way," he said, "of course, we don't want to pay you for having sex... But that thing you did in the pool was just the right thing for this party to go in the right direction... Could we double your pay?" We nodded.

But then, after towelling off, we decided that we didn't want to remember this night only for being paid for sex. So we had sex once more - just the two of us, in a tiny locker room next to the pool. This time, I got to taste his dick, and he got to get to know mine a bit better as well... Then we went our separate ways, and started to plan our own big parties for the future...

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