Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The curious tourist

One hot afternoon last summer, I was on my way to take the boat to Langøyene (one of the islands in the Oslo fjord) when I noticed a confused tourist with a huge backpack. He was looking at a map, but didn't seem to know where he was. I do tend to try to help people in need, but especially when they are hot, sexy Spanish men. Think of Enrique Iglesias, and you got the picture. He was dark, charming and lost.

He saw that I was prepared to help, and asked "Do you know a beach somewhere?" I said that I was about to go to the beach and that he could just follow me. He was very happy about this solution, and we started talking as we walked down to the pier where the Langøyene boat leaves. His name was Leocadio ("but call me Leo"). He seemed a bit surprised that we were going by boat, but didn't seem to worry. Soon, we were on the boat, heading for the island.

I looked at the time table, and realized that it was already a bit late - I would only have two hours on the island before the last boat back to Oslo. Well, at least I would find out if Leo was prone to naturism first. So we just kept chatting, and at some point I asked where he stayed when in Oslo. "Well, I don't know yet," he said, "I have a tiny tent here. Isn't there a camping place called Ekeberg?" I told him there was, and pointed at the Ekeberg hill on the east side of the city we were now leaving. "I'll show you later", I lied.

So, when we got to the island, I obviously went off to the naturist area. Again, Leo seemed surprised. "Oh, you like to swim in the nude?" he asked. "Yes, it feels better," I said. "But do you have to be naked here?" he asked, and I assured him that it was perfectly okay to use swimwear if he wanted to. We found a nice spot, and put down our things. The beach was already getting a bit quieter, as people were heading home, so there were only about 15-20 people to see - mostly men, actually. I started undressing, and he did as well. He took off his shirt, and I saw his defined chest with beautiful, brown nipples. He wasn't exactly thin - he had a tiny stomach that fashion magazines would have retouched away, but which I found rather charming. Then he removed his shorts, but that didn't really reveal too much - he had some blue briefs underneath. At this point, he wrapped his towel around himself and changed into some yellow speedos. I was amazed - the speedos seemed to accentuate his dick, there was a very considerable bulge, and I couldn't help commenting: "Why do you use swimwear, really? Don't you think they reveal almost as much as being nude?" He laughed, and just said "They leave a little to the imagination, and that's important."

I had been so busy looking at his body that I hadn't really noticed if he had been looking at mine. Now, he was in his speedo and I was naked, so it was time for a swim. The water was great, so we spent quite a lot of time in the water, with breaks on the beach in between. I absolutely hate wearing swimwear on the beach, as it never seems to get dry, but I managed to avoid telling Leo this - I didn't want to seem too eager to have him undress. So instead, we just talked about everything else - what to do in Oslo as a tourist, for instance, and didn't mind that time was running.

In the end, he decided that we should maybe head back to the boat. I agreed, and started to dry off. He was about to redo the towel routine, but suddenly decided against it - he must have seen that it was a bit strange to be that shy at a nude beach. So he just let the speedo fall to the ground, and I had a long, hard look at his dick while he was using his towel to dry off. Then we both got into our clothes and went back to the boat.

On the way to the boat, I asked him what time it was, and when he told me the time, I said "Oh, fuck! Maybe we're too late?" He looked at me in disbelief, but when we got to the time table, we could both conclude that the next boat would not arrive until the early morning. I said (convincingly, I think) "I'm very sorry - I lost track of time and forgot to check the time table on the way over here..." He seemed confused: "But... there are other people here still. Have everybody lost the last boat?" "No," I explained, "they are probably camping for the night". Then I told him that it was perfectly all right to put up a tent on this island. And ultimately, he made the offer that I had been hoping for all the time: "Well, I guess we could share my tent."

He was, as I've already said, carrying a lot of luggage. His tent was tiny, it appeared it was only about 1m times 2m. He also had a sleeping bag and a some rolled-up mattress of sorts. We set up the tent, and tried to figure out how to arrange things. "Well, it's too hot to use the sleeping bag anyway, so you could lie on that", he said. Okay - I would be sleeping next to this gorgeous Spanish man, who would not be covered by the sleeping bag. I knew there wouldn't be much sleep - if he was asleep, I would be awake and full of frustration... Or maybe...

Again, it was time for some undressing. While he was arranging his backpack, I started to remove my shirt and then my shorts. Then I lay down in the tent on his sleeping bag. "Oh, so you're sleeping with underwear on?" he asked. "I do it the other way round - I use swimwear on the beach but skip the underwear at night". He laughed. I was still all confused - I didn't know if he was just being friendly and funny or if he was playing the same game I tried to play. Anyway, I had to say that "Well, I don't usually..." and threw my briefs into a corner as well. Now, I had the clear impression that he was watching me carefully.

He soon got naked, and tried to close the "door" of the tent. But he maintained that it would be too hot to have it closed, so he left the door open. The idea of being naked with Leo was already turning me on, the idea of being naked with him with an opening to the world turned me on even more. I couldn't help the cock getting semi-erect. He was laying next to me now, only 20 cm away, and he said "I'll have to keep very still tonight, otherwise I'll disturb you...", and demonstrated by moving his hand in my direction. It reached my dick. Of course, my dick reacted to this, and he took that as a signal to continue. His hand started to move carefully up and down. It didn't take many seconds before I was fully erect, and he decided to switch position. He kneeled next to me, and slowly bent down, until his head was only an inch from my hard-on. Then he started licking my dick - starting with the balls (where I'm ticklish!), then moving up the shaft, and finally got to the head. Having finished this part, he slowly let the dick enter his mouth. Then, still slowly, he started sucking me. He was a master at this - using his tongue to caress my head and varying the suction so that I never knew what sensation would hit me next. And better still: from my position I could see that he had also gotten erect - and through the door of the tent I could see some people - maybe 50 metres away.

I thought I was going to come, but suddenly he reached over for his backpack, and produced a condom and a pack of lube. "I want you to fuck me", he whispered. I just nodded, and lay still while he rolled the condom on my still-erect cock. Then he let some drops of lube lubricate the condom, and also put some on a finger to help ease the entrance. He switched position again, and sat down - very carefully - on top of my cock. At first, he was very careful, and I didn't move at all, but it didn't take long until he was very comfortable, and I could start moving my hips to contribute in the rhythm. His anus was warm and tight, and I tried to thrust as deep as I could. He started to moan - in pain, maybe, but his smile showed me that he was having a hell of a good time.

Again, I almost came, but he had other ideas, and turned over to do it doggy style. I entered him from behind and kept fucking him. We were now both looking out of the tent, and saw the beach not far away. Again, I realized that we were fucking like crazy in a tent with lots of people around - we had no idea where the nearest guy might be. With that thought in mind, I came.

I withdrew from him, and removed the condom carefully. "Let's have another swim to clean you up!" he said, and I couldn't argue with him, even though I was already exhausted. He ran off, and I ran after him, naked, still semi-hard, and probably with cum dripping from my dick... It was quite dark by now, though, so I guess we were pretty safe. Leo ran right into the water, and I followed. But when he had the water only to his knees, he stopped and waited for me. His tempting dick was hard, and I moved on instinct: I sat down on my knees and tasted his cock.

He was huge! And hard as stone. I'm usually quite good at taking the whole length, but I really had to struggle here. However, he seemed to like feeling his cock hitting the back of my mouth. I tried to use every trick I had to keep him from coming too soon, but I guess the circumstances made it hard for him to avoid coming. He tried to avoid coming in my mouth, which resulted in second half his load landing in my face and on my chest. The cum tasted salty and warm. I didn't want this to end - and I didn't want him to feel bad for coming in my mouth, so I carefully put his dick back in my mouth for a moment and let my tongue lick him. I could only do this for a few seconds, however - soon, he was too sensitive to do this.

We did swim a bit more before going back to the tent. Then we went back to the tent and kept talking for an hour or two. Then we fell asleep, and woke up in the morning when the sun was shining in through the "door". I saw a guy a few metres away who looked interested in the direction of the tent. I decided it was time to shut the door, and then concentrated on Leo again. Apparently, he liked to wake up in a tent on a beach, with a Norwegian guy kissing his dick...

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hardtwoholed said...

Great story! The CMNM-type experience that leads to wild (almost) public sex was a treat to read. It must have been fantastic to experience.