Saturday, June 7, 2008

A skiing trip

All this talk of beaches made me think for a moment of experiences I could write about that have not taken place during the summer. A few came to mind, many of which had to do with wild parties with my student friends. This is one of them, and it happened in my first year in university.

I was asked by a friend if I would like to join some people for a trip out of town - to go skiing. I decided to accept. The plan was to rent a cabin together and to go skiing all day and party all night - the traditional Norwegian skiing excursion. In the end, we were five boys and three girls who left Oslo in the very early Friday morning, to make the best of the day. We got to the cabin, left our stuff there, and went out to ski.

When we got back to the cabin in the evening, I was already making plans for the evening. I didn't want to spend all evening sitting in a chair sipping alcohol and talking, so I had to take action. First, I turned on the heat in the sauna. The next thing I did was to make sure everybody had an open can of beer in their hands - even while preparing dinner with the other. Beer can have an amazing effect if you drink it on an empty stomach, so already as we started eating, people were in a good mood. We drank plenty with the food as well, and when the meal was over, I casually mentioned that I had put on the heat in the sauna. At least two of the other guys instantly said "That's brilliant!". Within minutes, we were all headed for the sauna.

The boys (including me) had gone directly to the locker room, and had dropped the clothes to the floor and went into the sauna in minutes. The girls took a bit longer, and when they arrived, they were modestly wrapped in towels. They seemed to be a bit surprised to see the five of us stark naked, but didn't really seem to mind too much. We were all quite drunk, and I remember one of the boys asking the girls which boy they would rather have sex with. There was a lot of laughing and pointing at dicks, and in the back of my head I knew that I would love to have sex with all the boys if I could...

Saunas do tend to get hot, and the traditional thing to do about that is to run out of the cabin to have a "snow bath". So we did that. It is quite an exhilarating experience - first of all, the temperature drops from 80C to -10C, which is "refreshing". Moreover, this time there were gorgeous guys to look at while I was doing it. Obviously, the guys looked a bit less well endowed when coming out of the snow than they did in the sauna, but I knew that would change for the better. And another thing: the girls also wanted to cool down, and as having a snow bath in a towel is a mess, they made the sensible decision of leaving the towels inside. So we were eight young students playing around in the nude in the snow - before running back in to the sauna.

The fact that the girls had now dropped their towels was not lost on the boys - I saw that at least two of them had a very hard time trying to keep their dicks down. And, even though I'm not an expert, I judged that the girls were also turned on by the situation. I decided to make the most of this, and suggested to play a round of truth or dare - knowing that in these circumstances, that game couldn't help becoming sexual. I was very right.

I can't remember everything that happened for the next hour, but it surely involved girls kissing boys, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, girl answering a question on whether she would like to have sex with me (the answer was 'yes'), boys getting raging hard-ons (that was not really part of the game) and so on. Then, one of the girls (Trine) was dared to jerk off one of the boys (Arne). Arne blushed but was horny as hell, the girl blushed, but another one of the boys said "We can turn off the light" - and without further discussion, we went dark.

Of course, I can't say for sure what went on in the dark. I could sense, however, lots of hands and mouths, and I also made good use of my own mouth. It was amazing to be able to move around in a tiny room full of sweaty bodies, and I used my expertise to give the boys a good time. At times, I had a dick in each hand and another one in my mouth, at other, I was sucking off one guy while my cock was being handled by someone else. It was great - and I got tangible proof that I caused four orgasms - probably one for each of the four guys. And in the end, I got a wonderful blow-job myself. It was an expert mouth that was bringing me to the edge several times, before finally letting me blow my load. I wouldn't have known whose mouth it was, if I hadn't noticed a slight brush of metal against my stomach a few times.

The day afterwards, as we (the guys) had sat down to have a little lunch, one of the guys mentioned that he wondered which of the girls had given such a wonderful blow-job the day before. All five of us vividly remembered her wonderful mouth, and for a while we went into great detail on her skill. And I looked at Arne and his tiny nose piercing, and smiled.

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