Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleeping naked on the beach

The weather in Oslo is great these days, so today, I went to a beach on one of Oslo's islands. I chose a beach which was not too crowdy, and found a deserted spot. The water was a bit cold, but okay. When I got back up, I wrapped a towel around me and removed my shorts and put it on a branch of a tree to dry - as always. (I HATE to wear wet shorts.) I just wanted to rest, so I lay down in the shadow of a tree and thought I might even have a little nap. I closed my eyes and rested.

I noticed, however, that every time I moved a leg or something, the towel loosened, so it didn't take long before part of the towel had moved to uncover my left hip. I didn't mind that, I just kept my eyes shut and tried to relax. A few minutes later, however, I heard footsteps - and then some whispering. "Is he asleep?" It was a man's voice. He obviously was with a friend, another voice answered "It seems he is". "We should be quiet - if he moves a bit in his sleep, I wonder what happens to the towel..." I heard that the two of them settled down not far from me. I just seemed to have gotten an audience!

I didn't know what to do about this - any too obvious motion would break the illusion of my sleep. I moved my leg a little, but it didn't really have much of an effect. I realized that there was not much I could do to make the towel go away, but I could bend my right knee a little to create a little opening, at least. I waited for two or three minutes before actually doing it, and it did indeed have the intended effect. There was a tiny breeze, and now I felt it caressing my dick. And I heard one of the men (by now, I was guessing their age to be about 20) whisper "I think you can actually see his cock now, if you're in the right position". The other guy denied this, which meant that they had to end the debate by actually checking it out. I heard them moving, and then "Yes, you're right!" By this point, I had to struggle to keep my cock from springing into full erection immediately - which would probably have tipped them off. I was very lucky to have gotten two viewers who were obviously as interested in this kind of public, "involuntary" nudity as I am.

I still didn't know how to move to give them an even better look, but I didn't have to bother, as suddenly one of them whispered "I don't think the towel will actually move much more by itself." "What do you mean by itself? You don't think of..." "Well, it doesn't look like he's gonna wake up, does it?" By now, blood was moving to my dick quite rapidly, and I thought of all kinds of boring things to keep it at least semi-erect for a moment more. Then I heard and felt that one of them moved closer, and then the towel started to move. Apparently, he had grasped the part of the towel that was on the ground, and was - very slowly - pulling it off me. The other guy whispered "Jon", in a pleading voice, but the guy who was clearly Jon didn't mind him. I kept absolutely still, and Jon pulled the towel off me completely. I managed to keep breathing slowly and regularly, but couldn't any more keep control of my dick, which was now in full bloom. The guy not called Jon whispered "Shit!" Jon had now moved back to his friend, and whispered back "I guess the breeze made his dick hard. Sexy, isn't it? I wonder how he'll react when he wakes up?"

I didn't plan to wake up any time soon, though. I loved being naked like this, with a raging hard-on, with two guys following my every move, and without knowing if more people would turn up any time. And as if that wasn't enough, Jon went on "You have your cell phone? - I want to remember this..." And suddenly the list of reasons for being hard got even longer - I now knew that Jon was taking my photo as well...

I don't know where this could have ended - for a moment the two of them were actually arguing whether I would wake up or not if they touched my dick. However, suddenly Jon said "Someone's coming", and obviously decided against trying to touch me. His voice was so loud this time, that I took it as an excuse to "wake up". I woke up slowly, rubbed my eyes, noticed that my cock was in plain sight for everyone and then - very calmly, moved the towel to cover my hard-on. Only after being properly covered up did I let my eyes wander across the beach, and saw two great-looking guys trying desperately to pretend that they hadn't noticed me at all. But then I sat up, and as they was sitting right in front of me, they couldn't help looking up my towel to see if I was still hard. I was.

By this time there was a straight couple next to us, so I expected everything to be over. However, when the guys were finished swimming, and Jon was changing out of his wet shorts with a towel wrapped around him, his "friend" quickly pulled it off him, and I got a very nice view of a great, semi-erect cock. Jon sweared and was embarrassed, but I'm quite sure his friend's response was a quiet "You deserve it".

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Anthony Desmond said...

Jjo Kristian you are a brilliant writer; you write so descriptively and your narrative just flows and keeps the interest up. You should be an international best seller writer with your talent and great ability with the English Language. People too like reading about sexual activities when they are well written and not just dirty stories. Well done.