Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nude photos astray

Norwegian media has again written a lot about nude photos gone astray. See for instance what TV2 writes (via Google Translate).



Tremendi said...

I am sure with photos like that around people will want to go see his new show for themselves if the real thing lives up to the expectation! haha!

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Kjetil Tefke and I guess I am really wondering if the photo (on someone's else blog) actually was of him (or just somebody he 'hired' to pretend to be him). If so, he should have been a porn star.

It's funny that he only as 198 people following him on Twitter (if it's authentic).

What did he start out doing or does he do now (beside stage acting)?

I listened to the entire interview - it was interesting to see how Norwegians conduct themselves on TV - esp as good-looking one as Kjetil. Now I'm curious myself about what (and why) photos went 'astray'.

It's a language I very rarely hear, so it was I intrigued too by that as well (also hoping the TV interview would show some of his 'leaked' nude pics).

It's interesting, Jo, you should remark on this. I think you have been extremely careful to make sure none of yours do not. You've written about that issue on your blog.

I can only find two photos that might have you in them (one of which you use on Twitter). However, neither of them have identifiable traits/features.

Kelly 'sunbuns'

Anonymous said...

Jo, I am really starting to miss you and your blogging, but realize you'll probably not be returning to do so regularly. This time of your life is probably too busy and filled with so many great and/or challenging experiences that there's little left over to spend time writing for other people's entertainment.

So I was wondering if you'd be interested in being a guest blogger (co-blogger) on one of my blogs. Obviously, they are have a different format (mainly visual - amateur nudes and Internet gay porn) but not only that.
There's not much 'real' writing on most them - but also I don't hesitate to intermix good stories, articles, and reports or links along with the visual images.
Your stories you should publish yourself - but simply collecting and posting porn doesn't demand much - but then again it may be totally useless to you. I already have a few other bloggers who are irregular contributors. I'd be more than happy to add you to list on whichever themed blog(s) you'd like to contribute.

I have more than 10 Blogger blogs and several more at certain major gay sites - so there are wide range of gay sexual themes to choose from. (smorgasbord? - smile). I actually make the majority of my 'standard' blog posts using email. Google's Blogger allows you to send an email (via ___@blogger.com) with one of more photos attached. It's also easy to just cut and paste in some cases, but that depends on the source, formatting, etc. Most commercial porn studios actually want people to copy and spread publicity (usually links back to their site) for their porn 'products.' However, I do not want to monetize my blogs or put ads for sales anywhere in them.

I don't think you'll want to be changing the format of your own Histories Of Sex, so this is one way you can contribute and still have a lot less work.

You mentioned before that you really enjoy looking at certain stuff / porn sites, etc. It's not that much more trouble to put it into an email and send it to be posted on a blog: daily, weekly or one in a blue (or full) moon.

Of course, you can create your own. I'd always be happy to contribute on it as a guest poster basis.
There are almost some interesting other blogging formats (Buzz, Google Wave) and sites that allow better collaboration (Webjam,) for example. I like Tumblr.com which has applets that allow posting to your Tumblr site easily while simply browsing.

Anyway, I made the same offer to James a few years ago, and he did post for a while - until his boyfriend convinced him to stop blogging all together.
Perhaps that's what yours (smile) had managed to do too.

BTW, I met last month some great guys from Norway (along with their German buddies) who are studying at the University of Oregon while I was staying in Hawaii. All were straight but I was very impressed by their academic commitment, love of discussing all kinds of things, and their more than adequate English skills.

It makes me want to see the Scandinavian countries even more.

James said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

QJ, I realize that you're just acting or speaking out of hurt and disappointment, but unless there are things I don't know, it wasn't Jo who got you into a fight with your boyfriend.
I think you and Jo are perhaps saying things to each other that you didn't mean to be so hurtful, but it's obviously escalating into something a bit ugly. That happens from time to time; it's understandable. But then again, there are some things that can happen because of these misunderstandings that are not.
Please remember why and how this all got started. These are exactly the times when we should stand by our friends - but it may be too much to expect your friends to come to your rescue entirely without their own emotional baggage in hand. You might feel betrayed or rejected, but please don't do anything that we'll all regret later. I know I don't have the right or reason to say it, but I love you both. I have a lot of respect for each of your two, separate but equal, gifts and characters. If you just pause and reflect, I think you'll both realize that it's going to accomplish little to become embattled in a hateful fight. Will it matter five years from now? I hate to say this but boyfriends come and go, but a real friendship is very hard to come by because it truly can last a lifetime.... sometimes.

James said...

Hey, please delete the previous message. I was too rash.

hardtwoholed said...

Sweet James (no, I'm not being spiteful or sarcastic).

I'm just grateful that you have understood what Jo (and I) knew all along: Time will heal almost everything.
I think we both had and still have faith in your ability to bounce back from a brief and perhaps severe bout of anger and disappointment.

After all, what are friends for?
Thanks for showing us your true feelings. It's one of the things I admire in you -- and, unlike Jo, I have never even met you in person. Nevertheless, I feel as though I have; after this episode, I feel that I'd like to meet you even more.


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