Monday, January 11, 2010

The (sex) life of James part 4

The interviews with James have taken important information from his blog. When reading his blog about what happened from the autumn of 2005 and on, however, I get confused. He starts mentioning boyfriend(s), but keep writing stories about great, casual sex.

JK: How have you coped with having boyfriends and having quite strong sexual desires including exhibitionism?
QJ: Quite badly. It’s a complicated topic that I don’t want to discuss too much. At times I’ve thought I’d be willing to give up all other sex as long as I could be with my boyfriend. At other times, my boyfriend has thought that he could accept my exhibitionism and some random sex acts. However, neither has lasted for long. So my relationships have been full of discussions and negotiations. And the blog has been a product of that – at times I’ve been a saint and had nothing to write about, at other times I’ve had a sexual life that I could write about in the blog. At the moment, though, I’ve dropped writing the blog. I don’t want to remove either my blog or the nude photos I’ve already posted, though.
JK: I would like you to describe how you ended up on that boat in the summer of 2007, though – the one where I met you.

[From my blog:
“I do spend a lot of time looking around on the internet, but rarely do I find the homepage of someone I've previously had sex with. That happened to me a time ago, when I stumbled upon Queerjames' blog. In one of the posts, he had a photo of himself, and I thought I recognized him from a boating trip the year before.

I'll certainly write more about the boat trip later - we were seven or eight guys who got naked as soon as we could, and when we found a place to anchor the boat that seemed a bit deserted, we all got to the fun part. Actually, queerjames was occupied with other people most of the time, and I was having fun with some really cute ones, but in the end I ended up sucking him, and he came in my mouth. But as I said; more about that later.

The point right now is that we decided to meet. I believe it was in the middle of June, and we've been enjoying the summer in Oslo ever since that. It's not that we want regular boyfriends or anything, it's just that we have similar interests and have had so much to explore together - beaches, camping, lakes... It's been great and sexy.”]

QJ: Well, I met this guy owning a boat the summer before in a gay bar. I was invited on a boat trip, and I had great memories of former boat trips, so I accepted. It was just the two of us, and as I had just my white shorts which turned near-transparent when wet, there was no point in keeping it on for long. Of course, we ended up having sex. (See blog). I really loved the whole experience – sailing is cool, being naked on a boat feels great, with the wind and the sun and all. And the sex was good. But for some reason we didn’t keep in touch that summer. The next summer, however, I got a message from him on gaysir, telling me that he had invited a bunch of gays on a boat trip and would I care to join? Of course I wanted to join.
I was quite disappointed as the boat sailed out, as nobody seemed to know each other and everybody seemed a bit shy. So I decided to get things going – while we were still moving slowly with lots of boats around us, I got up on the deck and started to undress. At first, everybody was just watching me, but then the guy who owned the boat said that he thought everybody should follow suit, and they eventually did. Ten minutes later, everybody was sitting naked on deck, watching each other. As the boat anchored in a quiet place, I was again impatient because nobody seemed to want to take the initiative. So I sat down on my knees in front of a random guy and started to suck his dick. He had been almost completely soft, but grew in my mouth. After getting him in the mood, I went over to the next one, and for the next 15 or 30 minutes, I was busy sucking cock. Around me, people were starting to do things on their own, so there finally was some action.
Actually, I do remember how you came all over the chest of another dude while I was sucking the owner of the boat. And then you moved over to me and started sucking me. It was the perfect end of the orgy – I would have felt a bit let down if noone sucked me off after everything I’d done… (Even though I love sucking cock.) So imagine my pleasure when I got that message from you a year later wanting to meet me again.

JK: It’s getting a bit strange to interview you now that I’ve become an actor in the events as well. However, we did have quite a lot of fun together as we started to do things together. I have blogged about some of that, but you haven’t. What do you think about being exhibitionistic with someone in the way we did?
QJ: I loved your whole approach. You had a way of setting up a situation in which we would end up seeming completely innocent (if a little careless). And as I think you’re remarked in your blog yourself: even though a guy can ignore one half-erect cock in the showers, he’ll have a hard time ignoring two. Or rather, he’ll be hard. But I never blogged about any of this – both because of the circumstances I just mentioned earlier, and because you wrote about it in your blog.
JK: I wonder if we should just end the series of interviews here, and come back with further interviews when a few more years have passed. But in the end: what do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now – sexwise?
QJ: I keep reminding myself that I’m a very lucky person. I have a wonderful boyfriend and will stay with him. If that should not work out for some reason, I have so many opportunities – and so many contacts who are interested in the same things as I am.

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Tremendi said...

This has been a great series of interviews with James. How about doing some with some of us "oldies" out here and blogging about them too. Interviews could be done via IM or via emailed answers to questions over a few days/weeks and collated by you.

Jo Kristian said...

Tremedi: that's a very good idea! I'll try to put some questions together and get it started!

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