Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unexpected company at the lake

I keep thinking back to experiences in my past to find material for this blog, and just trying to recreate them is fun. Some of the stories I will have to keep to myself, or at least keep for later, as the other people in them are too easily recognizable to people who know me. Some of the stories I will write anyway, but keep to myself for the time being. Sometimes I get permission, of course, as with the stories involving James, but that’s just possible with the people I’m still in touch with. But in the story I’ll write today, which happened years ago, I don’t think people will recognize the guy I’m with. I will call him Kevin.

It was one of the hottest days of summer. Kevin and I had decided to go cycling into the woods to try to find a place where we could bath a little and be a bit cooler than in the dry city. We knew the area well, and knew where it was crowded and where it was not. After getting into the woods, we had been passing the occasional person walking, but then we hadn’t seen anyone for about ten minutes. We locked our bikes by the forest road and walked down a tiny path to a lake we had been to before. There were noone there. This was not surprising – with all the rocks it was not one of the best lakes to get into or out from. But it was quiet.

Of course, we had brought swimwear, but as we were all alone and as we were burning after cycling in the sun, we just tore off our clothes and carefully manoeuvred into the lake, trying not to be hurt on the sharp stones. This was particularly difficult for me, as I was spending most of my time looking at Kevin instead of looking down at where I was threading. We were good friends, but he didn’t know that I had a crush on him. And I hadn’t often seen him naked, so I had to make the most of it. He was getting quite tanned after spending a lot of time in the sun this summer, and he had a very clear tan line, showing that he usually wore a small bathing suit. His bum was therefore milky white. He was a quite skinny guy, although he had strong enough muscles to go faster than me on the bike if he wanted to.

Then finally we were a couple of metres from the shore and could start swimming. We were playing around like kids usually do, splashing water, racing each other, trying to “drown” the other one and so on. It was all good, clean fun, and very refreshing on this sunny day.

We had ended up maybe thirty metres away from our starting point (and our clothes) when Kevin suddenly said “Sssh!” He had heard some noises, and it was obvious from his expression that he didn’t enjoy the thought of being caught in the nude. At the moment, we were out of sight of our clothes, as a slab of stone stood out from the shore and was in the way, but Kevin swam carefully out – and then swam back to me. He didn’t say a thing, but I could see in his face that some people had found “our” place. Kevin gestured that we should get to the shore to avoid being seen by them, for instance when they started to take a bath. So we got up, as silently as we could.

Of course, everybody who has read my blog will know that I found this situation interesting even then. I was suddenly standing naked in the forest with a friend I had a crush on, and we had no way of getting back to our clothes without being seen by these people. Kevin whispered that it was two guys and two girls, and that they had been sitting on the shore maybe two metres from our clothes when he had looked. We discussed what to do, and as we quickly agreed that we would not want to go anywhere without our clothes, we should try to find somewhere a bit secluded so that nobody – not the four now blocking our way to our clothes nor anyone else – should see us. Luckily, we didn’t have to look for such a place for long, only a bit further away we saw a few slabs of rock with a small space between – surely it would be possible to wait between these for a while?

Sitting there in the sunlight with Kevin, naked, afraid of being caught, had the obvious effect on me. I got horny. I hope I will never be in a situation in which my life depends on me not being horny, because that will certainly make me get instantly hard… Kevin saw this, of course, but he tried to look at the lake or to look me directly in my eyes as he whispered to me, but he couldn’t avoid getting a bit hard himself. I don’t know if I’d heard the word “grower” yet, but I certainly saw one then – Kevin didn’t have a particularly impressive dick when it was soft – I had even heard him being teased that he could hide his dick behind his thumb. But now, he was just as big as me or even bigger.

My instinct was to try to keep his dick up, and I guessed that it was the danger that made him horny, so I said “It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? If they swim halfway across the lake and just a little to the right, they’ll see us…” He shot a worried glance across the sea, but then he looked back at me – and not at my eyes this time, but at my fully erect cock. He laughed: “We could have played rock-scissors-paper to decide who should go back and get our clothes, but I guess none of us can with those raging hard-ons!” “Wow, it’s huge,” I said, and I saw that he enjoyed the attention. Anyway, we were now both so horny that I guess we could have said anything without changing the direction this was going. I pretended that I was sitting a bit uncomfortably, so I moved a bit closer to him. He moved a bit backwards and towards me, so that our dicks were on the same level. Then I, only tentatively, moved my hand towards his dick, and as he didn’t utter a sound of protest, I went on to feel how hard he was. In a flash of logic I remembered that he was left-handed and that it was nice that he was on my right, because now his hand sought my cock as well. We started, slowly, to jerk each other off. I looked at his face, then at his big dick and then at the lake, trying to figure out if the people had started swimming. Then I looked at his dick again. And within just two minutes, his cum was spurting out of his big cock, making drops of liquid on his skinny torso. As he came, he kept jerking me off, but changed his rhythm and his strength a tiny bit. I wanted to keep the cum away for a little longer, but I couldn’t resist. As he held my dick at a different angle than I had held him, my cum was shot into the air only to fall down on his hand.

“We can’t stay here all day”, I whispered, “and I guess you don’t want to be found here with cum all over your belly and your hand. So I suggest that we just have a tiny little swim, then get to the shore a bit away from them, and then go over to get our clothes, pretending not to worry about a thing.” I saw that Kevin liked the idea, and he nodded. So we got into the water to get the cum off, then got back up and walked towards the four people. Finally I could also see them clearly, and happily, I didn’t know them. They were young, but years older than us. The boys even were quite good-looking, sitting there bare-chested and flirting with the girls. They didn’t notice us before we were just a few metres away, and then Kevin and I did exactly as planned, we just walked quietly past them to get our clothes. The girls started to giggle violently, while the boys didn’t seem to know what to do or think. When we got to our clothes, for some reason we didn’t put them on, we just each took our own bundle of clothes and carried them up the narrow path towards our bikes. Then, only when we were out of sight from our audience, we stopped to dress. But we could still hear them, and I clearly heard one of the girls say to the boys: “Why can’t we do that? Do you dare to skinny-dip with us?”

With our clothes back on, Kevin and I rode back to the city. We don’t know if the boys and the girls ended up swimming in the nude together, but I surely hope so. Kevin and I met once in a while for some years until he moved to another city for university. We always ended up horny – and we knew what to do about that.


Anonymous said...

what's your email address?

Jo Kristian said...

Simple: jokristian at

Anonymous said...


Takk for enda en super historie.

Jeg beklager at jeg ikke skriver på engelsk, men det blir for dårlig...

Jeg er ikke fra Oslo, men har vært i Oslo mange ganger, blant annet som Norway Cup-spiller. (Jeg har spilt fotball hele livet, og er nå i en klubb i 2. divisjon.) Turene til Norway Cup var alltid et høydepunkt i året - og ikke bare på grunn av fotballen.

Det siste året jeg var med i Norway Cup, hang jeg mye sammen med to av gutta på laget, og en dag ble vi kjent med et par Oslogutter. På slutten av dagen var vi nede i sentrum og var varme og slitne, og vi spurte dem om det var noe sted å bade i nærheten. Det endte med at vi tok bussen til Bygdøy.

Gutta tok oss med på den stranda som ser over på naturiststranda. Så badet vi. Men vi hadde ikke med egne badebukser, så vi måtte bade i fotballshortsene - og mitt lag hadde hvite shortser. Gutta fra Oslolaget hadde svarte shorts, og lo godt av oss når vi kom opp av vannet med dønn gjennomsiktige shortser. Vi prøvde å ignorere det, men med kombinasjonen av å ligge på stranda i gjennomsiktige shorts og det å kikke over på de nakne folka på nakenstranda, gjorde at jeg fikk stå. Det var jo relativt tydelig for de andre - og de begynte å le av det, men heldigvis fikk de stå av det også.

Dette var veldig opphissende. Det var en ungdomsgjeng like bortenfor oss som begynte å stirre, og det ble nærmest en sport for oss å ta et bad igjen hver gang shortsen begynte å tørke så den ikke lenger var gjennomsiktig. Og det gikk sport i å si noe hver gang en av oss begynte å bli slapp igjen...

Det hele endte med at vi fant oss et sted i skogen på den andre siden av bussholdeplassen hvor vi sto i en ring og runket med shortsen rundt knærne, før vi tok bussen tilbake til byen og til den skolen hvor vi bodde...

Anonymous said...

Du kan forresten godt fortelle om dette på engelsk i bloggen din hvis du skulle ha lyst til det...