Sunday, May 17, 2009

The waiter

In my postings so far, I have written mostly about situations of a particular kind – the ones in which I am “innocently” naked, horny, bulging etc where others can see me. In many cases this has lead to other things. Of course, these are not the only situations leading to sex, but I have written about them because I find them particularly interesting. This time, I’ll write about another situation entirely.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my blog that I went to the Canary Islands (Playa Ingles) for a week last winter. Needless to say, there were many opportunities for nudity, being horny and so on during that week. The cutest guy was not found in that way, however.

I had no raunchy intentions when I went out to have lunch on one of my first days there. I had had a good night out and had slept when breakfast was served at my hotel. So I was hungry and having a tiny hang-over as I went into the first restaurant I saw. I sat down, and almost immediately a waiter was at my table. He was gorgeous, 18 or 19 years old, with Spanish looks, including black hair, brown eyes and a great body. I ordered my meal and a coke, he went away, came back with the coke, then with the food and finally with the bill. All the time he did some nice small-talk but no more than that. As I was about to put down the money and leave, I finally awoke to the fact that I was in danger of leaving the restaurant without a plan on how to meet him in private. I knew nothing about him – not his name, not his phone number and certainly not his sexuality. I decided to do the simplest thing possible:

“Excuse me, could I ask you something”, I asked. Of course he came over – I hadn’t even paid my bill yet. “Which of the beaches around here would you recommend?” Having gotten that question hundreds of times before, he answered “There are all kinds of beaches here – what do you prefer?” I asked him what kinds of beaches there were. “Well, there are beaches suitable for families, with shallow water good for the children. Then there are beaches good for surfing. There are beaches where you can rent a sunbed and buy drinks, and there are more isolated beaches.” I waited, wanting him to go on. “Of course, there are also nude beaches.” “Oh,” I said, “where are those?”

By this time, I think he finally got out of his usual answering routine and looked at me as something else than just one of a thousand customers. He sat down opposite me and pointed at the map: “It’s all of this area.” “Okay, that’s interesting”, I said. “Are there differences even within this area?” “Yes,” he said. “The area closest to the town is what I would call a “family” nude beach. If you go a bit further, you will find the gay part.” “Okay,” I said, “and what is the best way of going there?” Of course, by the way I looked at him, he must have understood that I was interested in him and not only in the beaches. He evidently decided to play the game a bit further and see where it would end. “Again, that depends on your taste. You could go by the shore, of course, maybe that is the easiest path. Or you could chose a path through the dunes. However, you should be aware that there are activities taking place there.”

By now, I didn’t know exactly how to proceed, so I just said “That sounds like a tourist attraction.” and smiled. At this point he had made up his mind: “Well, I’m heading out there after work. If you want to, you could join me.”

At times, life can be so easy. After making a decision to meet when he finished work at five, I went back home and started to look forward to the thing. At five, we met and walked together through the city and into the dunes. As we were entering the dunes, he took off his shirt, and I did the same. When we were (momentarily) in a spot where noone else could be seen, he started to unbuckle his belt, and soon both of us were standing there naked. He touched my dick gently, and it started to get hard, just as a guy with a huge erection appeared in the distance. I nodded in his direction to make my waiter aware of it, but he just took my hand and put it on his cock. Soon, we were both sporting erections. My waiter went down on his knees to start to blow me, and I could just stand there, enjoying the sun, the breeze, his tongue, the beautiful sand and the knowledge that there were people all around us – most of them still too far away to see us, but some close enough to enjoy what they were seeing.

Of course, my waiter had done this before – he was a master in the art of sucking. To avoid a premature ejacuation, we switched positions. Now it was me sitting on my knees in the sand, enjoying his tanned and solid cock. I licked the head, I licked the shaft, I clicked my tongue towards his piss-hole. He moaned in pleasure, and again we had to change positions to avoid coming. Now, we rose up and stood next to each other, each jerking off the other, looking out into the dunes, in which six men were standing, staring at us. After maybe two more minutes, he came with a great burst, and I couldn’t keep mine in either. We wet the sand with our sperm. Then we kissed each other.

Then we went to the beach to relax together – and to get to know each others more. We met a few more times during the week, and I also went back to the dunes alone. All of these experiences were great. But I remember the first one most vividly, and try to remind myself that I should never, ever, let a gorgeous man go out of my life without even trying to get to know him better…

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Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...

One of the very reasons, I head to Gran Canaria every year (in March).