Friday, May 15, 2009

New summer resolutions

People tend to have New Year's resolutions. For me, a new summer is better than a new year - in summer, people wear less clothing, they go skinny-dipping and they get less inhibited. Therefore, I've started to collect "new summer resolutions".

1. I will go to nude beaches at least twice a week. And whenever I notice that a guy is staring at me, I will find a way of making both of us get a hard-on.

2. I'll stop wearing underwear - and make sure to wear shorts that shows off the bulge.

3. Whenever I go skinny-dipping in the lakes around Oslo, I'll do it within view from the foot-path.

4. From time to time, amateur photographers ask me to model for them. This summer, I'll say "yes" to outdoor nude shots at least three times.

(If you have further suggestions, please send them to me in the comment field.)


Tremendi said...

How about when in situations that require you to wear swimwear that you wear the smallest suit possible (be that a g-string, a thong, a rio style suit with spaghetti strap sides, or just a very low-cut speedo suit. I often do that and more often than not I have the smallest swimming costume of anyone male or female at the beach, lake, river or pool. It can be fun.

Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...

In the same line of thought as Tremendi, wear either a swimsuit that is mesh or thin light material that allows see through exposure - especially when it gets wet. You can sometimes have 'fun' letting people get a thrill by your pretending that you don't realize that you're showing off the goodies (cock or ass) at a local pool or textile-only beach. The problem is that it's sometimes too much fun and your engorged cock becomes all too obvious, thus belying your 'innocence'. So it's an interesting challenge.

Jo Kristian said...

Thanks for comments!

Yes, I do have a thing for that "innocence". Therefore, I don't use tiny swimwear often, as it's difficult to pretend that I wear tiny swimwear "by chance". The only times I wear tiny swimwear is if some of my friends insist on going to a textile beach, and I want to "protest"... :-)

When I was younger, I often used wide shorts. They had many advantages: often, they would cling to the skin in revealing ways when I got out of the water. They also had a way of almost falling off when I was swimming with my friends, thereby exposing skin. And when diving, they sometimes actually fell off completely. (I remember once when it fell off in an indoors pool as I was diving from 5 metres. I could only do that stunt once - if it kept felling off, everybody would understand it was on purpose...)

Nowadays, I more often go for the light materials that turn transparent when wet. It's always interesting to get out of the water knowing that everybody can see your cock quite well, and pretend not to know. But of course, I have serious problems avoiding a hard-on in these circumstances, so I have to get down on my stomach quickly if I don't want the whole beach to see that I'm turned on... (Sometimes, however, there are one or two guys who seem particularly interested and who can, without harm, get a glimpse of the erect cock...)

I will include this as resolution number 5: whenever I go to textile beaches, I will either wear tiny or see-thru swimwear.

Tremendi said...

I hope that you will keep us updated with posts about these resolutions as you do each of them. It would be interesting to see how you get on at keeping your "Summer resolutions".

Anonymous said...

I hope I will see you at the nude beach (at Bygd√ły?) in Oslo this summer.

I go to nude beaches as often as I can, and there are quite a few guys your age (I'm 52) who are a joy to watch. But most of them get annoyed if they notice that I'm looking at them. I think it's a bit sad that these guys are having such a beautiful body, but find it dreadful that anyone should look at it...

But I'll keep looking, and hope that next time I will be looking at you...

James said...

I love your summer resolutions, Jo. I hope we'll find the time to go to a nude beach together one of these days. I will stare at you... :-)

And even though I'm not much of a photographer, I'd love you to model for me...

Tremendi said...

How about giving us an update on this in a post?