Friday, June 19, 2009

A visitor from abroad

I’ve explained before that I prefer not to plan ahead too much, and that I don’t really like to meet people online and then decide to meet each other – partly because it happens that people don’t turn up, which is a waste of time, and partly because both people will anyway spend time worrying about whether the other will be there, which is also a waste of time.

On the other hand, a couple of times I’ve gotten in touch with people who have been planning to visit Oslo – either through friends or simply online. A few times I’ve ended up inviting them to stay with me. I’ve been very careful not to raise expectations – I’ve just promised a key and a bed, with no commitment to being a guide around Oslo or to any other arrangements. And I’ve only done it a few days ahead of them coming to Oslo, as I don’t want to tie me down here if something interesting is coming up somewhere else.

Last year, a Czech guy named Pavel got such an invitation. He was to stay in Oslo for two weeks, and we had been chatted online a little in the weeks ahead. He had needed help finding what to see and do in Oslo on a tiny budget (which is not really a problem) and he had also reserved a room in the only cheap place in town (Anker Hostel). He had also asked about the gay scene, saunas, gay beaches and things like that, but we had not really talked about meeting each other while he was here, partly, probably, because I hadn’t been able to say that I would be in Oslo at all. But then, just three or four days before he was to travel to Oslo, I decided that I might as well invite him to stay with me. He seemed nice, I have no valuables worth stealing and has a spare bedroom anyway, which he could use without bothering me much.

When he arrived, he turned out to be not only beautiful (I had seen that in the photos) but also very charming, with a very cute smile. I showed him his bedroom and the bathroom and then offered him a coffee in the kitchen. I gave him the key and then just went through some basic “rules”: That he could come and go as he wanted, eat food (but preferably replace the basics, like bread and milk, when they were finished), do his laundry and so on. Then I added: “By the way, I tend to walk around in the nude in my apartment. Is that okay for you?” He smiled his cute smile and said that that was “perfect”. So we left it at that, and went on to discuss what he would do today and so on. He was planning to go to a concert and then go to some gay bar or something.

I stayed home, and was half asleep on the sofa watching tv when I heard the key in the lock. Pavel was back from town. He just looked into the living room for a moment to tell me that he would have a shower and was gone. I continued watching the tv show that I had already missed most of, but was gradually getting more awake. Then, five or ten minutes later, Pavel came back to the living room. Now he had showered, he had towelled off, and he had put his towel around his shoulder. Apart from that, he was naked.

I was pleased with this – I had been hoping that he would be relaxed about nudity. But I was more than pleased – he was a beautiful boy. I must admit that I have spent more time than I like to think of looking at Johan Paulik and his Bel Ami friends, and Pavel looked like he was from that same group of people. A slender body, but with a hint of muscles. Long, strong legs. And a thick and good-looking cock. I stared, and Pavel noticed, so suddenly I had to try to stop staring and try to act “normal”, whatever that is. I asked him if he wanted to sit down. He did. So he sat down next to me in the sofa, a bit closer than what would have been necessary if he didn’t want to be close to me.

Then he realized that the curtains were not closed. He pointed at the window and asked “Can’t people from the street look in?” “Yes, they can, if they walk close to the house and happen to look in our direction. Do you mind?” Pavel just smiled again, and I understood that he didn’t mind. There was another sign of that as well: his dick was stiffening. I stared again, guessing that he wouldn’t mind that either.

I watched as his cock got fully erect, and obviously my cock followed suit. Now it was his time to look. And he kept smiling.

I understood where this was heading, of course, but I felt a little uneasiness. I hoped he didn’t feel he had to have sex with me because he was allowed to stay in my place. But I couldn’t ask him that, as it would have sounded as I thought he was willing to sell sex to save a little money. So I just said, “I didn’t really expect us to…”, but he broke me off and said “I have a little complaint.” I was surprised. “Follow me”, he said. Then he took me to his bedroom and pointed at the bed. “How am I supposed to have a good time in Oslo with that? It’s an empty bed. No beautiful guy to have fun with!” He pretended to be upset, so I played along and lay down on the bed and asked “Better?” “Much better!” he said, and lay down next to me.

He kissed me. He kissed me wonderfully. Then he moved downwards, kissing my Adam’s apple, then my nipples, then my stomach. And then, finally, my cock. First, he gently let his tongue tap the base of my cock head, before he let his lips enclose it. Slowly, he moved down, letting more and more of my cock enter his mouth. I was constantly wanting him to move faster, but knew that the pace was just perfect. Then, when he had all my cock in his mouth, he let it go out again, but at the same time kept massaging it with his tongue. The speed rose gradually, the sensations flaming from my cock faster. I knew that I would come within a minute if I didn’t start concentrating on holding back, so I did that. But he was working my cock so skilfully that I knew that I would have no way of resisting the orgasm. Just as I was thinking that, however, he let go of my cock and moved up to my face again. He gave me a long kiss.

Now, I got the chance to taste his nipples and his stomach, and then I, too, could show my blow-job expertise. His cock was significantly thicker than average, and I could taste a little precum as I started working the head. I tried to press my lips together in a rhythm, but his thickness made it a bit difficult. But I managed to find a combination of movements whereby I had his dick almost fully in my mouth, but at the same time stimulated the underside of his dick head. It was very effective – he didn’t even give a warning before I felt the first burst of cum in my mouth. He seemed to try to withdraw, but as he was on his back with me on top, there was no way for him to do that, so I just kept going, taking another burst and then another. Then he stopped moving, and I knew that it would be just a moment before the pleasure would turn into a mix of pleasure and pain. He yelped, and I let him loose. Then I swallowed.

“I’d like you to come on my face”, he said. I moved, so that I was on my knees next to him. I was planning to jerk off, but he took hold of my cock and started to jerk me. After everything, I didn’t have much resistance to offer, so after just a few minutes of jerking, I shot a load. Some of it landed on his lips. He licked his lips and smiled.

Needless to say, these two weeks were wonderful. Pavel was the perfect guest, and I guess I was the perfect host. And now he is considering coming to Norway for a few weeks this summer as well. That would be a very interesting repeat.

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