Friday, June 12, 2009

Ask me anything answers 7

In a comment, Matt asks:

"I understand from your blog that you are happy about your dick size. Would you say that size makes a difference in your attitude to nudity?

Is exhibitionism tied to pride in a way?"

Good question! It made me think and to consider lots of the situations I've found myself over the years and how they have felt.

First of all, I'm very content with my size, both in its erect and in its relaxed form. But does this matter? And what do you think of when you say "nudity"?

There are certainly many reasons why I love to go to nude beaches, for instance. Just the feeling of being naked outside is great - I've always hated wet swimwear slowly drying against my skin. I also love watching other naked guys, of course. And I enjoy being watched. This third part is connected to the fact that I think I look fine. If I thought I looked ugly, or was ashamed about my cock, I would probably not have been nude that often. But I'm not sure that shame has anything to do with size - I believe that shame is something you learn (or stubbornly don't learn) from society around you, and that you can learn it no matter what your size may be.

The same goes for other situations in which I'm naked, for instance in showers where I tend to get a hard-on if there is anyone else around. I think it's wrong to believe that this is because I'm large - I think it's just because I'm not ashamed.

It may be different when I go down the street with a bulge. The size of the bulge is a point - I want those who notices the bulge to think that it is a big cock under there, not just to think that there is something there.

So my conclusion is that exhibition does not have a lot to do with size, except in certain circumstances.

Any comments, anyone? I know lots of exhibitionists are reading this blog...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you--shame often has little or nothing to do with dick size or looks in general. As children we are often taught values that are both guilt based and shame based so that as adults we carry these instilled perspectives of ourselves and others, and it can be a long process to unlearn these views that really can cause a lot of suffering. Shame is an unhealthy emotion that rarely has anything to do with reality. People can cling to shame because their dicks are too small, or too large, or any number of other reasons. For whatever reasons, we were born with the bodies we inhabit, and it is far more healthy to achieve a sense of self-love and self-acceptance than to think something is wrong with our bodies. Oftentimes, but certainly not always, people with exhibitionistic tendencies were at one time deeply ashamed of their bodies, but through growth and maturity realized how unhealthy it was to carry such shame, and in discarding shame found exuberance, liberation, and a sense of well-being in freely allowing others to see them naked. Ideally, everyone should feel the same, equal freedom to exercise nudity without shame regardless of thier body shape, body size, body color, etc.

Anonymous said...

It is so interesting for me to read men's opinions on these things.

I am a woman and a naturist, and I love to be naked in these settings. But I'm "politically uncorrect" - I also love to see the guys naked. The huge variety of sizes only makes things more interesting in my view - and I find a "small" guy just as sexy as a "big" guy (I fall for the smile anyway, not the size of the dick).

In other situations where I've seen nude guys, for instance in parties where the guys get drunk and start undressing, I have a feeling that it's the most endowed ones who choose to undress. Is it because the party is a more purely exhibitionistic arena, where the guys' embarrasment (of their small penises) hits in, while the beach is a more forgiving place?

Love your blog. Keep writing!

Uroskin said...

Big dicked guys usually have no trouble letting everyone know how well endowed they are.