Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patrik's experience at soccer tournament

As promised, Patrik has told us a story from a soccer tournament. I repost it here to get it into the open - out of the comment field...

I remember very well the classrooms in which we slept during the Norway Cup tournament. Most players are staying at schools (which are closed for the summer holiday), sleeping on mattresses on the floor. My team of 18-year olds were staying in a classroom on the sunny side of the building, which meant that it was dreadfully hot when we were supposed to go to bed. Mehmet, one of my teammates, complained a lot about the heat, and in the end he said that there was no way he would wear clothes or a blanket in this heat. So he undressed completely and went to bed.

Of course, some of the other guys followed his example, so within minutes, the floor was full of naked guys. Then one of the guys started talking about whether the girls was doing the same thing in their classroom. There was talk on which of the girls were most beautiful and who we would like to see in the nude. Mehmet was next to me, and I noticed that he started to get a hard-on. He was a very beautiful guy with Persian looks, and a great cock. So as I saw him getting erect, of course I did too.

I thought for some moment if I should hide, but decided that I should rather play the heterosexual game – pretending that I only cared for girls and that I didn’t care about the naked guys in the room. So I said that “The thought of Anne in the nude makes me want to jerk off.” So I started to stroke my dick a little. Mehmet looked at my cock, and probably had some of the same thoughts: he said that he would rather think of Eva. So, within moments most of the soccer team was on their backs on the classroom floor jerking off. I glanced at Mehmet’s cock and he glanced at mine – and then we looked into each others’ eyes – and I know that he wasn’t really thinking of Eva. And then he shot a big load over his chest. A little moment later, I shot my load.

The mood changed immediately – everyone just used a towel or something nearby to clean up, and then pulled a blanket over their cock and pretended to go to sleep. I did so too. But I knew that if I did everything right, I would get to have fun with Mehmet again – and even closer…

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