Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party games?

The most successful party games I've started at a party with both gays and straights, girls and boys, was at a toga party back in high school. (I guess toga parties are well known everywhere? Everybody dresses up in one bed sheet (each), like the Romans.) We happened to be in the school, next door to the gymnasium. As people had had a little to drink, I introduced a military-style race, with hurdles to get over and ropes to climb.

Of course, as everybody who has ever been to a toga party will know, the fun starts when people start loosing control of their clothing, revealing more and more skin. By introducing this game, people got extra incentives for not caring too much about that, as they wanted to be faster than the other team. As it happened, by the time it was over, one of the girls had let her breasts hang out, while two guys had given up covering up altogether. Of course, the winning team was quickly given something more to drink, to keep them from getting any ideas of replacing their togas.

This was the perfect way of getting nudity going, and by the end of the night, only the shyest people still wore their toga.

Do you have any memories of great party games?

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Anonymous said...

I remember going to a party one hot summers night when the party host started a game with a blanket and a feather. All the people at the party held the blanket aloft and taut between us with their hands - the blanket resting just under our chins. The feather was then placed in the middle of the blanket and we had to blow the feather till it landed on one person's head or shoulders (that is blow the feather so that it didn't land on yours!). The forfeit for the feather landing on you was to remove a piece of clothing. As I didn't have much on to start with I ended up getting down to my shorts - however the game was declared over when the first person was totally naked. So I never got to be naked that time. Never played the game since, but somehow I keep thinking I should have deliberately lost that night. I would love to play that game again.