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The (sex) life of James part 2

The (sex) life of James part 2

James turned 18 in August 2003. His blogs tell a lot about the next few years of his life, so I’ll keep referring to them as the interview progresses.

JK: In a blog post, you mention a party at Alex’ place in the autumn of 2004 – or was it 2003?
QJ: Hm… You’re right, it must have been 2003. Does it really say 2004? By 2004 I was in university… Anyway, that last year of school was great. There were parties and then, of course, in the spring: the great russ celebration.
JK: Yes, we’ll get to that. But was this party with Alex the first time you had sex with a schoolmate?
QJ: Yes, I think it was. It was the first time with a classmate. I remember fooling around with a guy who was in 3rd grade (age 18) when I was in 2nd (age 17), so it wasn’t technically the first time with a guy from school. But a classmate was different, of course – it’s a guy you meet every day.
JK: How come everyone seemed to want to have sex with you?
QJ: Well, when I look at my photos from that time, I realize I looked quite all right. But then 18-year olds are also often eager to have sex, and I think there are lots of boys out there who are dying to try many things. I also think I was lucky enough to have a reputation for being experienced and still discrete. Boys can be experienced without being called sluts, and I guess many guys saw me as a safe way of getting to try things they didn’t dare try with others… Maybe that was Alex’ plan all the time?

From the blog:
"Alex was already having a swim in the swimming pool. I came towards the pool in my boxer, and Alex asked if I would like to jump in. I said that I didn't really have any other underwear, and wouldn't like it to get wet. The photo reminds me of the moment when Alex said: "We can swim in the nude", while pulling down his swimming trunks. […]

At that time, I had only experienced swimming nude alone, and liked it a lot. This was something very different, though - we pretty soon ended up embracing each other, and I suddenly felt his hard cock against my belly. It all ended up with some hot oral sex right next to the pool under the blue sky, with Alex assuring me that his parents would not be home for another few hours. That turned out to be a bit optimistic, though, as we heard a car in the driveway as we were lying there looking at each other. Getting my boxer back on was all I could do before Alex' father was looking at us. He was probably so relieved that the house was still standing that he didn't think twice about why a dripping wet guy was standing next to his pool wearing a dry boxer shorts..."]

JK: You also say in your blog that you had sex with him several times. You were still living at home, right? Where did you have sex?
QJ: Well, with Alex it was simple – he was living in this big house and his parents were away lots of the time. But other than that, having sex was always a problem. I could almost never do that at home, so all other opportunities were used. I think that in that school year I had sex in toilets, on a beach, in a car… And with Alex, we also had sex at school. I didn’t always want the possibility of an audience, they were simply the only places we could find. That’s also partly why I insisted of finding a dorm to live in instead of staying at home when I started at the university.
JK: What about girls? Sex with them was never an issue?
QJ: Sex with girls has never given me the same pleasure as sex with guys. In my youth I had sex with a few girls at parties, but it wasn’t something I consciously tried to do. I can blame the alcohol!  But I don’t mind girls being around when I’m having sex – a girl as part of a threesome is quite all right.
JK: You’ve also always been good to persuade others to be naked with you – even in school?
QJ: I guess you’re thinking about the one time that all the boys in my class jumped into the swimming pool at the school in the nude? Well, I don’t remember being the one to take the initiative there – actually, I think it was a comment by someone else that I jumped upon. But yes, I have certainly tried to encourage guys to do what they always wanted to do… :-)

[From the blog:
“After PE, we had a shower and often saw the tempting sight of a deserted swimming pool. Obviously, there was a time that we fell for the temptation and had a little swim - in the nude. We were 18 at the time (last year in school), and thought it very exciting to swim in the nude and to know that at any moment one of the other doors to the swimming pool could swing open and someone could see us... (I guess our young bodies were also excited to feel the water passing our genitals while we were swimming.)
After swimming for a few minutes, someone (Petter) was found out for having an erection. Obviously, he was teased for this, and he was embarrassed, so he wanted to go back to the showers. However, a couple of the other boys held him back, and turned him around for all of us to see (while poor Petter were moaning "What if the girls come now - let me go!") All of this ended up in the showers, where we all - five horny pupils - were looking at each others erections. In this mood, we all probably wanted the same thing, and I'm forever grateful to Martin, who jokingly said that there was only one way to get rid of the erection quickly. So we all took care of our own cocks, masturbating while looking at all the others, and trying to hear if someone was coming from somewhere (it was the last lesson of the day, so the chance was slim). We all came quite quickly, and afterwards we all were (or pretended to be) a bit shy and embarrassed, so we got on our clothes, went each our way and never talked about it... (Well, actually, it was talked about at one or two parties, but only when we were too drunk to be taken seriously...)”]

JK: And then there was the “russetid” – the long celebration that 12 years of school was over. What part did sex and nudity play there?
QJ: Well, the “russetid” is mostly about alcohol, nudity and sex, as I’m sure you know. Almost all Norwegian 18-year olds take part in lots of parties, they try to score “points” for being nude in different situations (as well as drinking) and then, obviously, often end up having sex. And my priority was clearly nudity and sex. But I seem to remember you also have blogged about your russetid. (http://historiesofsex.blogspot.com/2008/05/norwegian-russ.html)
JK: That’s for another post, James. Don’t try to change the subject… :-)
QJ: But you’re right – the “russetid” was wonderful. Being naked in public was one thing, but being naked in public with lots of guys was something different. And since it’s a tradition, we could do whatever we wanted without people being too upset. I had the best of times.
JK: So where were you naked during your “russetid”, actually?
QJ: Well, I ran down Karl Johan naked as any good russ should. And I was naked at the beach at Bygdøy. We also had a tendency to end up naked at almost every russ party there was – some of them outdoors but most of them at someone’s home. And then it often ended up with sex – which was explained the next day by blaming the drinks…
JK: Do you think all teenagers act like this when they’re russ?
QJ: No. I think there has to be one or two guys who are eager to do it and have a certain position within the group. But as the “point” system is so established, nobody wants to be the one not to be naked. So it works quite well as soon as there is a tiny amount of peer pressure to begin with.

[From the blog:
“I remember very well the night when I ran down Karl Johan. We organized it like this: A couple of us were to take off our clothes at the edge of the park at the very end of Karl Johan. Then our "russ car" would take our clothes down to the other end of the street (a ten minutes walk - but we were running, of course), where we would get in the car and get dressed. Taking off the clothes was ok, because there were bushes, but we certainly felt very nude as soon as we started running in the street. It was late at night, but obviously we met a few people who were going home from some night club - they just jeered. It felt like we were running for an awfully long time, but when we got down to the Central Station, there was no car... So we just had to "hang around", completely nude, while other cars were passing. At last, our car arrived. They had been stopped by police, who wanted to check if they were sober (the driver was, luckily...) That's their story, anyway. But later, some pictures of us standing there waiting surfaced - taken from a little distance away...
Another tradition in Oslo is to go to Bygdøy (a green peninsula) to have a nude swim together. Some of us enjoyed this so much that this became the usual way of ending the night's partying. Again, it was great fun to strip naked with my dear and beautiful friends. The swim in itself was cold and short, but worth it...”]

JK: I thought we could call it a day as soon as we got to the point when you became a student, as that really started a whole new phase in your life, I guess. But the summer of 2004 was also eventful?
QJ: It was. I felt free in a new way. I knew that I would have my own apartment in a dorm from August, and in the mean time I wanted to spend as much time outdoors as I could. And this freedom also meant that I was far more carefree than before also when it came to nudity. For instance, going to the nude beach and getting an “accidental” hard-on became routine for me this summer. Seeing interested men on the beach, checking them out and having sex in the woods also became something I did. I started to go to public parks in a pair of shorts with high visibility (easy to peek) and so on. And I also went on my first boat trip in the Oslo fjord with naked guys – that’s a favourite.
JK: One of the camping trips is described in great detail in your blog… What you describe there surely couldn’t have happened with just any couple?
QJ: No, but by this time I started to choose my friends. I mean, until you finish school you pretty much have the friends that are in your class. Once you finish, you start to have more of an influence – you pick people that you sense may have the same view of life as you do. I don’t remember exactly what I thought before going on the trip with Erik and Anne, but I’m quite sure I had some kind of feeling that they were a cool couple.
At this point James had to go, so this ends the second part of the interview. But here I find it okay to include the full blog post about the camping trip. More of the interview will follow later.

[From the blog:
The summer after finishing high school (at age 18) I was invited to a camping trip by Erik and Anne, a couple I know. The plan was to walk a few miles north from Oslo and to find some place near a lake to put up the tents. They had also invited Jonas, another friend of theirs. I had nothing else to do, so I decided to accept the invitation.

I didn't know Jonas in advance, but he turned out to be a nice – and good-looking guy. We talked all the way. We were all fit, so the walking was no problem, but it was a warm summer day, so we got really hot, and the last mile or so our thoughts (and the conversation) was only on getting to the lake to cool off.

When we got there, Jonas threw off his clothes and dived into the water before I could even get my backpack to the ground. I remember thinking he was gorgeous, and decided to get into the water as soon as I could. Soon, I was swimming next to him shouting “This is good!” It really was – it was incredibly refreshing. And while swimming and fooling around in the lake, I managed to catch a glimpse of Jonas' body now and then – a muscular chest, slim waist and great legs. I loved it. How would I get through the night in a tent with him without trying to touch him? (Of course, Erik and Anne would have the other tent.)

Erik and Anne hadn't joined us in the water yet. I got an idea – this brilliant moment should be documented! So I shouted out to Anne: “Take a picture of the sexy nude boys in the lake!” Anne ignored me, but Erik found the camera in my backpack and took a picture even before Jonas had the time to react. “I'll actually make a whole series of it”, said Erik, “I'll keep taking pictures until you are back on the shore to help us with the tents.” I did see his point – it was already getting darker and we really should get the tents up before it got too dark. So I headed for the shore, amid the sound of the camera clicking. Jonas also came up, reluctantly, even holding his hands in front of him. It looked very strange in this situation – until I realized that he actually had a hard-on! I decided to ignore it, and instead just said to Erik: “Make sure to take a few more of Jonas!” while I put back on my shorts.

The rest of the evening was uneventful – we had some food and sang a few songs – and I realized that I was about to fall in love even with the voice of Jonas. But I kept wondering why he got the hard-on. Was it the camera or was it me? I decided to find out. So when it was time to go to bed – I made sure I was first. I undressed and lay down on top of the sleeping bag – with the small light in the tent on. I wanted to see him undress while seeing me nude – and hoped for a reaction. He entered five minutes after me, sat down on his sleeping bag and – this is my theory – tried to avoid looking at me, while stealing a glance now and then. “I love sleeping in the woods,” I said, while following his every move, “I feel so free.” He looked at me, but seemed a tiny bit embarrassed. He hadn't started to undress yet, but realized that it would seem strange if he didn't start soon. He took off his shirt, and I saw once again his wonderful torso. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but was interested to see what would happen next.

He spent ages taking off his shoes, while we were pretending to talk about the pleasures of camping. He said: “And tomorrow morning we can have a bath before breakfast!” “Yes, another photo opportunity!”, I smiled. Jonas hesitated, then he said: “Well, actually I think you guys could have asked. I was caught a little off guard...” “Off guard?” I said, “I think you seemed quite ready for action.” I laughed. I realized that I had to push the subject into the open. Luckily, he laughed as well. “Yes, I was. I am now, too,” he smiled and looked down at his shorts. I could see that whatever was there was not entirely soft. At this moment I couldn't hold my own dick (which had, after all, been on view for almost half an hour) back anymore. It started to rise. I decided to make a bold move. “You're not a quick undresser,” I said, “Mind if I help you?” He didn't protest as I leaned over and tugged down his shorts. He didn't even protest when I maneuvred between his legs and softly reached out my hand to start masturbating him. And within a minute he had reached out for my cock as well. We ended up laying on our sleeping bags smiling at each other, after two great orgasms.

For some reason, we woke up early in the morning. Jonas immediately headed for the lake, and I followed. We wrestled a little with each other, but again we realized that we were both getting erections. I led Jonas to a sit down on a large stone on the shore, and started working on his dick with my hand a little. Jonas looked intently at Erik and Anne's tent, but there were no sound from there, so he let his urges take control. I let go of his dick for a moment, and starting caressing his nipples. Then I let my upper lip touch his dick for a fleeting moment. Jonas was a bit surprised but certainly not unpleased, so I contined working on it. From time to time I almost came, but then I rested for a little, just kissed his dick softly until I knew he could stand it a little longer.

Having great sex means giving all your attention to the emotions and feelings flowing from your partner. Therefore, it's quite possible to have sex without noticing everything that goes on around you. Suddenly, however, I felt someone touching my dick. It took a few seconds before my eyes realized that it was Erik who had finally woken up. He certainly wanted to be part of the game, and I enjoyed it all even more. However, I worried about Anne – she hadn't even seen me nude before the day before, I wasn't sure she would be happy to see me sucking a friend while being jacked off by her boyfriend. My worries was misplaced, though – Erik said softly: “We saw you from the tent – should we go back to our tent where it's more comfortable?” We did.

I won't tell all the details of this morning. I'll just tell you that breakfast was quite late this day. My camera was used quite a lot, and I think I took part in most of the possible combinations. However, I was more pleased by Jonas' mouth than by Erik or Anne's mouths, and gave him a bit more attention than I gave the others. And, when the time came for all of us to go back to town, both Jonas and I realized that we did in fact have another few days off, so we stayed there – except for a little trip to town to stock up on condoms, film and food..."

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