Saturday, December 12, 2009

The (sex) life of James part 1

As I’ve told you, I’ve had problems writing about my life recently – I just haven’t found it interesting enough. Then one day as I was trying to blog, I realized that maybe it would be a cool idea to write about someone else. I immediately thought of James, who I have known for quite some time. I knew that he was keeping a low profile recently, but I imagined that maybe he would be willing to let me “interview” him, to write something about him. I started to reread his blog, and I found that this could indeed be the start of a whole series of postings just about James. And after James, maybe someone else?

So here’s what I did – I sent James a message asking if I could interview him for my blog. He accepted, and we decided to do it by Google Talk. So I started to prepare the first questions and we had a talk. It turned into more than one talk, but I’ll come back to that. Then I have edited and translated everything into English. So here it is. And he also accepted that I include some of his blog postings as well, as they tell the stories better than I could retell them. So here it is: The (sex) life of James.

JK: First of all, what personal details could you give me? Date of birth?
QJ: I’m born August 5th, 1985. I was born just outside Oslo, so I’ve lived in or around Oslo all my life.
JK: Judging from your blog, you didn’t really discover sex until age 18. How about the time before that?
QJ: I’ve been very careful in my blog not to make it seem like some sort of child porn thing. That’s why I’ve mostly picked events that happened after I turned 18 – or at least left out my age from the stories that I couldn’t keep from telling. In reality, I was just as sexually active at age 16 as at age 18, I would say.
JK: So when did you first have sex?
QJ: You’re not going to get me to tell that story – for much the reason I’ve just told you. But I guess I was 14 or 15. So I wasn’t really incredibly young.
JK: Was that about the same time that you discovered exhibitionism? There’s a cool blog post about you being naked in your bedroom window as a routine for months.
QJ: That would be at about that time. I started to realize that just the thought that people might see me from outside, turned me on, so I started undressing before closing the curtains. Of course, this quickly developed – I started to look out for opportunities of being naked. At one stage the favourite was going to the swimming pool with a swimming trunk that was a bit too loose – so everytime I dived into the water, the trunk would be around my knees. I’m not sure anyone saw that, but it was a thrill. Of course, today that would be pathetic.

Here’s an exerpt from the blog post I mentioned:
“I certainly remember my "routine", of course - often, this simple act of exhibition turned me on and I had to take care of my raging hard-on before going to sleep. [..] I remember sometimes seeing - or having a fantasy about seeing - a face in one of the windows opposite mine.

I also remember, though, that a few times I went to the bed and jerked off BEFORE closing the curtains. I wonder whether he saw me those times. I'll have to write him a reply. I also wonder what happened in his bed after I had closed my curtains... :-)”

JK: What about nude photos - when was the first nude photo of you taken?
QJ: At that time, before the digital camera revolution, taking a nude photo of yourself and handing it in to be developed felt much more daring than simply being naked in front of someone. So that took quite a while. I think I must have been as old as 17.
JK: But you seem to have enjoyed that part of it, as far as I remember from your blog? Didn’t you rather bask in the attention of the photo shop guy?
QJ: I was terrified of what would happen – at the time I didn’t even know if it was legal to hand in nude photos to such shops. Most of the photos were quite innocent nudes, but there was an erection or two as I got excited. But when I realized that the guy was both beautiful and seemed to enjoy the situation, I grabbed the chance…

From a blog post:
"Of course, for me, using an old-fashioned camera was part of the thrill when I took the first nude photos of myself. Granted, the photos didn't get as good as they could have, but the excitement I got from handing the photos in to the gorgeous guy at the local photo shop, was more than compensation enough. (He couldn't hide a smile when I picked up the photos, and he asked - as he probably has to - if I wanted to check out the photos there and then. They had a policy that you could return any photos you were not happy with, as long as you did it immediately. So I took the photos out of the bag, and slowly leafed through them with him staring from two metres away. More on this later...)"

JK: In your blog on this encounter, you said “More on this later”. But I haven’t found more on this?
QJ: Well, nothing more happened at the moment. But the third time I handed in my film, when I asked when the prints would be ready, he said: “They should be ready tomorrow evening – why don’t you check if they’re ready just before closing time?” Of course, I understood this “code” and turned up at closing time. He lead me to the back of the shop where the photos were finished – but he evidently was eager to see “the real thing”. And I didn’t protest.
JK: Wow. What happened to all the nude photos?
QJ: I still have them. I think all of them have been posted online at some point, when I got a thrill out of that. At least I think I posted all on Flickr, but I was banned there. So at the moment I don’t really know if all of them are out there somewhere, and I don’t really care.
JK: Where were the photos taken?
QJ: Well, the first ones were taken in my room at home. I also took some photos at a beach a bit later – on a not too warm day, so there were noone around. And later, of course, I’ve taken photos almost everywhere.
JK: Well, there’s so much more I’d love to ask you, but perhaps we continue this a bit later, as we are approaching the period of your life that you’ve blogged most about.

James agreed to that, and the next part of this interview will arrive soon.