Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nude modelling

In my summer resolutions, I wrote that "From time to time, amateur photographers ask me to model for them. This summer, I'll say "yes" to outdoor nude shots at least three times."

In the end, I ended up modelling for four different amateur photographers. The photo shoots all went very well, and as it seems to be difficult for amateur photographers to find men that are willing to pose in the nude outdoors, I keep getting more requests from these photographers' friends.

But now that the instant thrill of being naked outdoors and being photographed is gone, I start getting second thoughts. As usual, it's about what will happen to the photographs. The understanding with the photographers was that the photographs will not be published in any form or at any time. But is it hopelessly naive of me to believe that they will never be published? Will I dare to keep being photographed based on such gentlemen's agreements?

I'm also realizing that the number of people who could see the photos need not be small even if the photographer does not *publish* them. Already, my friend James has told me that one of the photographers has put one of the photos of me in a frame and has it "on display" in his bedroom. James was there to be photographed himself (after a tip from me), so of course that's all right, but should I worry?

At the moment, I feel that I'm facing a stark choice: on the one hand, I feel that I should stop modelling, because I really do not want my co-workers and customers to see nude photos of me with a hard-on on some web site. On the other hand, I feel that I should just as well just forget those inhibitions and drop the no-publishing clause. After all, people should respect that I have an unusual hobby, shouldn't they?

Well, I'll keep thinking. And don't hold your breath waiting to see the photos published here...


queerjames said...

Yes, darling - the photo I saw was wonderful, I was tempted to steal it and then publish it somewhere online...


hardtwoholed said...

Not before, James P.has shown it to me (LOL). Wink, wink!

I was starting to get worried, thinking that something drastic had happened to Jo over the long summer of silence. James has been quiet for much longer.
And perhaps it did.. but not in a negative sense. If James would joke about, then I wouldn't hold out much hope that any of the four so-called photographers are going to be keep their 'gentleman's' agreements.
Don't be worried.. we'll all be delighted and will guard Jo's precious physical delights with dignity and true admiration.

Glad your both back -safe and sexy as ever.
No, I have NOT seen or heard of any his photos but if they exist online -- believe I'll probably be one of the first to view them (smile).
Kisses xxxx


queerjames said...

It's the same old story, you know, Kelly. Still trying to keep the goodwill of my boyfriend while having some fun. I've kept in touch with Jo, but mostly kept away from the internet.

Jo: I haven't stolen the photos (yet), so they're probably still safe on the bedroom wall - doubtlessly keeping some people entertained... :-)

Jo Kristian said...

Thanks for keeping me updated on this, James... :-)

But probably your photoshoot there went so well that the photo of me will be off the wall in no time...

hardtwoholed said...

My boys (an older, mature man that I am can call you that, right?), it's been almost a month since we've heard from either of you.

Jo are you finally outgrowing your 'sexual' adventures The time does come that other things rise in importance -- not just your cock in a spontaneous erection (smile).

It should have gotten cold in Oslo by now so I had expected your posts to start to appear.

Have you found a strong (and possessive) boyfriend (too)?

It's great that you can overcome the strong addictive nature of the Internet. I'm afraid it's still got me by the balls (LOL).

Or... just maybe those pics finally did appear on the Net somewhere and you're hunkering down in anonymity. (sardonic smirk!)