Monday, November 30, 2009

Naked in the school's swimming pool

I know I've been bad. I haven't written anything here in weeks (months?). That's breaking rule number one for blogs: never leave it inactive.

I was reminded of my blog just this weekend when I (surprisingly) met a classmate from school at a café in Oslo. I didn't really spend so much time with him when we were in school, but he was nice enough, and when he approached my table, of course I was happy to talk to him. It turned out that he has been reading my blog for a while, and he liked what he read. He also had a story to tell me from when we were in school together, which was interesting. I asked him if I could retell it here, and he agreed, but asked me not to use his real name. So I'll call him Robert.

We were in the last year of high school at the time this happened (about 18 years old), and he had had fantasies for a long time about swimming naked in the swimming pool in school. I may have mentioned earlier that the swimming pool had doors both to the boys' showers and the girls' showers, as well as a door (only for teachers or for emergencies) leading straight into the schoolyard. So as he started to fantasize about this, he found the idea irresistible - it was such a sexy and risky idea.

In this grade, we had our swimming class in the period before the lunch break, so he figured out that he could stay behind and have the time to have a quick swim in the nude and still be out before the girls from 2nd grade would appear for their swimming class. So one day in November, he took his chances. When the teacher told everyone to get out of the water and have their showers, Robert went to the toilet. By the time he got out of there, the rest of the guys were about to finish their showers. Robert started showering as everybody else went out. He took his time, and finally he could hear that it had gotten quiet in the locker room outside. So he opened the door to the swimming pool. Nobody there, of course. Then he took a few, nervous steps into the swimming pool area. He told me that he could still remember the feeling very vividly - being naked in such a huge space, knowing that a door could open at any time, made his heart beat wildly. He walked towards the pool and dived in. The sensation of the water drifting by his body was wonderful.

He crawled quickly to the other side of the pool and then back. He considered getting back up, but knew that he had at least twenty more minutes before the next class would appear. So he swam across once more. His body was getting used to the temperature and his cock had started to swell because of the situation.

As he was getting halfway back again, he heard a noise. By this time he had turned to backstrokes, so he had to turn to see what caused the noise. In the door to the boys' showers, the gym teacher had appeared. He looked bemused. Robert was totally unsure what would happen. But the just closed the door and left, and Robert was alone again. He didn't want to push his luck any more, so after waiting for just one or two minutes, he went up. However, when he got back into the showers, the excitement came back to him, and he jerked off in the shower.

The teacher never mentioned it to anyone, apparently, but Robert got a surprisingly good grade in swimming, maybe attributable to his show of extra enthusiasm.

Robert said that he told me this story to show me that there were even more people in the class than I knew that had these experiences. To me, the story was very vivid as I know the pool and the teacher and the student, and its a wonderful and innocent exploration of exhibitionism.

After telling the story, Robert had to leave in a hurry (there was some meeting he was missing or something), but if you're still reading this blog: maybe we could pick it up sometime? A nice trip to a beach would be a good idea some time...