Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The lake I love

It was a perfect day for going to the lake. I knew this beautiful spot which was not too far from the path, but was nonetheless never busy. Today, there was noone. I stripped off and went for a swim. It was wonderful - so close to the city of Oslo, but still almost no people - the only ones I could see were at the far end of the lake. The water was a bit cold, but that only made the sensations fresher. I got back up, put my towel in the shadow of the big tree, closed my eyes and listened to the birds. And dozed off.

I woke up by the sound of a twig breaking. I was in the usual state when I wake up - confused, and having a hard-on. I looked around me, but didn't see anyone at first. But then I realized that a guy was standing at the edge of the lake only five metres away from me. He was looking across the lake, and I couldn't know if he had seen me or not. I looked at him some more - he was a handsome man, probably in his late twenties, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He looked well trained - I wondered if he was going to have a swim so that I could see more of him. Then - just as I wished - he started to undress. His t-shirt gone, I could see that he actually had a nice six-pack. Then he took of his shoes and his socks, and - while I was holding my breath - he removed his shorts and I could see...

He had a raging hard-on! I couldn't believe my luck - here was a gorgeous man, undressing right in front of me, and he had a seven-inch, solid cock. He was still looking across the lake - maybe at the people over there, and I guessed that he was an exhibitionist (like me), who loved the thought of someone watching, even if they were that far away. But I was wrong. He stretched his arms towards the sky, and I could see, even better, his beautiful body. But then he turned, quite rapidly, towards me and smiled. In an instant, I knew that he had seen me - and my hard-on. Then he said: "Nice place, this. I hope I don't disturb?" But he didn't really expect an answer, he simply walked towards me, and then he said "I hope my hard-on doesn't disturb you?" He was still smiling, and even though I couldn't say a word, I'm quite sure my eyes did not suggest that I was disturbed - they probably implied that I was very much interested in what was going on in front of me. I did nothing to dissuade him, but still I was very surprised when he said "I see that you've got one too", and bent down to touch my dick.

I was overwhelmed by surprise - but still I knew that he would not have done this if I had - in any way - suggested I didn't like his presence. I was as much in this as he was. Then I reached out to touch his solid rock of an erection. He was massive. So I steered his body so that I got his dick in my mouth. At the same time, he started to rub my cock gently. My mind struggled to absorb the situation - the taste of the cock in my mouth, the hand working my cock, the warmth of the sun, the slight breeze, and the knowledge that just as this guy had suddenly turned up out of the blue, other people might follow any minute. It felt like I was just a second away from eruption, but then he suddenly said - "Wanna swim?"

Cool water is refreshing. In this case, it kept me from coming prematurely, and I got to look at him more closely. Which only made me hornier, actually. He was awfully sexy, but he was also a lot of fun - we were "fighting" in the water for a while, and in between the fighting, we were kissing and hugging and fighting again...

I don't know how long we went on, but suddenly we were back on my towel, and he was back to his rock-hard self. Moreover, now he was very determined on where to put it. With me on my back, he entered me, and I felt his cock - still wet from the lake - filling me. It didn't hurt at first, but as he pushed more resolutely, I wished we had been in a comfortable place with lots of lube. On the other hand, fucking beneath this tree, with a view of the lake, was just amazing. He kept pounding me, and then he made me turn over and sit on my knees - and he entered me again. For some insane reason, this was even more sexy - now, I could really only see a few bushes right in front of me, which meant that a whole army of people might be walking up the path without me even knowing. Moreover, the guy fucking me had started making noises, which meant that curious people from quite a distance might be tempted to come have a look.

Obviously, he felt some of the same excitement, so after working me for maybe five minutes, I knew that he was about to come. I quickly managed to turn around, and had him shoot his load all over my chest. A very nice load. Some of it fell on my dick, and he immediately bent down to lick it up. Then, of course, as he was already at it, he started sucking me. Now I was in the completely different position - again, I could see all of the nature around me. And as before, this had an instant effect on me. Besides, this guy really knew how to suck - his lips massaged my soft spots so effectively that I actually couldn't help gasping loud. And again, my loud gasps made me even more aware that there might be people only metres away. So I came. I didn't shoot all over him, however - he kept his mouth closed around my dick, and carefully gobbled up every last bit of cum.

The moments after having sex are often awkward. How soon will we split up, and will we talk? In this case, there was no problem. He just smiled and asked - just as before - "Wanna swim?" So we jumped back into the water, and were playing around a little more. A nice way to get clean and fresh. I was feeling great, because meeting him had made this day so memorable.

Then suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I saw something. I turned round to look - right next to my towel, a young guy - maybe 20 - was standing. He was looking bemused at us. Had he been in the area a long time? It was impossible to say, but anyway it was clear that he wasn't going to go anyway soon. My "friend" whispered "I don't think he's happy with seeing us at this distance - should we join him up there?" I just nodded, and we got back up of the water, while this young guy was staring - and smiling. He hardly knew which one of us he should stare at, and his shorts got a very noticable bulge.

For the rest of the day, nothing happened. My "friend" left quickly, while I stayed on my towel to have another nap in the shadow of the tree. The young guy stayed - he also stripped off, and had a swim. We actually chatted a little, and talked about the beauty of this spot and that we would certainly come back here. It wasn't exactly a date, but he did happen to turn up there several times that summer. As did I. And my "friend". And other people, by the way. But there is time to tell about those encounters later...

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