Friday, May 23, 2008


When on holiday, I often do things that I would (almost) never do home in Oslo, because I leave my inhibitions at home. Here's a story of a trip to Amsterdam which got more wild than I had imagined.

I had met him online, as I was looking around randomly for someone to have fun with while visiting Amsterdam. His gaydar profile had intrigued me, we had chatted, and now I was here, ready to ring his doorbell.

In our chats, we had planned everything carefully. I would go directly from Schipol airport to his Amsterdam apartment, would ring the doorbell downstairs, and the street door would be opened. I would go to the second floor, where I would locate his apartment door. I would undress completely while still in the hallway (“There's almost noone there at that time of day”, according to him), and would open the unlocked door to his apartment. Here, I would not expect to see him, but instead turn left, into a bedroom, where I would lie down on the bed and close my eyes. Soon, he would enter, tie my arms to the headrest, blindfold me, spread my legs apart and tie them up too. Then I would be his slave for the evening.

While I was chatting with him – safely in my living room in Oslo – I didn't know if I would go through with it, but standing there, my finger on the doorbell, I was rock hard and had only one idea on my mind: to get onto that bed as soon as I could.

Everything went according to plan. I undressed in the hall – hearing sounds from everywhere, which made me hornier still. Then I entered the apartment, lay down on the bed and was soon tied up and blindfolded. A few seconds later, I could feel a mouth tasting my cock. It was incredibly sexy – a guy I had never seen, was sucking me off in his own bedroom. He was my master. But then I felt something touching my left nipple – and realized that it was a mouth. Another mouth! Then yet another mouth licked my stomach. I almost yelled out loud, because this was certainly not part of our deal. Never had he mention more people. On the other hand, the sensation of three guys caressing me turned me on even more, and I decided to enjoy every minute of it, instead of protesting. Moreover, my protests would have got me nowhere.

Soon, my arms and feet were loosened, and several hands (was it six hands – or more?) were handling me; moving me and making me lie down on something else. I couldn't figure out exactly what I was placed against, but then my arms and feet were tied up again, and I realized I had been put in a sling. Suddenly, activities were going on all around me. My head was forced backwards – and a dick was thrust into my mouth. It was huge, and all I could do at first was to try not to choke. At the same time, I felt some fingers working my ass. That didn't last long, however – then a cock took over, starting to move gently in and out. Then, I felt a mouth envelop my very erect cock again. There were also hands touching my nipples, my thighs, even tickling me under my feet and under my arms, and I couldn't figure out if there were six or even more hands. It felt wonderful. I hardly knew what sensation to focus on – my whole body was swinging gently in the sling, pushed by the gentle thrusts of the guy fucking me. The guys fucking my face and sucking me had quickly joined the same rhythm, and it felt as if the guys were part of a giant machine trying to please me in every way imaginable.

Then I heard a clicking sound. Of course I should have understood that these guys would use the opportunity to take some photos as well. For a moment, I imagined photos of me in this position turning up on major gay porn websites, and felt another rush of blood to both my heads. I felt that was on the verge of coming, but tried to concentrate on giving the best blow-job to the dick in my mouth – I let my tongue work the head powerfully, and within minutes, I knew the guy was about to come. Normally, I would have pulled back at this point, but I had no such option, and suddenly I felt a burst of hot, salty liquid pour into my mouth. To avoid “drowning”, I quickly swallowed, as I knew there would be more. Another burst followed, and then another one, and I kept swallowing until the guy softly removed his huge dick.

There was some movements at all sides for a moment, and the sucking and the fucking stopped for a moment. It didn't last long, however, and I figured that the guy who had just come, had probably taken over the sucking, the sucking guy might be the one who now started to fuck me again, while the guy who had fucked me so far, was probably the guy who was next to me, and who within minutes had come all over my chest and belly. I couldn't know for sure who was who, however, as there were obviously more than three guys in the room. It all went on and on – two more guys came in my mouth, one guy came while fucking me, while I was finally jerked off and came so powerfully that I messed up both my face and my hair.

Then, when everybody had done their bit, people slowly left the room. In the end, I was all alone. The excitement and sensations started to fade away, and I started to notice how my arms and legs hurt from hanging here for God knows how long. I started to wonder if this would be the way I would spend the night, when I heard someone entering the room again. He removed my blindfold – and I could see that he was wearing a leather mask. I looked at my body, and saw the mess of cum on my chest. Then I lifted my head to see the rest of the room – and saw a webcam which was pointing at me. On the computer screen I saw the image from the camera – and I could clearly recognize my face as I was looking amazed at the camera. I could also notice my cock, which was reacting instantly – getting erect again...

The guy in the leather mask removed the ropes and let me go to the bed, where I rested for a while. I fell asleep, actually, and when I woke up in the morning, I went to the bathroom, had a shower, put on my clothes which had been put there, and went to the kitchen to have breakfast with the owner of the apartment. We didn't mention the events of the night before – it was all a memory for the two of us – and for a few more people; I have no idea how many.

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